There is no doubt that people of all ages love to celebrate Halloween. But, if we talk about the real fun, it is all about the kids. The kids love to enjoy this holiday in their own ways as they get the chance to spend this day with their friends and family. Here are some of the best homemade halloween costumes for kids.

But, to celebrate Halloween, they have to get in the perfect costume. When it comes to Halloween dressing for kids, they have lots and lots of options to choose from. They can dress up as their favorite character, cartoon, superheroes, their favorite food, and many more.

If we talk about the store-bought Halloween costumes, they are expensive, made with cheap materials, and are most common. So, instead of spending money on something that can only last for 30 minutes, it would be good to go for the homemade Halloween costumes for kids.

Best homemade halloween costumes for kids

In addition to homemade Halloween costumes for kids, you need to also work on the required face makeup, masks, or anything that can help in making your kid look unique and special on this day.

Isn’t it amazing? You spend precious time with your kids making their costumes and give them the opportunity to work on their creative minds. The homemade costumes are not only easy to make but moreover are quite unique as well. So, thumbs up! Your kid is going to stand out in the crowd.

To simplify your task of choosing the perfect Halloween costumes for your kids, go through the list of the given ideas, and get the one based on your kid’s favorite ones.

  • Superheroes
  • Ice cream cone with a cherry on top
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Classic witch
  • Smartphone with earphones
  • Large Pizza
  • Black cat
  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese
  • A Cup of hot cocoa
  • Minions costume
  • Octopus
  • Campfire
  • Unicorn
  • Scuba diver
  • Cupcake



homemade halloween costumes for kids

This Halloween costume is something that every kid will love to wear. Simply ask your kid about his/her favorite superhero and involve them in creating their own superhero. Let them behave and dream up their superpowers. You can also take the help of your kid in designing a great costume for him/her.

Ice cream cone with a cherry on top

Do you know what ice-cream your kid loves the most? That is enough to get the perfect idea for a Halloween costume. You can choose vanilla, strawberry, or any flavor of your kid’s choice.

To create this costume, simply get the laundry basket and wrap it with the colored paper of the ice-cream to make a scoop. Adding some multicolored plastic balls over the scoop is something that makes it look more like ice-cream. Let your kid wear a cherry red hat on top.

Pink Flamingo

homemade halloween costumes for kids

If pink is the favorite color of your little daughter, you can go for making her dress up like a pink flamingo costume. Simply take lots of inexpensive feathers and turn them into a costume that looks like a flamingo. Make your little one wear her pink dress and tights and let her wear these homemade flamingo feather boas as the best homemade Halloween costume.

Classic witch

You can make a witch dress for your little one by making her wear a black maxi skirt or a dress, whatever she has. Moreover, such black dresses can easily be available all these days. You can make a witch hat with the materials that are inexpensive or you can also show your creativity in sewing a witch dress. You can make one of the fabulous homemade Halloween costumes for kids in no time and without spending too much money.

Smartphone with earphones

These days when almost all kids are fascinated with the use of smartphones, then why not make them show creativity by wearing a Smartphone costume with earphones? Let them be involved in this technology world with this costume idea.

It is quite simple to make this Smartphone costume. Simply take the screenshot of your phone as well as the photo of the back of the phone. Make them enlarged that fits perfectly to the size of your kid. Make him/her wear the front and back of the phone by pasting these photos on the cardboard. Tie them with strings.

For earphones, get two round potholders and cover them with foam. You can also connect these earphones with any kind of string to the cardboard. That’s all! Your kid is ready for the Halloween party.

Large Pizza

It is really a great idea to let your kid wear one of the favorite meals this Halloween. Then, what about Pizza this time? There is no doubt that all the kids love to have pizza. So, they will also love to wear a pizza costume. You can involve your kid by asking him/her about adding the toppings of his/her choice.

