Halloween is that one time when the fashion police actually award brownie points to the ones dressed like a wannabe Harley Queens. It is that part of the year when people deck up in their tackiest best to celebrate the spirit of eerie surroundings. So, whether you are thinking of casting a spell-like Miss Granger of Harry Potters or stunning people with your Wonder Woman avatar, you are bound to get spoilt for choices while picking up the ultimate Halloween gear. And in case of doubt, you can readily take a cue from our favorite Hollywood divas who never fail to make it to the page 3 headlines with their outlandish Halloween style statements which range from classic, creative to straight-up hilarious.

Best Halloween Costumes for Women

We have compiled a list containing the best Halloween costumes for women which are sure to make you stand out from the queue of basic witches.


Channel out that sexy cat inside you with Halloween costumes for women which showcase your devil don’t care attitude. This fierce feline costume can hike up your oomph factor in no time as you enter the Halloween party circuit dressed like the ultimate sultry diva. You can complete the look by matching those thigh-high boots and latex bodysuits with a domino mask and cat ear headband.

Halloween cosutmes for women

Wonder Woman

If you wish to dress up like that one lady who was born and brought up on a magical island having glowing blue water and serene landscapes, then your attire needs to be nothing short of extraordinary. The Wonder Woman Halloween costumes for women radiate an aura of women’s empowerment from every corner. Embodying this female superhero in dark blue leggings with star imprints running in the sideline and a sweetheart neckline bustier in red and gold is bound to make you feel on cloud nine. Complete the look by accessorizing it right with a golden crown, silver and gold gauntlets, and bang on attitude as you strut around the town on Halloween night with that wonder shield and sword for company.

Halloween cosutmes for women

Wednesday Adams

Make the most of that youthful glow by dressing up as everyone’s favorite Goth girl this Halloween season. It’s not very difficult to nail the sullen and straight-faced look of Wednesday Adams who can make the fashion police lend a clear passage to even the biggest faux passes in the form of an ultimate style statement. Think of it as going back to those good old school days by slipping into a jet-black polyester dress featuring white collar and cuffs teamed with a matching black belt having white foam buckle. Create pigtail plaits to match up with the best Halloween costumes for women and hit the street for trick-or-treating.

Wednesday Adams Halloween

The Black Swan

Take on the world as a fierce ballerina this Halloween by dressing up in a gothic swan masquerade costume featuring a black velvet bodice and clear shoulder straps, padded satin bust, and a tulle-covered satin inset. You can also show your prowess in the field of eye makeup while dressing up as the tempting ballerina. And if you are not in the mood of working out much with the makeup brushes then you can simply opt for a swan eye mask with swirls of sparkling black and silver glitter. Pair that up by pulling your hair tightly in a bun and dab on some dark brown lip paint to accentuate the final look and feel of the Halloween costumes for women.

Black Widow

Dress up as the drop-dead gorgeous Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow with skin-tight Halloween costumes for women which will make you instantaneously wish to get into action and kick some butts. Pair it with comfortable leg straps, no-nonsense wrist cuffs, and a double strap belt having a shiny red buckle to become that S.H.I.E.L.D spy we all look up to as the epitome of enigma and confidence.

Black Widow Halloween theme


Bedazzle like the Queen of Nile this Halloween with an elegant and ornately detailed cream-colored one-piece dress that is sure to command the attention of your loyal followers. Featuring a splendid aqua and gold collar and matching apron belt, this costume is bound to help you make style statements wherever you go. A comfortable fit gets ensured courtesy of the Velcro at the back which holds the flowing capes with chiffon overlay. A gold lame belt is sewn to the front portion of the waistline. Team up these sleeveless floor-length Halloween costumes for women with a gold beaded headpiece studded with faux gems, aqua cape, and dramatic wrist cuffs to complete your look as the ethereal Egyptian princess.

Halloween cosutmes for women

Poison Ivy

Can anything be more enthralling than Mother Nature herself? We bet not! And that’s why we recommend the sexy yet serene look of Poison Ivy. This alluring costume featuring halter straps done in a plastic vine trim comes with a mesh train tied around the waist. Complete the entire look by teaming up the Halloween costumes for women with an eyemask, leaf-printed tights, boot covers, and glovelettes. So hit the party circuit as bask in all that adulteration as victims fall at your feet.

Poison Ivy Halloween Theme

Harley Quinn

Did you ever know that being a sociopath could look so darn chic? Well, we bet not until Harley Quinn entered the fashion circuit dressed as the perfect combo of scary yet cool. You can create this look by combining white makeup with pigtails, rep lips, hot pants, ripped t-shirt, fishnet tights, and bomber jackets. Don’t shy away from walking a mile extra by carrying around a baseball hat and dying your hair all pink and blue for being crowned as the best-dressed diva this Halloween season.

Best Halloween cosutmes for women

So get ready to burn the stage girl as you ooze out sex appeal and confidence with that notorious dressing style and seductive posture draped in Halloween costumes for women. You can travel the DIY way for creating these costumes from scratch or order the same via various e-commerce portals available. But one this is certain and that is the innumerable likes your Instagram feed shall garner once you pose with your gang for the ultimate Halloween selfie. Also, Visit Halloween costumes for men for wonderful Halloween dressing ideas for men.