Generally, when we talk about the apple-shaped figure, it refers to the ‘top heavy’ which means broad torso, broad shoulders, broad waist, and full bust. To achieve the fashion goal, the best way is to get the dresses for apple shaped plus size with the style that puts focus on the waistline and work on elongating the overall figure.

The best dresses for such type of plus size figure are prom dresses and evening gowns that help a lot in giving a perfect shape to your apple-shaped body. These dresses come in a range of styles and designs that work great in flattering your figure.

From long evening dresses to short casual dresses, there is a huge collection of dresses for apple shaped plus size that you can choose as per your choice, preferences, and budget.

We are here to help you in finding the right dresses that not only goes perfect with your apple-shaped body but gives you the best ways to bring style to your assets.

Best Dresses for apple shaped plus size women

For apple-shaped women, finding both stylish and flattering dresses can sometimes be difficult. Here are some ideas and tips to identify the best dresses for apple shaped plus size to make the most of your figure.

  • V-neckline dresses
  • Swing dresses
  • Skater and Empire line dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • A-line dresses

Prefer V-neckline dresses

dresses for apple shaped plus size

When you are going to buy a dress for your apple-shaped body, you must always look for a dress with V-neck or deep V-neck. This can be your favorite neckline as it works great to grab the attention on the upper part of your body. Thus, this neckline style splits the width of your broad shoulders and chest.

At the same time, it is also advised to invest in a good bra, because you are going to wear a dress that brings the eyes up. So, get the right bra for the perfect fit and look.

Some Styles of Dresses You Must Wear

No matter what type of dresses you are looking for, always prefer to have dresses with particular styles, such as

  • Empire waists
  • Wrap styles
  • A-line
  • Trapeze
  • Babydoll
  • Swing
  • Skater

If you are an apple-shaped woman, obviously you will look for dresses that fit perfectly on your plus size body and flatter your curves as well. Here are some of the hottest picks that you must consider as the best dresses for apple shaped plus size body.

Swing dresses

dresses for apple shaped plus size

Such kinds of dresses are designed to flow freely over your tummy areas. The main goal of swing dresses is to draw attention to the slender legs instead of on your upper body. It flares out to the edges and looks perfect on your apple-shaped figure.

Skater and Empire line dresses

As the apple-shaped body is broad across the waist, so you must have a dress that creates an illusion of having some impression over the waist. Skater and empire line dresses have nipped in the waist that helps in balancing the upper and lower body areas.

Wrap dresses

One thing you must know that wrap dresses usually have V-neck that draws more attention to your upper. These styles of dresses are more focused on your neckline and have a wrap style around your waist. Thus, they are a wonderful choice for flattering all body types, including apple-shaped.

A-line dresses

A-line dresses have full or flared skirts that draw more attention to your legs. This style is always good for you and gives you the option of a flattering fit for any occasion. You can choose to wear a knee-length or full-length dress as it has extra fabric to flare out around your legs, thus, balance your broad shoulders and waist with your slim legs.

Some Tips to Consider While Buying Dresses for Apple Shaped plus size

Here are some fashion tips that will help you to get the right dress to flatter your curves in a stylish way.

  • Make sure that these dresses must have waistline just below the bust. It helps in flattering your curves and draws attention to the upper.
  • No doubt empire waist dresses work perfectly on your body shape, but all you need is to take care that the banding at the waistline should not have a lot of gathering. It is so, because such dresses may not look good on you and make you look bigger. Always keep in mind that too much bulky dresses will make you look pregnant, obviously, you will never want this.
  • Wrap dresses are the perfect dresses for apple shaped plus size ladies because it emphasizes the bust with the help of V-neckline. All you must do is to focus on getting a dress that has wrapping style just under the bust, not over your tummy. Otherwise, your tummy will look more bulky and you will look heavier.
  • If you are going to buy a shift or tunic dress, make sure to get the one that falls straight down. If it is not so, then simply leave that dress and look for other options for your apple-shaped figure.
  • You can also choose to wear a shorter tunic style dress over your skinny pants or leggings. This style helps a lot in bringing a flattering look.


When you know what kind of dresses for apple shaped plus size will look and feel best on your curvy figure, shopping for the right dresses becomes much less aggravating.

If you are aware of the best styles and tips for your body shape and size, you can never be wrong with your dressing style that flatters your curves amazingly.

Now, you know what looks perfect on your body shape, simply start doing some shopping.