Denim jackets have been in existence for the last many decades. Due to the rugged and hard fabric, it was the first outfit for men who worked on roads. But, even after decades, it is still in demand. If you are the one who is looking for, how to style denim jacket with other outfits, you are in the right place.

Now, it has become a must-have outfit in the men’s closet that can be paired with a shirt, t-shirt, hoodie, and all. This jacket works so well with man’s lower half, also is a great outfit option to pair with the upper half brilliantly.

Tips for how to style denim jacket

There are many guys who found to be hesitant in pairing the simple staples with other outfits. No doubt, it is quite challenging for some men to keep up with the changing trends, but with the help of some guide, they can easily get the best from their closet.

Having denim in your closet is a staple, which many men are unaware of. So, they don’t know how to style denim jacket smartly.


Pair it with Chinos

When you are going to wear something made of denim on your top half, many of you may not like the entire look after wearing denim at the bottom. So, here enter the chinos, a great option to avoid denim on the bottom half. These chinos can look casual and are great with formalizing features like pleats and creases.

Their look, feel and cotton-twill fabric makes them the best companion of a denim jacket. Pairing it with brown or black shades chinos gives a classic look. Also wearing it with a white t-shirt is something that completes your overall appearance.

Pair it with a white t-shirt

Pairing a denim jacket with a white t-shirt is another way to enjoy your casual look when looking for how to style denim jacket. This pair is not as simple as you think, thus a great idea to add style.

This can be achieved once you find a perfect white t-shirt, which must be perfect for you, like not too tight, not too loose, not too short that looks like a crop top. Also, make sure your t-shirt must not have a high neck and must not be too low that looks like an exposing deep-U. So, be attentive while choosing the right t-shirt for you. So, don’t call a white t-shirt a basic from now.

Pair it with joggers

Since a denim jacket is not counted in the list of sportswear unless you wear it during your road trip. But, wearing this jacket with your joggers is something that provides some structure to the softness of joggers. Obviously, you will not like another piece of the jersey that gives you a look of a full tracksuit. A denim jacket saves you from this appearance.

Wearing a denim jacket with joggers is not mandatory; it is just an option to wear something great. Moreover, who does not want to enhance their look with great clothing ideas?

Pair it with black jeans

Sometimes, wearing double denim looks doubly good; all you need is to choose the different shades. Wearing the same color is like a nightmare that blunders your overall look. But, if we talk about the safer side, a combination of blue and black pieces of denim is hard to beat.

No doubt, you can go for other combinations as well, like white and blue, grey and blue. But, they may not work on all, so always choose black first instead of going with something else.

Pair it with Indigo jeans

how to style denim jacket

When it comes to how to style denim jacket, you can have a number of ways to add style to your statement. If we take indigo jeans, this shade is quite difficult as compared to black jeans, but it is not hard like that. The best idea is to pair the different shades of denims, like go for a lighter denim jacket with little darker distressed jeans. You will definitely love this combination. 

Also, keep in mind that you should know how to pair two similar colors to avoid any blunder. Whether you choose a jacket or jeans, you can never go wrong with distressed patterns of denim. So, get your pair of top and bottom wisely. 

Pair it with a shirt and tie

Don’t be surprised. There is no hard and fast rule mentioned anywhere that you cannot mix business wear with workwear. It just needs to be done smartly with the right color and style. When wearing business outfits, it does not mean you just have to pair it with a blazer or formal coat. Going with a denim jacket is something that you might have never tried before.

Instead of tailored trousers, simply go for chinos. Also, ditch woven silk tie this time and go for a knitted tie. This all works great even if you don’t have a jacket with overly faded, you still grab the attention at your place of employment.

Pair it with a hoodie

how to style denim jacket

This combination of a hoodie and a denim jacket is something that has been finding really appreciable in one menswear blog and is an ultimate attempt to look vaguely urban. A hoodie is a great partner of a denim jacket because both are the wonderful options for the weekend staples.

But, still, you need to be a little careful while choosing their colors. Try to keep them neutral and get the hoodie that does not have a boxy fit. It is also advised to avoid wearing a hoodie that has brash logos. Wearing a navy or grey hoodie under a blue denim jacket will work perfectly on you.

Pair it with tailored trousers

Just like a shirt and tie, you can minimize the blunder between top and bottom by getting your denim jacket with smart trousers. This can be achieved by jacking your jacket smartly with a trouser having contrast stitching.

You can also go for a trouser with fabric which is quite closer to denim. Moreover, go for trousers with a relaxed fit and a cropped length to notch down the formal look.

Pair it with a roll neck

how to style denim jacket

Though you can wear a short for that formal look, you can rock your style with a roll neck. But before you finish up with your entire look, don’t forget to add a denim jacket over your roll neck. Just make sure to have the right combination. Also, you may not find it difficult to pair the right color of roll neck with denim as your jacket will look fabulous with almost all colors. Just take care of the choice of bottom smartly.

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Final Words

There is no doubt that a denim jacket is a wonderful addition to the casual wardrobe of men. If you have one, you can pair it with different outfits. If you are wondering how to style denim jacket, this guide will help you to answer this question. You feel and look better with age. So, keep these different points in mind and make the best use of your jacket to get the best out of it.