Have you just got a wedding invitation? Are you thinking of what to wear on your friend’s or any relative’s wedding? We all know that saying yes to a wedding invitation is easier, especially when you have a perfect dress to wear.

You have lots of choices to choose from wedding guest dresses that help you enjoy the celebration in style. If you are confused about how to dress for a wedding, just go through this post and get an answer to your confusion.

We all get excited when we are invited to a wedding. The very first thought that hits our mind is what to wear as a guest. Whether you are a family member or a friend of the happy couple, you ensure to dress up in the latest style by choosing the best wedding dress for guest.

Whether you are thinking of wearing a floor-length gown for the wedding or you want to wear a mini dress for a less formal daytime wedding, you have to pick the best dress that fits the occasion. It is true that deciding what to wear at a wedding is not an easy task.  

Ideas for Wedding Dresses for Guests

  • Pastel Colored Dress
  • Soft Pleated Midi Dress
  • Short Bottle Green Dress
  • Skirt and Crop Top
  • Off-The-Shoulder Pantsuit
  • Maxi Dress
  • Floral and Sheer Dress
  • Embellished Chiffon Dress
  • Rose Gold Bohemian Dress
  • Mermaid Style Maxi Dress
  • Off-Shoulder Lace Dress
  • Pencil Skirt Dress
  • Best Guest Wedding Dresses to Wear

Pastel Colored Dress

When it comes to choosing the best dress for a wedding, summer and spring are the best seasons to choose a fabulous outfit. It is so because there is no need to worry about the weather when selecting the wedding dress for guest. The best idea is to opt for pastel colors, such as peach, mint, or others. Keep in mind to leave the white territory.

Pastel wedding dress for guest

You have to choose something that is simple but helps you look standout among other guests at the wedding. You can select a peach colored bodycon dress with fashionable sleeves like ruffles. It is a perfect combination to enjoy a wedding. You can pair this dress with sequined stilettos. Make sure to wear elevated footwear as it will look great with these outfits.

Soft Pleated Midi Dress

Choosing a dress for a wedding party becomes more difficult when you are pregnant or have a heavy belly. You have to wear something that makes you feel comfortable. You can choose a soft and elegant wedding dress for guest. Wearing a midi dress with a sweet spot with the length is something that you can never go wrong with.

You can pair your dress with platform heels or wedges, whatever you have in your shoe collection. You will look perfect with this outfit. Style this dress with a side bag and an elegant pearl necklace.

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Short Bottle Green Dress

Choosing short dresses does not mean you are picking skimpy clothing. Many wedding guests go for short dresses. You can also look gorgeous if you know how to flaunt your dress. You have numerous colors to choose from. Wearing a bottle green short dress helps you look lovely along with bringing an instant glow.

Adding details, such as shoes, accessories, and bags work greatly on enhancing your overall style. You can choose to dress up for a wedding occasion with these outfits.

Skirt and Crop Top

If you don’t know how to dress for a wedding, the best idea is to try something different from others. You can go for two-piece dresses and make them one of the favorite outfits of most women. The exciting choices are pantsuits, crop tops, and peplum skirts.

Skirt Crop Top wedding dress for guest

You can try wearing a skirt and crop top to get a screaming elegance. Pair this outfit with contrasting accessories. It ensures that everyone’s eyes will be on you other than a happy couple.

Off-The-Shoulder Pantsuit

When you get a wedding invitation, it is not necessary to wear a long or short dress only. You can wear a pantsuit as well if you are going to attend a destination wedding or a wedding with a specific theme.

We are not talking about formal pantsuits. Here, during the wedding, you can go with a simple and elegant off-the-shoulder pantsuit. Pair your outfit with ankle strap sandals. Don’t ignore your hairstyle. Get a messy bun and carry a clutch to enhance your overall fashion statement.

Maxi Dress

Are you going for a fall wedding and thinking of how to dress for a wedding? You are lucky to have a great choice as the maxi dress. If you are invited to a ranch or vintage wedding, then wearing a simple spaghetti strap dress can work great as the perfect wedding dress for guest.

Pairing this dress with gladiator sandals and a hand clutch helps in sealing the perfect look.

Floral and Sheer Dress

If you are a wedding guest not linked to the bride’s closet tribe, you are advised not to wear anything light, white, or a dress similar to the bride. You must go for a unique and off-beat dress choice. The dress with floral thread work is something that enhances the overall look of this flowing dress. Wear this dress with high heels or sheer sandals to get a stand-out look.

Embellished Chiffon Dress

You will look like a glamorous diva in this wonderful embellished chiffon dress. It has embellishments and diamante details. In addition to this, the halter neck and keyhole style makes this dress a wonderful choice as the wedding dress for guest. The style and design of this dress balance all elements perfectly.

Embellished wedding dress for guest

To impress others with your unique style, you can carry a sleek side bag and pair your dress with ankle strap heels. If you choose to go for a hair-up style, no one can stop you from stealing the show.

Rose Gold Bohemian Dress

Are you going for a Bohemian or vintage-themed wedding? If yes, then nothing would be a better choice than wearing a Bohemian outfit. It is always good to have dresses that bring an old and modern charm to your look.

This dress has rose gold embellishments and fringes which make it a perfect dress to wear on any theme wedding and look great on occasion. Make sure to keep your makeup subtle and finish the look with red lipstick.

Mermaid Style Maxi Dress

If you are invited to a wedding at an upmarket banquet hall or a wedding palace, you need a compelling and elegant dress to wear. You can go for a dress like a mermaid-style maxi dress and flaunt your body without any worry of stealing the bride’s thunder.

Wearing such a dress may not need any accessories as a dress talks everything about your gorgeous look.

Off-Shoulder Lace Dress

When it comes to attending a wedding, and you are confused about how to dress for a wedding, you can never go wrong with a lace dress. Make sure to leave the whites and choose pastel or muted colors for your wedding dress for guest.

To get that fabulous look, you can go for a dress with an off-shoulder neckline that will talk everything about your style.

Pencil Skirt Dress

If you are worried about wearing a perfect dress at a wedding, you will find a huge selection of guest wedding dresses. They come in varied sizes, styles, and designs to cater to the preferences of all women.

Pencil Skirt wedding

Whether you are petite, plus-size, middle-aged, or a pregnant woman, these dresses are available for all of you. This will help you get rid of boring dresses. Pick the pencil skirt dress to make you look fashion-forward and elegant, both at the same time. Pair this dress with high heels to complete the look.

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Best Guest Wedding Dresses to Wear 

We all know that every wedding is a special occasion, so you need to consider several things when choosing a wedding dress for guest. You must know about the details of the wedding you are going to attend.

  • Always remember that an outdoor wedding gives different vibes than a formal church wedding. So, you need to be dressed accordingly. For an outdoor wedding, you can wear a wrap dress in a wonderful floral print.
  • For church weddings, you are advised to go for a maxi dress or a lace dress that gives you a perfect look for the celebration. Also, keep in mind to wear an elegant dress as it is not the place for a strapless dress or a dress with a deep neckline.
  • If you are not sure what to wear, the best idea is to ask the bride or you can ask another close family member for recommendations. Some weddings have dress codes, so choose your dress accordingly. You must check the invitation to find if the wedding will be a black-tie event.

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Final Words

When thinking of how to dress for a wedding, it is very important to be familiar with certain things, like dress code (if any), the theme of the wedding, outdoor or church wedding, etc. Make sure not to overdress or undress and look disinterested.

Just ensure to be well-balanced and steal the show with your glamorous look.