You’re definitely well aware of how difficult it is to find the appropriate one/s. Bridesmaid hairstyles range from bridesmaid up-dos and boho braids to half-up, half-down hairstyles and mismatched bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair. There are so many different styles, and matching them to the proper bridesmaid can be challenging.

You are sure to find something that will be the right match, even when your current hair texture, length or style differs. Check out these modern 2022–2023 simple wedding hairstyles for the bridesmaid, and pick some of the finest ones for your wedding squad!

List of Bridesmaid Hairstyles To Try

From natural hairdo ideas to stunning braids and one-of-a-kind ponytails, here are 14 bridesmaid hairstyles to adopt in 2022-23.

Glossy Waves

Try some classic, glossy waves if you’re looking for bridesmaid hairstyles that fit any hair length and go with almost every bridesmaid dress.

Glossy Waves Bridesmaid's Hairstyle

Curled Ends

Curled ends are ideal if you want your mane to be loose without going to extremes with an elaborate style. This bridesmaid hairstyle is particularly great if you’re thinking about DIYing your bridesmaid hair because it’s so simple to achieve.

Curled Ends - Bridesmaid's Hairstyle


Certain hairstyles are ideal for any occasion, and a romantic side-swept look is an obvious choice for every bridesmaid at every wedding.

Side-Swept - Bridesmaid's Hairstyle

Relaxed But Elegant Wedding Chignon

This classic yet simple and lovely, hairstyle compliments most facial features and looks stunning on any bridesmaid. The chignon is both romantic and uncomplicated. The relaxed version is a touch more undone, which adds to its attractiveness. 

It can be done as a knotted bun or a standard chignon, but a little looser for a different and more beautiful look.

Relaxed But Elegant Wedding Chignon

Classy High Ballet Bun For Wedding

The classic high bun is a terrific hairstyle for a bridesmaid wearing a gown with a high neckline because it takes the hair away from the face. This can result in a lovely, smooth look that can be paired with a tiara, comb, or even a braided bun. 

Whether you require medium-length wedding hairstyles or long hairstyles, the bun is simple to make and maintain throughout the wedding day.

Classy High Ballet Bun For Wedding

Stunning Long Braids

Wedding hairstyles with braids are another popular trend in 2022/23. While braided hairstyles for weddings are not new, it’s interesting to see how they may be worn in different ways. French braids flowing to the side, loosely braided crowns, and half-up, half-down bridal hairstyles with braids.

There are numerous fashionable ways to wear braids on your BFF’s wedding day. They are also enjoyable to decorate. For example, beach wedding hairstyles with braids can be adorned with seashells, combs with nautical patterns, tiaras, slides, clips, and so much more. In any case, braids are here to stay this year.

Stunning Long Braids

The beauty of bridesmaid hairstyles half up is the wide range of choices available. Braids, ponytails, curls, and even straight hair are all options. Numerous hairstyles will work with half-up and half-down hair, as well as a number of hair lengths. 

With the appropriate bridesmaid hairstyles half up half down, you may get a fairy tale, romantic look while yet maintaining a modern haircut.

Feminine Wedding Hair Trends Half Upstyles

Modern Hairstyles With Loose Curls

Soft, loose curls are popular these days because of their classic appearance. Once you’ve decided on the type of curls you want, whether it’s loose curls or finger waves, you may style your hair up or down. You can leave it bare or add beautiful accessories; the choice is yours. 

We know that well-textured curls offer volume and depth to your hair like nothing else. Any bridesmaid looking for some glitz on her friend/cousin’s wedding day, which isn’t going for sleek and straight hair, should try some stylish and fantastic curls.

Modern bridesmaid hairstyles

Airy And Loose Natural Bridal Hairstyles

Many bridesmaids are choosing not to over-style their hair for their BFF’s wedding day, instead going for the natural texture they were born with. This simplifies the procedure, and loose and breezy hairstyles fit the casual mood that this sort of bridesmaid is attempting to create.

A lot of haircuts will work with this overall look, from classic wedding hairstyles with curls and wraps to Indian wedding hairstyles with big but loose, airy braids that would suit any bride. Up or down, over your shoulder or flowing down your back, your natural curls and effortlessly loose hairdo may steal the show either way.

