Every girl needs to start working on their makeup skills at some point in their life. Makeup might seem tiring for the entire process, but the final output is not at all disappointing if you do it right! It definitely takes time but with practice, the time can be significantly reduced and even the looks can be improved.

For a proper makeup application, the right makeup products and tools are essential. However, you need not buy tons of makeup to get easy makeup looks for beginners. But basic makeup looks are pretty easy to achieve once you know the techniques. 

8 Makeup Looks To Try For Beginners in 2022

We have a list of a few looks that beginners can try and get the trendiest looks this year. Also, to give you an extra hand, we have a few hacks and the technique to apply makeup correctly to give you a complete guide on makeup. 

1. Monochromatic Look

A monochromatic look is one type of natural makeup look for beginners that can be quick to do as well. All you need is to choose a single color shade that you want to do for the look. You can use the same shade for your eyes, lips, and blush as well! But each monochrome look gives a different vibe and, hence, should be chosen carefully. 

A complete brown monochrome look gives a 90’s look whereas a pink hue will give you a flushed and pretty look. You can also go for the latest trending colors like red, peach, orange, mauve or nude shades to get a nude or no-makeup look. You can see which color fits your outfit and occasion and give it a try.

2. Nude Lips

Nude lips give you the most natural look. This is one natural makeup look for beginners that can be pretty easy to do. You can choose a lipstick that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone for this look. Nude lips give a very fresh and no-makeup look if that is what you are aiming for.

For a nude makeup look, you need to use very less makeup, foundation, and even less eyeshadow. The nude lip shade you use can be either lighter than your skin tone or one shade darker than your skin tone. The darker shade gives a tint to your lips without seeming too much.

The nude lip look can be achieved by having light or subtle eyeshadow and blush. The shades can be based on your undertone such as lighter skin tones can use orange or peach colored nude shades whereas brown shades are more suitable for darker undertones.

3. Colorful Cat-Eye

One of the simplest makeup looks for beginners that does not require any additional makeup is the cat-eye look. All you need to do is swap your regular black eyeliner for a colorful one and this gives you the cat-eye effect. This is one of the best makeup looks to have your eyes the point of attraction without doing much.

Simple makeup does not have to be necessarily basic or the common one. You can experiment with all the different shades and tones you want and have fun with it. Even as a beginner, you do not need to have a knack for makeup to get this simple look. 

You can use shades such as green, blue, purple, red or white, yellow, orange or any other color you like. Either you can go for the edge of the waterline or the eyelids and draw the wings. This look is a flaming trend among the youth nowadays.

4. Bold Red Lips

The timeless and glamorous yet easy makeup looks for beginners can be the ever-classic red lips look. You can instantly give a glow up to your outfit or lift your mild makeup to bold with this red shade.

The only thing you need to make sure for this look is that your lips are well-prepared prior to the application. Although you can use glossy red lipstick, bullet lipstick seems to provide much better coverage and moisturization. The matte finish can also be used if you do not want it too glossy or shiny.

easy makeup looks for beginners - Bold Red Lips

One of the best ways to apply lipstick is to outline the borders of the lips first to create some dimension and then fill inside with a brush. The red color can be deep red, powerful red, cherry red, flaming red, or any other lighter or darker shades you like or as per your skin tone.

5. Shimmering Eyes

One of the evergreen looks to do for any special event or party is the glittery eye makeup look. This is one of the makeup looks for beginners to go for if you want to try something for a glam look. Glittery eyes along with red lipstick is the most common glam look to do and has always been popular.

A slight dab of glitter over a base color or an entire glittery eyeshadow both are okay for a party look. You can also try a smokey look with half black and half glitter eyeshadow to get a more ‘eye-catching’ look. 

For a subtle shimmer, you can use your finger and dab the fine glitter on the center or corner of the eyelids to get some sparkly effect. If you want a full sparkly look, you can use the chunkier or shinier glitter. You can also use the liquid glitter if you want a finer finishing look and add chunky glitter to it for extra effects.

