Packing a gym bag is a common task for anyone who goes to the gym daily. You may have a pre-packed workout bag in your car or bedroom. Some gym-goers have multiple bags prepared for various types of workouts. Many gym accessories have become part of your lifestyle, while others are for safety precautions. 

It is typical to forget a critical component of gym equipment when traveling or visiting a gym other than your own. Furthermore, many goods given for free at your gym (such as towels or locks) may not be available elsewhere.

To avoid misunderstandings, here’s a list of “must-haves” for any gym bag, as well as a few luxury goods to keep on hand, just in case. This article will give you information about different fitness accessories for men.

  • Best Gym Accessories for Men
  • Gym Bag
  • Sneakers for Gym
  • Lifting Straps
  • Liquid Grip
  • A Smartwatch/Heart Monitor
  • Gym Towel
  • Rumblerollers
  • Lifting Belt
  • Protein Shaker
  • Massage Ball
  • Tunes and Earbuds
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Grip Gloves
  • Harbinger Padded Leather Wrist Straps
  • Fat Gripz

Best Gym Accessories for Guys

We have put together a list of 15 gym accessories for men to help you look good, feel much more confident, and get the most out of your workout.

These 15 gym accessories for men will change the way you work out forever, whether you’re a weightlifter, cross fitter, runner, or Richard Simmons jazzercise lover.

Gym Bag

Before you spend time packing a gym bag, think about whether it will meet your requirements. It makes no sense to carry a bag that is too large or to try to pack everything into a bag that is too small. The right-sized gym bag will hold everything you need and be portable enough to take on public transit (such as the bus or subway) if necessary.

Consider purchasing a bag with separate wet and dry compartments if you intend to shower at the gym (including one for your cell phone or music player). The band should be adjustable so that it rests gently on your shoulder without pulling in.

Gym Accessories for men

Sneakers for Gym

A decent squat or deadlift begins with the feet, and both workouts demand the use of appropriate footwear. A comfy pair of sneakers created for the highest level of performance power transfer from your feet to the floor with a solid grip is a perfect choice.

Gym shoes can sound like a prominent item to bring in your bag, but it is critical to utilize the exact type of shoes you will have to wear for a specific workout. Sneakers are suitable for low impact, lifting, HIIT, weight-centered cardio, and fat-burning routines. Moreover, if you are a professional runner, you should buy shoes made particularly for road wear and tear.

Gym accessories for men - Shoes

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Lifting Straps

If you often exercise with weights, you should be careful with lifting straps. It is an absolute must for both new and experienced people. Weight training will be more effective if the dumbbells are held correctly. These straps can be helpful if you have trouble holding the dumbbells and are one of the major gym accessories for men.

The lifting support offers the most exemplary wrist support during intense weight training. You can improve your grip and hold on to the equipment for long periods of time, ensuring the most satisfactory possible outcome from your exercise.

Liquid Grip

Weightlifting chalk is a dependable technique to apply chalk to your hands fast and easily. However, a bottle of liquid grip should be kept in your workout bag in case your gym runs out of weightlifting chalk.

A bottle of liquid grip comes in helpful when you have to deadlift. Furthermore, the liquid grip creates no mess. So all you have to do is coat your hands with it and wait for it to dry. Do not apply it to your hands like lotion. One thing to keep in mind is that it has a light scent that fades soon after use.

Liquid Grip

A Smartwatch/Heart Monitor

It is a good idea to have a smartwatch to help you stay fit and healthy by tracking your calories burned, steps taken during exercise, and heart rate. You can use a Fitbit watch to track your sleep patterns as well as your daily activity.

When you don’t want to wear your watch, just keep it in your exercise bag. You may also use it as a GPS tracker for your runs, a vibrating alarm to guide your personalized breathing sessions to de-stress during the day.

A Smartwatch/Heart Monitor

Gym Towel

A gym towel is a much-needed gym accessory anywhere in the world. For a good reason, several gyms require you to carry a towel on the gym floor. Even if you don’t sweat much, any moisture left behind may be sensed by the next person using the equipment. Using a gym towel is not only sanitary but also polite.

Cotton towels are commonly used at the gym since the fibers are highly absorbent and dry very fast. Microfiber towels are also useful because they dry quickly.

Most gyms give clean towels for members to use, saving the room in your bag. However, some people prefer to use their own towels.

Bring hand sanitizer if you’re worried about the sweats and germs left behind by your fellow gym-goers. Most gyms also provide antibacterial sprays and towels to clean equipment before and after usage.

Gym Towel


RumbleRollers are a scientifically designed flexibility gadget that simulates thumb-like deep tissue massage pressure. If you practice strength training, you should absolutely include this in your gym bag essentials . A rumble roller breaks up knotted muscle fibers and gets rid of tightness.

Another advantage to adding a rumble roller to your backpack is that it expands the range of motion, minimizes the risk of injuries, and ensures faster recovery. If you undertake heavy-duty activities, you may also include them in your home gym requirements.


