Business casual Attire for Men word is like a breeze and you may think that now you don’t have to worry about what to wear at work, right? Well, no as business casual is a very confusing word and you may end up wearing wrong clothes at the office.

Don’t go to the office wearing a t-shirt and shorts and sundresses and sandals as they are too Casual and now you don’t need to wear a full-fledge suit as it is too formal. Just the right amount of casualness and formality makes the business casual attire.

For men, wearing chinos and a button-down shirt, dark socks, and dress shoes are the perfect casual attire and avoid wearing sports socks, jeans, shorts, and polo shirts as it is too casual and you don’t want to get your impression down because of your clothes. 

Firstly, understand the company’s morals and standards before going casual and don’t wear clothes like you’re going to the picnic. Combine the formal and casual clothes perfectly and enjoy your office hours in some style!

Must-Try Business Casual Attire for Men

Let’s have a look at the clothes you can try in business attire and choose yourself which one is better for you. These attires are:

  1. Blazer or Sportcoat
  2. Long-sleeved shirt
  3. Sweaters
  4. Trench coat
  5. Quilted jacket
  6. Chinos
  7. Leather shoes and boots
  8. Leather belts
  9. Metal bracelet watch

Blazer or Sportcoat

Business Casual Attire for Men

If you want to look sophisticated and classy on your job then you should try blazers as they are stylish and one of the most important business casual attire for men. But keep in my and try to avoid golden buttons as you are not going to a beach party and just stick with dark colors. Choose navy blue and you may end up rocking the next meeting. If you are looking to go with a sport coat then choose something moderate and not with some bright and loud summery colors.

Buy something unstructured and without any padding in the shoulder and a slightly shorter length will make a great addition to your business casual wardrobe!

Long sleeve shirt

Business Casual Attire for Men

Get a long sleeve shirt that is stitched up using cotton and go for the light blue and pastel colors as they will give you a perfect casual look and you won’t look like you are going to a picnic. A simple yet sophisticated white shirt will give you an extra edge and attitude in your meetings and make you more appealing in the corporate world with your amazing not so casual and not so formal clothing. Make a fashion statement in style with this full sleeve classic shirt as this is the best business casual attire for men.



A sweater is a deal-breaker in the winter as you don’t have to worry about ties and perfectly ironed shirts anymore. Just get the sweater on and white shirt tucked under it and pair it with some chinos and you have a very stylish and modern look for your office without any controversy or going over the top fashion. Get a white shirt tucked under the black sweater on a Friday and leave your office and reach the party with this crazy yet amazing attire. Perfect attire you can wear in the office as well as in a party, add this wonderful business casual attire for men in your closet right now!

Trench coat

Trench coat

Let’s spice things up in your office with a trench coat as you will be looking quite dapper and well-dressed by wearing a trench coat for your casual attire. This may be a bold choice for business casual attire for men but it will be a show stopper in your office. It is perfect business casual attire that will give you an intimidating look. New and amazing casual attire, you are just going to love this trench coat and it is an unflinching choice of a piece of cloth you must try!

Quilted jacket

Business Casual Attire for Men

A lightweight, warm, and classic choice for business casual attire for men, the quilted jacket will be on everyone’s list for office attire. It is slightly longer than your blazer and gives you a less attractive and trendy look you can pull off in daily routine. Wearing a blazer is quite stressful and maintaining it for the whole day is a tough job while quilted jacket will provide you an easy option for your top casual wear. Easy to care for, can be folded easily, and can be machine washed; a perfect and easy substitute of the blazer, quilted jacket is the best shot for you!


Business Casual Attire for Men

OH! The old and never-out-fashion khaki chinos are ever-loved! If there is one pant that can rival jeans in the popularity then that is chinos without any doubts. Wear chinos at the bottom and play with your top wear and you can pull off any look you want, from party-ready to meeting ready to the date ready! If you are making a list of the best business casual attire for men then chinos will top that list indisputably. Wear the chinos with a blazer and a shirt with a white sneaker and you are going to pull off a fine casual business look!  

Leather shoes and boots

Business Casual Attire for Men

This is the department in business casual attire for men where you can have a little bit of fun and try something new. If you want to try some leather shoes then just go for it as they will look quite amazing on the blazers and casual pants. If you want to go sneakers then pair them up with a sweater, V-neck t-shirt, and some chinos and boom! You have a perfectly designed nerd look for your office time. Shoes and boots are the real deal when comes to choosing as they will either make your attire classy or just going to break it and make you look horrible. Try something with brown and black and pull off perfect casual attire for your office-day!

Leather belts

Similar to the boots, belts will give you an extra layer of classiness as it will add some much more elegance to your look. If you are wearing some dark chinos the go with some light-colored belts and if you are opting for light chinos then wear some brown and black leather to be the definition of manliness in your casual business look!

Metal Bracelet Watch

Metal Bracelet Watch

It is a time to see time in style and with metal bracelet watches are in demand, you should also include it in your business casual attire for men list. It will elevate your blandest of attire and will add some class and elegance to your overall look. It is more sporty and classy compared to a leather strap watch and the shine of the metal will give you the sheen you are looking for. Add some orderliness and sophistication to your life with these metal bracelet watches!     

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Final Words:

Try this amazing business casual attire for men and elevate your casual business attire and make a fashion statement with your style and classiness! These outfits are insanely classy and you can add them to spice up your wardrobe!