Looking better is not just about being confident. While your gait and pace themselves are another matter, style is something that should be more personal. In no way does this mean that donning and rocking whatever you desire will be for the best.Here are some of the best style tips for men.

Understand that dressing in something that provides you comfort is forever more important than wearing something merely for the sake of projecting your personality. Dressing appropriately will not only change your appearance but also provide you with a morale boost that is just unmatched from when you just put any two or more types of pieces of clothing together.

While you may or may not have a wardrobe full of clothes that you don’t fully use, knowing what type of clothing you lack and own in plenty, too, shall benefit you in determining what you need to either buy more or remove.

Another way to look at this is by checking which of your clothes do you often wear or avoid and why. If you find yourself rooting for a particular style or color, there’s more you can do than buying the same item or similar appearing clothes in multiple counts.

Best Style Tips For Men to look stylish

Styling as you know is already a profession and rightfully so, it does have its own rules and never-to-do’s. While most style tips for men detail descriptive discussions or suggestions based on the shape or the height of Men, here’s a simple guide that’ll veritably benefit each man who’s seeking ways to improve their style to look great.

  • Men, Dress Like a Man
  • Solid for Casuals
  • Your Jeans Matter
  • Change is Nifty
  • Flair and Footwear
  • Accessorize Yourself
  • Layers to You
  • Jackets are Asset

Men, Dress Like a Man

style tips for men

If you’re here and reading this, you already know deep down that you want to look a certain way. Even if you’re just looking for experimenting with your looks by switching styles then you must follow this thumb rule of style tips for men: ‘If you desire to look well-dressed then looking younger isn’t exactly or the only way to go.’ Maturity certainly isn’t reflected the same in Tees as it is when wearing proper pants and a suit or even something classically casual.

Now hold-up, before you establish in your mind that you need to look retro,  what you need is to discard your flashy looking clothing, all of it. Also don’t just consider but also please do get rid of those printed tees that conveniently find a way to you whenever you’re heading out. They do not make you stand out despite the loud graphics printed on it. Remember, don’t be that ‘guy’!

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Solid for Casuals

You bet it isn’t just a catchy phrase. Style tips for men often either focus on choosing solid colors and it is with a valid reason. Wearing Tees in solid colors or dual-tone striped patterns or henleys look more attractive and certainly won’t let you fade into the pool of typical ‘guys’.

You could also wear collars such as polos or solid color casual shirts to automatically make yourself appear masculine. Notice it for yourself that casual outfits are always the best option for parties or get-togethers with friends and family.

Remember, solids are easier to notice and appear much more pleasant to the eyes except of course wearing a monotone of glittery silver which will repel more eyes than you could bother to count.

Your Jeans Matter

style tips for men

The best happy to go lucky casual outfit isn’t always incomplete without jeans but the denim will sure be widely compatible with most of your pieces of clothing. However, wearing not just any type of jeans will bring you the charm that you desire. The right kind of jeans will work wonders for your appearance.

The style tips for men are certainly incomplete without stating that never will baggy jeans will ever be cool if you either desire to be taken seriously or wish to appear the best self. The proper jeans for you shouldn’t be pooling at your ankles and neither should it stay only with the help of a belt.

Seriously, avoid wearing ripped and bleached pairs of jeans and please for the sake of sensibility do not wear logos on your jeans. Keep the jeans that look clean and the dark-blue or nearly white-colored ones will surely get along well with most tees and even with most casual shirts. Try different styles of jeans such as the slim fit, straight fit, or the athletic fit to determine which suits your shape well without appearing loose.

Change is Nifty

Loose rattling change in your pocket isn’t what we have in mind. You must not solely rely on tees and a pair of jeans to cover for all occasions. A common style tip for men and the wise is to never wear yourself out by wearing the same style. Instead, rather get some chinos for they too are a great choice for switching up style while also being comfortable.

Chinos could provide you with variety and since they come in various colors too, you can get a few of them to practically have tens of outfit choices when combines with solid color tees, striped tees, and casual shirts. Grey, Army Green, and Camel-colored chinos usually get along superbly with most other colors so consider getting them instead of getting tangerine and other similar colors.

Flair and Footwear

Alrighty, here’s where you need to get really serious, like really, really serious. You might think sneakers are fine with chinos and even perfect with jeans but sadly, they aren’t if you want to get your style right. While they’re fine if you enjoy the casualness of them, they aren’t going to score you any points.

Shoes are among the things that people first notice in a person and thus, replacing the sneakers with a nice pair of brown leather shoes will elevate your style exponentially, no kidding.

Leather shoes are not only comfortable but also come in various styles so you can look into them and the earlier you find yourself the correct one that matches your overall style the earliest you’ll be requiring lesser style tips for men.

Accessorize Yourself

style tips for men

This one is perhaps the most crucial element of dressing. Items like watches, belts, cufflinks, etc silently demonstrate that you dress up intently instead of using clothing to merely cover your skin. 

Buy a watch, not the digital one unless you’re a diver or an athlete but an analog watch with a leather strap suits all kinds of outfits long as you don’t pick an out of the ordinary color for the dial or the straps themselves.

When looking for belts, remember to match them with your shoes if possible. An imbalance between them will look odd which might be forgivable but it surely will rob you of the chance of appearing sharp and on point. Although cufflinks only go along with shirts, you can buy the ones that aren’t too big or too small but proportionate to the width of your thumbs or to the size of the cuffs.

Ties and wallets are another way to carry your style and while there’s a big debate about whether ties should be in patterns or plain, it should always be with a tie-clip, period. For wallets, leather wallets that aren’t too flashy or uncomfortable to carry should be avoided. Think of dark blue and black in color as they don’t need to appear trendy.

Layers to You

Just like your persona, dressing in layers could add intrigue to your appearance. But overdoing it will have the opposite effect entirely. The rule about wearing layers properly is about knowing what match seems appealing and which dumbs down the looks completely.

Hoodies should not be the ones to layer your white shirt but instead, consider wearing a sweater on top of the shirt to appear interesting. Sweaters can work on various colors of shirts but only if you remember to properly match the patterns and solid colors well in a way that doesn’t stab the eyes. 

Also, you can try wearing multiple layers since it’s a requirement in cold areas but please don’t do it in a humid climate. Dress accordingly to the climate is one of the most important style tips of men that you mustn’t forget.

Jackets are Assets

There’s a type of dressing called smart-casual and it is incomplete without a well-fitting blazer. Read it again, well-fitting is the keyword when it comes to blazers. Symmetry is a thing and be it in the stars or the way our bodies are made, something out of place or amiss probably sours the sight faster than a mustang could do 0-60 kmph.

Never buy blazers that are more than two or more centimeters loose on the shoulders since they work towards emphasizing the frame of your body besides saving your from cold sometimes. Also, a well dressed smart gentleman is never without a blazer or an equivalent of a jacket.

Final Words

Following these tips will surely help you upgrade your style. Apart from these tips, remember to never wear something that isn’t ironed, and without fail, clean your shoes regularly.

Also, refrain from wearing dirty clothes and wash them regularly with proper care. Additionally, you could also hire a stylist to further enhance your wardrobe and to advise you better combinations.