Lifting Belt

A weight belt can help relieve stress on the abdomen when lifting weights. It is one of the best gym accessories for men. The belt compresses the belly cavity while also relieving stress and reducing lower back compression. The lifter is also conscious of his position since he can squeeze his abdominal muscles.

Velcro, leather, or suede are used to make the belts. Leather belts are more robust and more durable. However, suede belts are softer and will not shift around. A single-prong belt is best for beginners, whereas a double-prong belt protects your waist more.

gym accessories for men - Lifting Belt

Protein Shaker

You’ll need a protein shaker to feed yourself for heavy-duty exercises like weighted squats or weightlifting. A protein shaker bottle is a must-have in every gym, whether you consume pre-workout, protein shakes, or BCAAs.

However, when undergoing intense workouts, you must refuel as soon as possible after you complete working out in order to get the most out of your training program and recover correctly. Shakes are the ideal way to accomplish this, and a protein shaker is the most pleasing way to store and charge them.

gym accessories for men - Shaker

Massage Ball

Keep a massage ball in your gym bag at all times to target specific portions of your body in case of pain and relax tense muscles. A massage ball is a small, flexible ball that molds to muscles of all sizes and forms. Because of its tiny size, it is more effective at targeting the area between distinct muscle groups and applying targeted pressure.

It also takes up little space in your gym bag, so you can simply add it to your pre-workout warm-up and post-workout cool-down routines.

gym accessories for men - Massage Ball

Tunes and Earbuds

Music helps some people “get into the zone” and pace their workout. Bring your cell phone or music player if you don’t like the piped music at your gym. Remember to bring your earbuds, and make sure your gadget has enough battery life to last through your workout.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a secure way of transporting your gadget and keeping it dry while exercising. The same is true for your earbuds. It is often advantageous to purchase a high-quality pair that is both wireless and sweat-resistant.

Look for music-playing gadgets or accessories meant for sports, as they are more durable.

gym accessories for men - Earbuds

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has become an essential gym accessory after the catastrophic pandemic has struck the globe. Hygiene must always come first. As much as we all like coming to the gym daily to meet our fitness goals, the gym is an unsanitary environment full of health risks.

Apart from the terrible smell and sweaty equipment everyone utilizes, there are numerous other concerns. While working out at the gym, you can easily contract viruses, bacterial illnesses, genital warts, and allergies. Keep a hand sanitizer in your exercise bag to avoid these risks.


Grip Gloves

Gym gloves are quite crucial for people who lift heavy weights at the gym. Also, nothing is more annoying than having to stop a set because you’ve lost your hold on the equipment you’re using. To avoid this circumstance, carry a pair of grip gloves with cushioning, moisture management, and protection in your gym accessories.

Wearing gloves relieves pressure by providing a more secure grip than is possible with bare hands. Aside from that, they relieve stress on your wrists and reduce strain when performing heavier lifts.

gym accessories for men - Grip Gloves

Harbinger Padded Leather Wrist Straps

For other exercises, like the deadlift, what appears to be a plateau is simply a problem of grip strength—no matter how strong your back is, if you can’t hold the bar, it won’t move. These wrist bands, constructed of tanned leather for increased adhesion on the barbell, will improve your grip immediately.

Padded Wrist Straps - gym accessories for men

Fat Gripz

Clip a pair of these huge grips to your barbell to make everyday arm day. The expanded diameter will exercise more muscles in your arms while also boosting your grip strength.

Fat grip - gym accessories for men

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Final Words

Aside from the types of fitness accessories for men and equipment stated above, you may also put in other items, such as skipping ropes. Some people like to keep their workout clothing, such as compression wear, in their gym bag, but most people just wear them to the gym. You can also carry them or wear them, depending on your preference.

So there you have it: your complete list of gym accessories to carry with you the next time you head to the gym.


What accessories should I get for the gym?

There are numerous gym accessories for men and pieces of equipment that can improve the pre-, during, and post-gym experience. Here are some workout bag necessities you can’t live without.

– Smartphone/smartwatch
– SmartShake
– Hair kit
– Hand sanitizer 
– Moisturizers
– Foam roller
– Filtered water bottle
– Weight lifting gloves
– Padlock
– Gym Towel

What do I wear to the gym?

Instead of cotton, search for gym clothes made of sweat-wicking synthetic or blended materials that are breathable while still repelling sweat, keeping you comfortable, dry, and fresh during your workout.

Are joggers good for the gym?

You can absolutely wear exercise joggers to the gym! Gym training joggers are becoming fashionable attire for both men and women, especially in the fitness business.

What should you not wear to the gym?

Clothing made entirely of cotton should be avoided. Cotton absorbs moisture and dries slowly. The extra moisture weighs you down and might cause chills, skin rashes, and burning. Use quick-drying synthetics and moisture-wicking materials to pull water away from the skin and allow maximum drying.