There are not a lot of hairstyles for black men that can offer them a cool yet rugged look. However, if you are a fan of the mohawk, you can try the Mohawk hairstyle for black men to change your style. 

Most mohawk styles for black men look more like faux hawks due to faded sides. However, you can go for a full-blown mohawk or just try these fohawks to set yourself apart from the crowd. You will find loads of varieties of mohawk hairstyles for black men on the internet, which can confuse you a lot. 

So, here is a list of top black men’s mohawk haircuts that can change your existing hairstyle and give you a fierce yet fabulous look. 

Some Black Men Mohawk Hairstyle

Usually, when you want to achieve a tougher and fiercer look, you will go for mohawks. Be it Italian international footballer Mario Balotelli, Man Utd star and world cup winning footballer Paul Pogba, or the legend, the myth Mr. T – black men have always had a thing for mohawks. 

So, to make things easier for you and help you choose the best mohawk hairstyles for black men, we have compiled a list of top mohawks. If you don’t want to go for a full mohawk, you can choose any short mohawk hairstyles for black men from the below. 

Short Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Men For You To Choose From

  • Spartan Feathered
  • Line Up
  • Highlighted Dreadhawk
  • Natural Hawk with Side Design
  • Leopard Spots Faded Style
  • Mohawk Fade
  • Tall Molded Mohawk
  • Medium Natural Mohawk
  • Razor Sharp Curly Mohawk
  • Classic Hawk
  • Long Curls with Side Hawk
  • Surface Twist Faux Hawk
  • Wild Feathers Hawk

Spartan Feathered 

You should never look at the restrictions when trying a mohawk hairstyle for black men. You can easily interchange height, width, and side detail as per your liking. In this hairstyle, you will have a solid dividing line and a short faded side, just like the Spartan helmet. This hairstyle represents organization and courage. 

Spartan Feathered-  mohawk hairstyles for black men

Line Up

If you like short mohawk hairstyles for black men, you will love this sharp, clean hairline lineup mohawk. This haircut will add structure to your hair. This hairstyle is also known as an edge or shape up. In this hairstyle, your barber will shave a line straight across your forehead and around your temples. This will create a body look that will frame your face and give you a neat and clean look.

Line Up-  mohawk hairstyles for black men

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Highlighted Dreadhawk

Dreadlocks are always gonna rock! So, how about we pair this unique hairstyle with a mohawk? Pairing these two hairstyles will offer you an exciting way to utilize the mohawk hairstyle for black men with a dread hawk! 

Highlighted Dreadhawk men's hairstyle

Your barber will pair fully twisted longer locks with side undercuts in this hairstyle. Keep the undercut faded toward the ear line and get two-tone dreads to make things more interesting. 

Leopard Spots Faded Style 

Leopard Spots Faded Style

If you are bored of trying simple mohawk styles, this hairstyle is for you. All you need to do is to add only a few colors to the tips, just like leopard spots, and you have one of the wildest, playful, and fun mohawk styles for black men. 

Keep the short drift fade to smooth-shaven skin around your ears. If you have a square forehead, then the long straight hairline will cleverly shape your head. 

Mohawk Fade 

Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fade, popularly known as frohawk, is another classic black men’s mohawk style that looks great whether you have tight curls or wider ringlets. This haircut will offer you a fashionable and ultra-cool look without relying too much on the products. 

This mohawk style for black men is simple and easy to get as you will just need a drop of hair product and a burst fade on the side with thick, long hair on top of your head. 

Tall Molded Mohawk

Tall Molded Mohawk- mohawk hairstyles for black men

If you are bold enough to try this hairstyle, you will have a look that will help you stand apart from the crowd! This is one of the tallest mohawk hairstyles for black men with a very high flat top. 

The faded sides on the temples will anchor the height of the mohawk, while the clean-shaven sides behind the ears define the point at the base of the neck. 

Medium Natural Mohawk 

If you are looking for an ideal version of the mohawk hairstyle for black men, you can try this medium natural mohawk. There may be many definitive versions of black men’s mohawk hairstyles for different people, but this can be universally flattering for everyone looking to try this haircut.

Medium Natural Mohawk

In a medium natural mohawk, you will combine mid-length natural hairs with short faded sides along with a chin strap beard. 

Razor Sharp Curly Mohawk 

Do you want to stand out in the crowd with your hairstyle? If yes, then this curly hawk is one of the unique mohawk styles for black men! The super-accurate edges in this haircut will connect with the facial hairstyle through the sideburns.

Razor Sharp Curly Mohawk- Razor Sharp Curly Mohawk

Here, you will have curved lines that will follow around your ear to the jaw. The contrasting straight lines up top will give you an edgy look. 

Classic Hawk

Nothing can beat the classic black men’s mohawk hairstyle! This classic version of faded mohawk will give you a smooth look. Here, your faded sides will seamlessly connect to the wider sideburns.

Classic Hawk- Razor Sharp Curly Mohawk

Keep the lines near the jaw slightly curved and the line at the base of the neck a little horizontal. If you are looking for nothing fancy and extreme and striving for a neat and visually appealing look, then a classic mohawk is your key. 

Long Curls with Side Hawk

Channel your wild side with this one of the best mohawk styles for black men. In this hairstyle, you will not have clean-shaven sides as you can enhance the look of side curls and embrace them like a mane. The width of the mohawk will be in perfect balance with its length, and the texture will stand upright for the ultimate fierce look! 

Long Curls with Side Hawk

Surface Twist Faux Hawk 

Do you want a haircut that can catch eyes? If yes, this surface twist faux will provide you with a hairstyle that will combine a few exciting elements. If you want to make a style statement, this black man’s mohawk will provide you with an accurate face frame. Keep the facial hair a little longer to achieve a rough and tough look! 

Surface Twisted Faux Hawk

Wild Feathers Hawk

If you have long hair, this is one of the best mohawk hairstyles for black men, as the bleached mane will be the focal point of your personality. If you are a fan of messy look-up tops with clean-shaven sides, this haircut will stand up for itself.

Wild Feathers Hawk

With this black man’s mohawk, add stoic tone and height to your personality. You can also combine a pointy beard to maintain the balance of roughness.

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Final Words 

These are just a few examples of mohawk hairstyles for black men. Of course, you can play with your version of mohawk and be as creative as possible. You can come up with something different and eye-catching. So, if you are looking for black men’s mohawk hairstyles, try these and freshen up your look.