You might have heard of skorts and flared leggings, but have you ever heard about ‘shackets’? Or an ‘overshirt’, as some people like to call it? 

Just like skorts, there are a lot of apparel that are being combined and mixed to get new and innovative outfits. Nowadays several vintage styles have also been on a rising trend. Shacket is such apparel that is making its way back into the fashion world. 

Several celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Hailey Beiber, and Rihanna have been spotted rocking this aesthetic garment and so can you! Shackets have been a sensation and you can grab one for your wardrobe too. Don’t know how to style a shacket? No worries, we have all you need to know about this sweet piece of clothing.

Shackets not only give a fashionable look but also provide warmth and comfort. However, shackets are not limited to fall or winter and can be worn throughout the year. From formal wear to streetwear, we have all the looks you can try with a shacket.

Amazing Ideas On How To Style Your Shackets

  • What is a shacket?
  • Different Types of Shacket
  • Flannel Shacket
  • Plaid Shacket
  • Oversized Shacket
  • Faux Fur Shacket
  • Leather Shacket
  • How To Wear A Shacket?
  • Different Ways To Style A Shacket
  • With A Dress
  • With A Sweater
  • With A Tee and Denim
  • With A Skirt
  • With Trousers

What is a Shacket?

As weird as shacket sounds, it is a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket. Shackets have a material heavier than a usual shirt but lighter than outerwear. Shackets are usually oversized to give a cozy and slouched look, herein, providing limitless possibilities to style.


Shackets are not anything new but have been around since the 70s. The shackets during the 19th and 20th centuries were sort of office wear for the men. Generated from the plaid and flannels, these innovative outerwear became an alternative to denim jackets, coats and other formal winter wears.

Shackets have been on an upward trend in these years and are widely preferred overcoats and jackets during the fall and rainy seasons. We have listed a few things you need to know about this ongoing trend.

Different Types of Shacket

There are a number of types of shacket materials that make them wearable for different occasions. Shackets can be made with different materials such as flannel, sherpa, leather, etc. A variety of prints such as solid colors, animal prints, plaids, and more of the likes can make your outfit more appealing.

There are also a number of sizes and fittings you can choose from as per the occasion like oversized, crop, fitted, etc. Below are a few types that can show you how to wear a shacket for the perfect occasion.

Flannel Shacket

Flannel Shacket- how to wear a shacket

Flannel shackets are inspired by our typical flannel shirts. Flannels can be the comfiest casuals in your closet. A flannel shacket with mid-weight and length can be your go-to outfit for an adventurous hike or a lazy evening. 

You can style your solid flannel shacket with a contrasting or lighter shade of color. Dark or neutral-colored flannels such as white, black, green, brown, pink, red, etc. along with pants or trousers can give you a snappy look. 

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Plaid Shacket

Plaids can never go out of style, now can they? A plaid shacket can be one of your formal outfits if you want a change of outerwear. A long or mid-length plaid shacket gives an elegant and sophisticated look when paired with trousers or a matching skirt.

Plaid Shacket- how to wear a shacket

Plaids can, furthermore, be of different patterns too like checks, houndstooth, tartans, or tattersall. These playful patterns not only enhance your work outfit but also give a subtle fashionable look to it. If you are looking for a casual plaid design buffalo check or window pane shacket,  you have a number of options. 

Other details like sherpa lined, raw-edge collars, or fleece can make your outfit stand out. Plaids, being timeless, are for all the seasons so you can wear them all around the year.

Oversized Shacket

Oversized Shacket- how to wear a shacket

A closet can never have too much oversized apparel. To add to the oversized collection, here is an oversized shacket. A comfortable and billowy overshirt is all you will need for any casual occasion. 

Wondering how to style a shacket plus size? Plus size or oversized shirt jackets can be instantly styled with a pair of denim, wide-leg jeans, a short dress, or anything you can grab! You can even choose to pair your pretty cabin core plus size overshirt with a pair of shorts and boots. This makes a cute little dress for your party or any casual outing. 

Oversized apparels always have endless styling options and shackets have no less. This combination can be even more interesting and give you a chance to show off your inner stylist.

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Faux Fur Shacket

Faux Fur Shacket- how to wear a shacket

Faux fur can always manage to give you a luxurious and cozy look. These furry shackets are one of your options if you have a party night or a special occasion.

Neutral, pastel shades or cottagecore shades are some of the best colors for a faux fur shacket. You can drape the furry shacket above a dress or get a matching skirt to pair it up with. Addition of accessories like stockings, knee-high socks, boots, a beret or any other accessories can complement your outfit stunningly.

Leather Shacket

Leather jackets are worn around the year and so are shackets. You can slip into the leather shacket anytime you need to get ready for a party. Leather shackets generally are lightweight and longer than usual leather jackets. 