6. Hint of Purple

This look is also quite common among the makeup looks for beginners this year. And not to worry since the look does not require you to do anything much. Just add purple to your palette and you are done. This is especially a look to get if you have brown eyes since it makes your eyes stand out.

Purple gives a more funky and classy look even if the rest of the makeup is minimal. A thin line of purple or lavender eyeliner on the edge of the waterline or as an eyeliner itself can be a great addition to your minimalist makeup look. 

Purple is a very alluring color and you can use some of it for your makeup too. You can also go for some purple eyeshadow along with glitter if you want a voguish look. A few shades of purple you can use are lavender, plum, dark purple, metallic purple, violet, and any other shade that matches your skin tone.

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7. Glittery Lips

If you are looking for something new and creative, this can be the makeup look to try. Usually, the lipstick colors are matte or glossy, but if you want something extra, you can go grab some glitter to apply to your lips. 

Glittery lips are one of the best makeup looks for a glam-up look and to stand out in the crowd. You can simply use lipstick with gloss and add slight glitter to it of a similar shade. Otherwise, you can use a nude or transparent gloss and add the shiny glitter and use it as a lip color as a whole

Glittery lips look very sassy and chic with bold makeup and you can always choose the color however you want. There are also lipsticks and lipgloss available that have glitter inside them. You can even try an ombre effect with the shades for a more creative look.

8. Flushed Lips

A look that does not grab too much attention but also does not look like a bare face is the flushed or the sun-kissed look. Here the shade on your lips is not entirely nude but not a complete lipstick color as well. This can be a look you can use on a daily basis without looking like you put makeup on.

You can take your favorite lipstick color and dab it on with just your fingers instead of putting it on directly or with a brush. This gives a slight pigment to your lips but not a dark color making it seem natural and minimal. 

You can use a fleshy shade such as peach, orange, shades of brown, pink, mauve, or any other shade that you like to apply. The shades that give a brighter tone to your natural lip shade can be used to get a slight tint. You can even use lip tints or tinted lip balms for this look.

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Final Words

These looks might look difficult at first but you can see what suits you and what you prefer. The looks can be as extra and as less you want. You can also try to mix and match the looks if you want to try something different.

These easy makeup looks for beginners are one of the best and most popular looks. You can also go for more vibrant colors like yellow, blue, orange, green and red for summer and get a bolder look. Since this year is all about going wild and bold rather than the neutral and minimal looks. So, go and try the boldest look you can get!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best makeup for a beginner?

For a beginner, the most basic and best makeup to own is a moisturizing primer, hydrating foundation, concealer, bronzer, eyeliner, neutral eyeshadow palette, mascara, brow powder, a bold and nude lipstick shade, and, lastly, a setting spray.

These are the most basic but essential makeup one needs to own for a complete makeup look. You can buy the shades and colors as per your preference and requirements but make sure that the shades complement your skin tone.

Q. How do I pick the right concealer?

The shade of the concealer should always be picked based on the shade of your foundation. You can buy two shades of concealer as per your need, one darker and one lighter to conceal the different parts of your face. Also, since the sun exposure shifts continuously throughout the day you can use both the concealers for different parts of your face.

Q. Is Primer necessary for makeup?

Primer is one of the most essential parts for makeup application since it sets the base for the makeup layers and makes it last longer. Also, it acts as a protective layer between your skin and the layers of makeup. The makeup look with a primer at the base is a more refined and flawless look, and even better if the primer is moisturizing enough for the skin.

Q. What is a basic makeup look?

The most basic makeup look is to prepare your skin and apply primer. After that the right shade of foundation is applied and the remaining visible spots are covered with the concealer. The eyeshadow is then applied, followed by eyeliner and mascara. Last is the lipstick or any type of lip product that you want to apply with it. This is the most basic makeup look and is one of those easy makeup looks for beginners to start with.