All over the globe, many people will welcome the warm breeze of spring with open arms. If you are looking to press the refresh button on your spring wear for men, we have your back with a fully-loaded list of all the men’s spring fashion essentials.

Even though the transition season is a much-needed change from the cold winds of winters, these changes can be difficult for you. 

You will need to make changes to your wardrobe due to uncertain and unpredictable temperature patterns. 

In spring, the temperatures will be rising and the sun will be shining, and this is the perfect time for you to overhaul your heavy leathers and fill your wardrobe with some fresh men’s spring wear

Dashing Spring Fashion for Men! 

  • Spring workwear essentials
  • The Preppy Style
  • The Gropcore
  • A denim jacket
  • The Dapper Outfit
  • Commando-soled Chelsea Boots
  • Striped T-shirt
  • Loads of Pockets!
  • Bermuda Shorts
  • The Street Style
  • Relaxed Tailoring
  • The Urban Outfit

When the weather is changing, you will have the opportunity to have fun with the clothes and colors you wear. With the help of skillful layering and a dash of creativity, you will be able to turn a clothing dilemma into a chance to let your trendy and adaptable side shine through.

Instead of going for clothes that are season-special, fill your closet with outfits that can provide you with double-duty functionality. The more ways to wear them, the merrier it is. As spring is just beginning, we will show you some of the best spring wear for men. Just keep scrolling. 

So, brace yourself to do a bit of spring cleaning to make room for men’s spring fashion 2022 attire. All you need to do is to start the cleaning by shoving your men’s winter essentials to the back of the closet. So, gents, get ready to renew your wardrobe with some of the best men’s spring wear! 

Spring Workwear Essentials 

During times of pandemic, our work wardrobes have undergone a drastic evolution. Chinos and formals have paved the way for shorts and tracksuits. The dress codes are becoming more relaxed whether you are doing WFH or going BTO (back to the office). However, as the world is healing again, it is time for you to rejuvenate your workwear and bring those work essentials back in the game. 

Office Essentials men's spring fashion

During this spring, reach out to your wardrobe workhorse chinos in khaki or olive. Pair them with micro-gingham button-down light hue shirts and Chelsea boots for a look that is considered timeless workwear. For warming weather, you can also go for light cotton and linen blends with a hint of spandex to fill your wardrobe with amazing men’s spring wear! 


Trousers are very stubborn as they will ‘crawl’ down! The low waist first burst into the fashion world in the 90s and is still going strong even today. Even big fashion houses like Diesel, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana are crafting pants that are more and more relaxed and free. 

men's spring fashion - Pants

One of the essentials of male spring fashion, you will want to feel free while wearing pants. Skin-tight pants are suited best on women. So, go and purchase some free yet stylish pants for spring and rock the season. 

The Classic Ones 

The classic men’s spring fashion essentials are as simple as they can get yet have a stylish aura around them. The best thing about these spring wear for men is that you can easily achieve it by combining light outerwear, breathable fabrics, and a sturdy pair of casual boots! 

Whether you like warmer weather or not, there is something freeing about replacing your heavy winter coat or jacket with lightweight spring shirts. You can even go outside in only a light pull-over sweater depending on where you live.

Simple Outfits

It is the time of year when you will have the opportunity to show how good you are at layering skills. Turtlenecks, sweaters, scarves, and gloves will play a big role in the art of layering, which will not only give you a trendy look but will also serve the functional purpose, which is to feel comfortable regardless of the weather!

Colorful Chinos 

A bold dash of colors can go a long way in instantly elevating any look. If you wish to create a balanced look that doesn’t feel too heavy, contrast deep hues with lighter shades. To pull off this men’s spring wear, grab your favorite pair of slim-fit chinos and a classic polo in bright color. 

men's spring fashion - Chinos

Add a sports coat on top, best if you can get a coat that is constructed from a breeze linen material, and you will have one of the best spring work outfits ideas. 

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The Preppy Style

Along with a warm sunny breeze, spring also brings the American prep back in the fashion game. However, you will wonder, did it really leave us in the first place? The elements of preppy clothing are an integral part of our closet. As a matter of fact, our modern-day athleisure is the child of this style. 

Preppy Style

Varsity jackets and sweater vests that feature sleeveless are new elements of men’s spring fashion 2022. If you are ready to reinvent your preppy style then wear a slightly oversized knit sweater over a light-wash chambray button-down shirt. 

Style this spring wear for men with the iconic Nantucket Reds and loafers to complete a heritage ensemble. 

The Gropcore 

The world of fashion is evolving every second and thus, getting fresh air has now a new meaning these days. Luckily for us, spring is the season when we get the opportunity to enjoy the great weather outdoors. And the pandemic has shown us the importance of an outdoor picnic with friends and family. 

Men’s Spring Fashion

Dressing for these outdoor activities can be tough. But to help you, gropcore fashion is here for you! Grop is an acronym for “Good ol’ raising and peanuts”, referring to hikers’ snacks during treks. So, for male spring fashion, gropcore will present you with a combination of military surplus staples and traditional activewear. 

Go for olive green cargo vests with an abundance of pockets! This will give a hands-free solution to store your car keys, a trail map, and utilities. Pair a vest with a long-sleeve activewear tee and orange shorts for spring hike layering. 