You can wear this classy loungewear over any tee, turtleneck top, sheer top or even a vest. Leather shackets usually look the best with neutral tones such as black, white, beige, brown, etc. You can pair leather shackets with leather pants for a gorgeous party look. Other choices are straight cut jeans, skinny jeans, mom jeans or pants. 

Moreover, a leather shirt jacket can be worn on top of a dress or matching skirt to get a chic look. There are yet more fashionable outfits that you can enjoy pairing with this quintessential apparel.

How To Wear A Shacket

Not sure how to wear a shacket? Don’t worry, you can wear an overshirt with almost any outfit in your wardrobe. Be it a dress or simple joggers, shackets can give an instant appeal to all types of attires. It is, however, essential that you choose the right tones and patterns so that the outfit does not clash with the overshirt.

Shirt jackets can be worn year-long even with the seasons changing. During the summer months, overshirts can be a replacement for the regular shirts or camisoles that you use to layer up. A casual tee, washy jeans, and a shacket will keep you ready for any casual spring hangout or outing. They can also be worn as a dress by pairing with shorts and boots.

Fall and winters need a bit of more layering. Hence, you can trade your coats or denim jackets for these cool overshirts. An oversized shacket can be worn with a turtleneck, sweater or a knitted vest to keep you warm. Another option might be the sherpa lined, fleece, leather or faux fur jackets for winter parties and occasions.

Different Ways to Style A Shacket

Need more ideas on how to style a shacket? Here are some shacket outfit ideas you can try for various occasions in your life.

With A Dress

With a Dress-how to wear a shacket

One of the best shacket outfit ideas is to wear it over a pretty little dress you own. Shackets possess the ability to add texture and patterns to your outfit. If you’re feeling lazy to put in too much effort into your outfit, here is the hack. Put on a pair of shorts, slip into the shacket and roll on your stockings or knee-high boots.

Another amazing idea is to layer it on top of your dress. Be it any season, dresses can always be complemented with suitable layering. You can also add in a few accessories to complete your outfits such as a belt or beret.

With A Sweater

With a Sweater

No need to worry about how to style a long shacket. Just how long coats and shirts can be styled with a number of other clothes, shackets also can be. Sweaters, knitted vests, or any other winter outfit that are often layered with coats or jackets can be switched to a shacket.

Not only does it give a cozy feeling but also provides you warmth looking fashionable. Also, winterwears such as turtlenecks or knitwears can be layered along with shackets. A pair of jeans along with it would be the perfect go-to outfit for any of your winter hangouts.

With A Tee and Denim

how to wear a shacket a Tee and Denim

Wondering how to wear a shacket with jeans? The basics are always the best when it comes to fashion. The usual white tee and jeans combo with a long shacket can be the casual outfit you were looking for. But of course, you can wear different types of tops and jeans as well.

Crop or mid-length shackets can be worn with tops and jeans but it gives a new vibe with a long overshirt. Apart from that, it also keeps you warm just like a warm coat on a chilly day.

With A Skirt

With a skirt

Skirts and coats can be an unusually fabulous combination. Want to know how to style a long shacket for a date or party? The trick is to wear it with a matching skirt and boots! No matter if it is winter or summer, you can now wear your skirt comfortably without worrying about the cold. The shacket will keep you warm and in fashion.

With Trousers

With trousers

You have seen how to style a shacket with jeans, but for a formal occasion you will need to wear something different. This voguish office look can be achieved by pairing a pair of trousers or pants such as dress pants, cropped trousers or stovepipe trousers. Plaid shackets and solid colored flannel shackets are usually best suited for formal attires. Now you can forget about your coats and heavy padded jackets!

Final Words

There are boundless possibilities on how to wear a shacket for you to experiment with. The ideas above can be a few you can pull as neatly as a celebrity. Shackets are easy to dress with and do not need much effort.

A shacket can be seen as one of the ‘must -own’ apparel in your closet. Go grab this lovely piece of garment that is compatible with almost all types of clothes. Have fun creating your own fashion with this trendy outerwear!


Can you wear a shacket as a dress?

Absolutely! Oversized or plus size shackets can be worn over a dress or shorts and boots. Plaid or oversized shackets can be turned into a dress or worn with a dress. You can also add on a few accessories such as belts or stockings to upgrade your outfit.

When can you wear a shacket?

Shackets are one of the most amazing layerings to own. These shirt jackets are thicker than regular shirts but lighter than the padded jackets. Hence, you can wear shackets in fall, winter, summer and even monsoon. 
In winters, you can layer it over turtlenecks or sweaters for extra warmth. And in fall, summer and monsoon season, an overshirt can be worn along with a few light clothes.

How do you style a casual shacket?

Plaids, flannels and are the most optimal choices for a casual outfit. These can be layered over a sweater or a regular top for a casual outing. Wearing jeans or pants like mom jeans, wide-leg pants or straight pants below would be a perfect match. Also, you can put on a skirt or shorts with long, cropped or oversized shackets to obtain a spring outfit.