Black cat

If your kid has a black shirt or t-shirt, a black pant, and black shoes, it means half of the Halloween costume is there at your home. You need to work a little on giving it a final touch. Simply get some craft supplies and don’t forget to give some black makeup on your kid’s face. Nothing is more than seeing your kid happy with his/her dress.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

As Halloween is approaching, it’s time to start saving the cardboard rolls of the toilet paper. Now, you are going to make some creative Halloween costume for your little one, i.e. Mac ‘n’ Cheese, every kid loves to have it. You can paste yellow paper all over the rolls or you can also paint them with yellow color. This will make the macaroni tubes look like filled with cheese. Also, make your child wear a yellow t-shirt or jacket.

For a bowl, you can use a laundry basket covered with the paper of any color, but the contrast to the yellow macaroni.

A Cup of hot cocoa

Nothing would be the best satisfying option than a cup of hot cocoa on this cool October day. To make this costume, you can take a laundry basket and cover it with cardboard to make a perfect cup. To make the illusion of liquid i.e. hot cocoa, you can use a chiffon fabric and roll up it for the small marshmallows. This costume will make your kid look different from others.

Minions costume

No doubt you can easily get the minion costume from the store. But making it at home is something that can look much better than spending money on buying something for just a few hours. If you want your family to look alike, it would be good to dress up like minions – you, your partner, and kids. Just get the yellow shirts and blue dungarees. To finish the minion look, don’t forget to get a pair of minion goggles. 


Though this adorable sea creature may not be liked by many kids, getting this adorable costume can make them look stand out from other kids in the Halloween party. This is one of the homemade Halloween costumes for kids that may take some time in creating it, but the end results will definitely be appreciable.

If you want something unique and DIY, you can choose to create an octopus costume by using the tights. Additionally, these tights can be worn as a regular outfit after celebrating Halloween party.

Stop sign

No, we are not joking here. You can make traffic signs as well, so why not make a stop sign? Halloween is a day that gives you the freedom to dress up like anything you want; it can be any creature, sign, character, etc. Simply, get some grey pants, a red shirt, and make a stop sign with the letters S-T-O-P on the cardboard in an octagon shape. To make it more creative, you can glue some grass on the socks of your kid. Here, we have a walking sign stop.

Scuba diver

homemade halloween costumes for kids

Do you have empty soda bottles at your home? So, let’s use it to make a perfect Halloween costume for your kid. These soda bottles can be used to make an oxygen tank, thus making it easier for you to create a scuba diver costume.

Kids love adventure, so creating this costume is something that your kid will surely be going to love. More to this, make him/her wear a pool mask. If you don’t have one at home, you can easily buy it on sale at this time of year. One of the cheapest homemade Halloween costumes for kids so far! 


Like other homemade Halloween costumes for kids, campfire costumes are also quite easier to make at home. Simply, take some roll-up tubes of brown paper and make them look like felt logs.

If you don’t know how to sew, you can use fabric glue to fix these logs to the yellow t-shirt of your kid. You can also put a marshmallow on the end of these logs. Going with these steps or you can also add your creativity as well to make a perfect costume for your kid.


Unicorn is one of the favorite legendary creatures of many kids, many are crazy for it. So, making something which is on-trend is really easy. You have to start by making your kid wear a solid white or pastel outfit. To make a tail, you can use different colors of yarn and the horn can be made with Styrofoam and glitter. Make him/her wear white pants or leggings. Above all, your little one will love to transform into this mythical creature.


Who does not love to eat cupcakes? But when you get a chance to prepare your kid for a Halloween party with DIY ideas, you can make him/her look like a sweet treat on this Halloween. Simple, get a laundry basket and cover it with a wrapping paper, stuff foam, or any fabric for the frosting and can wear a cherry hat on top. That’s all for making your kid ready for this day.

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Final Words

Here, you have got the wonderful ideas for homemade Halloween costumes for kids that can be funny, scary, or anything, you can choose the one and start with the DIY game. Even your kids will love to wear this creative homemade costume.

You will surely be proud to show off what you have prepared for him/her. Be ready with your kids for the Halloween party which is going to start soon.