A Denim Jacket

Denim is the king! It is as simple as that. This staple item will give you numerous ways to refresh your outfits without breaking your bank. When you don’t feel like dressing too much but still want to look and feel stylish then a denim jacket is your companion. 

men's spring fashion - Denim Jacket

We will help you pull off that laid-back look. We suggest that go with the essential route by pairing a solid-white tee with comfortable joggers that mimic the ease of sweats. Then, play with the timeless vibes of your jacket and round them with vintage-inspired sneakers for a suave look! 

Here, we are looking for old-school florals updated with the latest silhouette to spice up any outfit. However, if you’re unsure about wearing a bold shirt, go for the trusty denim jacket overtop and shorts in a dark hue to mellow out the look.  Ditch the sneakers and go for the breathable sandals and you have your perfect go-to summer look. 

The Dapper Outfit 

You may be new to the term dapper fashion. No need to worry, let us tell you. Dapper fashion is something that is characterized by an overall sense of being put together with little expensive-looking touches and well-fitting clothes. 

You can describe dapper as “Classy”, “Formal”, or “Vintage”, and often consist of essential items like leather shoes, ties, fancy watches, and suits. For springtime, you can include long wool coats, leather gloves, and oxford shoes in your dapper spring fashion for men. 

The Dapper Outfit

Imitating the dapper style is all about finding the perfect fit, hence, we recommend befriending your local tailor. This will help you have your clothing shaped accurately to your form and you will see what a significant difference it can make to have clothes that precisely fit your individual body type. 

Commando-soled Chelsea Boots 

If you are looking to refresh your wardrobe for spring then you should not miss the Chelsea boots! They are essential for men’s spring fashion as Chelsea boots are one of the most elegant, sleek, and low-profile boot options. 

men's spring fashion Chelsea Boot

However, they will not work in a bit of ice and heavy rainfall with those normal soles. For that, get commando-soled Chelsea boots. These boots have thick, rugged soles that will provide you with a classic silhouette. These shoes will also let you play with looser fits and heavy layering as Chelsea boots will add chunkiness to your wardrobe. 

Striped T-shirt 

Whether it is unexpected showers, windy days, or bursts of sunshine – spring can get really unpredictable. For this unpredictable season, get something reliable. And when we talk reliably, stripes will have your back as you can’t go wrong with stripes! A striped tee can be worn with literally anything. 

Stripped Tshirt

Keep a lightweight hooded jacket with a waterproof construction on-hand to stay prepared for this uncertain season. You can also keep the theme casual by pairing your striped tee with light-wash denim and sharp sneakers.

Loads of Pockets!

Not long ago, cargo trousers were the absolute definition of uncool! The more pockets these pants had, the less trendy they became. Yet this year has been built as the year of revival of the pants with many pockets. 

Cargo Pockets men's spring fashion

Loads of pockets have made a monumental return to the fashion world and are making sure that they become a men’s spring fashion essential. Fashion brands and retailers like Brunello Cucinelli and Barena have ensured that cargos reach their pinnacle of fashion again. 

Bermuda Shorts 

For men, short shorts are a big no! No, you don’t need to show your thighs, unless you have never skipped the leg day. This spring, we will go back to the long, wider shorts, echoing a broader shift that has been taking place in menswear across all areas for quite a while now. 

The key here to nail Bermuda shorts is to get the length just right! Go for shorts that are a couple of inches off the top of the kneecap.  Also, opt for tailored styles that you can pair with either casual or smarter pieces of clothing without any hassle. 

Bermuda shorts are one of the essentials for your men’s spring fashion 2022 and you should not miss including them at all! 

The Street Style 

Streetstyle is something that will always stay close to the people because it is not something that emerged from the ramp walks! It is the fashion of the street among individuals. Mostly, it will portray the reflection of youth culture, but it can be worn by all age groups.

Street Style - men's spring fashion

To achieve street style with a spring twist, fill your wardrobe with casual staples like cargo pants, vests, leather jackets, and sneakers. You can also include solid-colored beanies, simple jewelry, and watches to your male spring fashion essentials. 

Get a simple haircut and a neatly-trimmed beard if you want to achieve the complete street style. So, if you want to achieve a put-together look and want to avoid more formal fashion styles, you can always choose the street style due to its amazing casual vibes. 

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Relaxed Tailoring 

As the spring is near, breezy silhouettes will always eclipse slim, form-fitting cuts. This type of style was in trend during the 1980s and 1990s and it has enjoyed a resurgence in recent times. However, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it can look elegant and sophisticated if executed well.

Relaxed Tailoring - Men's Spring Outfit

If you are looking to add these types of clothes to your men’s spring wear then pay a visit to your local tailor. Relaxed cuts will give your flattering looks, but only when they fit properly. Otherwise, it will be a recipe for disaster! 

The Urban Outfit 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t live deep in the big city, you can also take inspiration from urban fashion. Unlike more mainstream male spring fashion styles, urban fashion leans towards the wave of subculture and geographically-specific scenes.

Urban outfit - men's spring fashion

In simple terms, this type of fashion features more colors, is energetic, and expressive than other fashion trends. Don’t get intimidated, urban fashion is simple. For the springtime, fill your wardrobe with fitted blue jeans, suede ankle boots, light jackets, and simple t-shirts. 

Spring is also the season where you will be able to put your favorite pair of sunglasses to great use, especially the aviators! 

Final Words 

Spring is the season of vibrant and enchanting colors. So, you should also include some colorful clothes in your male spring fashion ideas. This list will help you with all the necessary men’s spring fashion clothes and fill your wardrobe with amazing clothes.