Wedding invitations don’t only bring joy and happiness; they also cause a lot of confusion as to what you can wear and how you can pull off a cool outfit. Especially if there is a daytime wedding, you will be in a dilemma about which colors will look appropriate. While choosing wedding attire, always keep in mind that you should dress according to the event and not draw the attention away from the groom!

If you are attending a casual wedding, your headache will be doubled because of the clothes selection. Landing on the proper casual wedding attire for men can be stressful. Have you received a wedding invite with a casual wedding theme and are still confused about what to wear? Well, don’t worry anymore because we have got the right outfits for you.

Classy Wedding Casual Outfits for Men

Women will always top the charts with their style sense and curiosity about what to wear to weddings. However, men are not so nosy when choosing casual wedding attire for males. It is not only necessary for the groom to dress well as people attending the wedding should also dress as per the occasion. 

So, if you have the question of “What to wear to a casual wedding?” we will help you! Here are some wedding casual outfits for men that you can try and look amazingly elegant and handsome. 

  • Rustic Country
  • Cocktail
  • The Vintage
  • Smart Casual
  • The Great Gatsby Look
  • The Ultimate Casual
  • The Biker Look
  • The No Code
  • The Romantic Pink
  • The Beach Look

Rustic Country 

It is time for you to channel your inner cowboy spirit with this casual wedding attire for men. Combine khaki pants with a long-sleeved shirt along with a vest or suspenders, and give yourself a rustic country look. 

However, you will need to be extra careful while choosing the color of your shirt. You can choose a blue, white, or black shirt and ensure that the shade of your suspender or vest ruins your style. Get yourself black or brown leather shoes with a classic wristwatch to complete this rustic casual country look. 

Casual Wedding Attire for Men


Cocktail attire is a step down from formal clothes but a little extra than casual outfits. You will need a modern, sleek, and nicely tailored semi-formal two-piece suit to achieve the cocktail look. 

Go for colors like dark grey, navy, or even cobalt. Choosing this dress code will give you the freedom to try something new and add your personal touches like a unique bow-tie or tie, pocket square, cufflink, and tie clips. 

Casual Wedding Attire for Men - Cocktails

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The Vintage

Well, there is nothing like an excellent ol’ vintage look! It is the best answer to your question about what you should wear to a casual wedding. For example, you can go for a denim jacket, green shirt, green chucks, shades, and body-bags! 

Casual Wedding Attire for Men

You will get your ultimate casual wedding attire by bringing back the old times. Aside from the fact that these wedding outfits are “instagrammable,” they can also make you look fabulous and would give people the ultimate throwback vibes from the 90s.

Smart Casual 

Nothing can be as good as intelligent casuals if you are attending a summer or outdoor wedding. This is one of the most freedom-giving wedding casual outfits for men. With smart casuals, you will express your style with utmost comfort and relaxation. 

This attire will help you get rid of the cliched suits, as you will not need to wear one to pull off this look. However, if you still can’t let go of the suit, then wear a casual, lightweight, and loosely structured suit. Go for light classic colors like navy and grey. Otherwise, you can just put on a blazer with a pair of trousers. 

Casual Wedding Attire for Men - Casual

The Great Gatsby Look

If you have ever seen the classic version of the movie or the Leonardo DiCaprio version, you will know how elegant this look would enhance your presence. The Great Gatsby look will help you achieve a wry, elegant, and sophisticated look while providing metaphoric, figurative imagery, and poetic personality! 

Choosing this look will give people a sense of nostalgia and give you the impression of a man of class walking down the wedding aisle. Go for light blue or medium brown colors for suits. Pair them with matching vests, pants, and two-tone brogue shoes to pull off this look. 

The Great Gatsby Look

The Ultimate Casual

The ultimate casual attire is a step down from the smart casual ones we mentioned earlier. However, that doesn’t mean you can wear shorts and a tee to the wedding. The ultimate casual wedding attire for men can include dress pants or khaki pants paired with a collared shirt. Add a tie, sports jacket, or sweater if the wedding destination is chilly.

The Ultimate Casual

You may want your guest to be comfortable, but you certainly don’t want to disrespect the occasion by appearing in jeans and a plaid shirt for a wedding. Whenever you have this kind of doubt, overdress yourself, as it is better to be overdressed instead of underdressed for a wedding. You can add some fun touches as per your liking. And importantly, finish your look with the right pair of shoes. 

The Biker Look

You can achieve this rough and tough look by wearing a combination of a plump leather jacket or vest. Combine that with black or blue denim jeans and a black shirt, and finish with leather boots to get the perfect biker look for the wedding. Grab some dark-colored iconic necklaces or bracelets to enhance this casual wedding attire for males.

Biker Look

The No Code 

It will be a relief to know that you need not follow a dress code to attend a wedding. However, it can also put you in a dilemma about what you should wear for a wedding with no definite dress code.  Your best bet is to opt for something between casual and smart casual, accompanied by your favorite personal accessories like an excellent pocket watch or a patterned necktie. 

If you know that the wedding you will be attending will be even more relaxed, here is a style tip for how you can respect the ceremony and still be comfortable: bring a change of clothes for the night! A black v-neck tee along with grey or navy chinos will help you stay comfortable without hammering your fashion. 

The Romantic Pink 

It is okay to show your soft side. And what better color to show your soft side other than the sweet side of the color red. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, peace, and approachability. And these are the values you want to showcase as an ideal wedding guest. 

The Romantic Pink 

Go for an all-pink attire. This color is a perfect one for casual wedding attire for men. You can combine a white shirt with a pink coat and match them with pink trousers. If you are a fan of contrasting clothes, you can also go for a white turtleneck and suit. Pair them with black or brown leather shoes and complete the attire with a timeless watch.  

The Beach Look

Beach weddings have picked up a pace and have become a popular option during summers. It is a great way to enjoy a beautiful outdoor wedding. If you are attending this type of wedding, include linen or cotton in light colors like beige, blue, seafoam, pastel pink in your wedding casual outfit for men collection. Heavy fabrics, stuffy suits, and polished shoes are a big no!  

The Beach Look

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Final Words 

Suppose you are attending a wedding that will be more casual and celebrated in outdoor environments like gardens, beaches, and vineyards. In that case, you can try this casual wedding attire for men. These wedding casual outfits for men can enhance your presence without making you uncomfortable at the wedding.