Airy loose natural bridesmaid hairstyles

Textured Updos For Brides With Thin Hair

While extensions are fantastic for adding volume to hair, some bridesmaids would want to avoid the hassle. So, if you want an updo that looks amazing on thin hair, consider the trendy, loose, airy French twist. 

This old-fashioned hairdo adds airiness and effortless touch to your updo. Allow for a few loose tendrils for a slightly messy effect. While it looks best with thick hair, it also looks fantastic with less than full hair. The ideal textured twist for updo wedding hairstyles.

bridesmaid hairstyles - textured updos

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Spectacular Wedding Ponytail Ideas

Ponytails are another lovely choice for wedding hairstyles with long hair. However, for a wedding, you might want to spice things up a little and make something a little different. You may try a half-up bridesmaid hairstyle with a ponytail at the top half or a standard ponytail tied in a bow or a lovely scarf.

Consider extensions if you have shoulder-length hair and want a much longer ponytail. Ponytails, in any case, are a long-lasting trend that has carried over into the new year and are a terrific style for ladies on their BFF’s wedding day.

bridesmaid hairstyles - Pony tails

Messy Wedding Hair Ideas

If you enjoy the messy “I just woke up like this” appearance, then messy hair is for you. While some may believe that creating untidy hair requires little work, this is completely incorrect. Create the desired hairstyle, but in a calmer mood, with wisps of hair streaming from the front and sides.

This design is ideal for a relaxed, boho bride, a destination wedding, or a beach wedding. Because it wasn’t overly serious from the beginning, it will still look amazing after hours of a fun-filled day.

Messy Wedding Hair Ideas

Trendy Ways To Wear Your Hair Down

Even though bridesmaids’ updos are lovely and can give a woman a sophisticated appearance, there are still satisfying ways to wear your hair down. A clean and symmetrical centre part can be considered if you aim for sleek hair. This look is making a significant comeback this year and works well with various face shapes.

This sleek and straightforward style is a good choice for bridesmaids who find it difficult to manage curls or who simply don’t like curling their hair. 

A modernist bridesmaid will also adore this because it beautifully embodies the beauty of simplicity and won’t detract from the beauty of her stunning wedding gown. Whether you’re seeking bridesmaid hairstyles for thin hair or full braids, this is a terrific option.

Trendy Ways to wear your hair down

Hairstyles for bridesmaid long hair are easier to find than they might first appear. Even though shorter or medium-length hair may offer more styling options, longer hair still has a lot of potentials. Long hair looks wonderful in every style, including updos, half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles, and even just let’s lose all its beauty.

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Final Words

These ideas can provide you with a solid basis for bridesmaid hairstyles. But this is only the very tip of the iceberg. When choosing the hairstyles for your bridesmaids, always keep in mind to match your dress, hairdo, and accessories, as well as your theme, colour scheme, venue, and season. This will guarantee that everything works together and is at ease.


What hairstyle should my bridesmaids have?

The bridesmaids’ hairstyle must be the opposite of the bride’s. Your day would be unique in many ways, including the hair. They can, however, style their hair in various ways, including updos, braids, half-up, half-down, decorated ponytails, curls, and waves.

How do bridesmaids wear their hair?

Your bridesmaids could also wear their hair in the opposite direction from yours. For example, the bridesmaids would wear their hair down if they wore it up, and vice versa. On your wedding day, bridesmaids play a crucial role, so it goes without saying that you want them to look stunning.

What is the most famous bridal hairstyle?

They have some of the most fashionable hairstyles that fully express their meaning. The undone bridal updos, bridal waves, half up, half down, and braided updos are a few of the most popular looks. Other options include ponytails with bubble and braids, natural curls and waves, and boho wild-out styles.

How long should a bridesmaid’s hair be?

Expect hair and makeup to take each bridesmaid (and mother of the bride) between 30 and 45 minutes and the bride herself between 60 and 90 minutes.

Should A Bride’s Hair Be Up Or Down For A Trendy Look?

Before making this choice, ask yourself the following questions. How do you usually style and carry your hair? Do you feel more at ease with your hair up or down? What kind of clothing are you wearing? So step back and consider these inquiries. Both hairstyles are beautiful, but your personality and circumstances determine your choice. You might also choose a half-up hairdo to have the best of both worlds. It’s fashionable to wear your hair down, up, or somewhere in between.