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Ranging from chunky gold chains to retro pendants paired up with dainty chokers, fashionistas around the globe are swearing by this brand-new trend of layering their necklaces for nailing that super-cool look which is even being sported by B-town divas on their red-carpet affairs.

Boho Necklace

Getting bang on style like a skilled fashionista is not easy. But coupled with our expert tips, you can do just the same as you take your pick amongst the wide array of textures, colors, designs or lengths. At the end of the day, you look should not be over-the-top and need to make it look like as if it has been put together within just a matter of a few seconds. Let us show you how:

Necklace wear style

  • Body chains stand out as stylish and daring jewelry pieces which might make you feel skeptical about wearing if you find it difficult to break out of your comfort zone. You can however give it a try since it is extremely easy to style with every outfit in your wardrobe. You can rock this style throughout the year without revealing too much skin since it can also be worn on top of your sexy night-out dresses. Body chains look best when paired with crop or V-neck tops preferably in monochrome palette so that your jewelry color stands out.

Necklace style

  • Radiate your confidence by blending simple and delicate designs since the real beauty lies in simplicity and it is impossible to go over-the top if you stick to minimalist jewelry. You can achieve this fashionable style easily by layering an elegant silver or golden metallic choker along with a fine neckpiece. You can either purchase a pre-layered necklace which is ready to be paired up with your choker or combine a choker along with a delicate necklace either with or without a pendant.

  • You can easily combine a relaxed and warm knitted cardigan or sweater along with layered pendant necklaces of various lengths for nailing that stylish and modern look. Given the drop in Celsius outside, this serves as the best way for making your outfits look much more fashionable and interesting. They look exceptionally well when paired with V-neck sweaters or open cardigans.

Necklace style

  • The lariat neckpieces are extremely versatile and thus adaptable to a wide array of styles. When paired in the right manner, they never fail to look both chic and discreet. You can nail a fashionable and trendy look by layering them with another choker or dainty necklace. Lariat necklace can serve as your ideal pick for an everyday casual look without missing to hit the fashion bulls’ eye.

Long Lariat Necklace

  • If you are thinking of wearing an open back top, then you can utilise it as an exquisite canvas to display your layered necklaces. This look has already been portrayed by innumerable B-town divas who have channelized their inner artists to come up with tempting yet oh-so-feminine appearances. Either single or layered necklaces can be used for nailing this look which can be pulled off with casual wears, your wedding gown or chic night-out dresses.

Necklace Style

  • Vintage-inspired necklaces consisting of Victorian style enamel pendants, floral elements, pearls or beads can give a modern touch to your entire look. You can mix and match a medium length minimalist necklace with a longer one having Victorian inspired collarbone choker to come up with an original yet mysterious stylistic melange. A vintage-inspired blazer can be added in to complete the look if you wish to stay old school.

Necklace Style

  • You can freely revive your old neck wears which have been gathering dust for years by combining them with the newest pieces which are your latest crush. This can surely serve as an excellent option for creating a unique style especially if you wish to think out of the box while on a budget.

 Layered Necklace Antique Gold

  • Given our hectic life schedules, we hardly get proper time in front of the mirror to get ourselves ready for the rest of the day. An already layered necklace can serve as a saviour in such cases as it aids in putting together your whole look within a matter of few seconds. You can easily make your casual outfit stand out of the ordinary by adding an elegant and simple lucky charm layered necklace.

Elegant Layered Nacklace

  • Stack up those dainty necklaces along with its chunkier chained sisters to create a statement look which is bound to turn heads as you walk around. You can take your pick between an array of size and length pieces for coming up with a truly individual style. Some of you might not feel very comfortable in sporting over accessorized bling-bling style. In such cases, you can replace the statement necklaces with subtler ones.

Nacklace style

  • A necklace having bar or circular pendants engraved with the name of you and your loved ones can pave the way for a truly unique and personalized style. These necklaces also serve as excellent gifting options to a friend or family member.

Nacklace style

  • A dark monochromatic dress or top is considered to be ideal for sporting a long golden and delicately layered necklace. You can also adorn delicate rings for accessorizing your hands in a simple yet elegant fashion. The final choice of opting for necklaces having clean designs or pendants rests solely on you. But in both the cases, you are bound to stick out of the ordinary.

Layered Nacklace

  • You can add a dash of color to your look for nailing the penultimate bohemian style by opting for beaded long layered necklaces having animal elements or tassel pendants. While choosing the beaded layered necklace, your ultimate focus needs to be on the natural and earthy tones which can be readily associated with boho hippie inspired fashion.

Necklace style

  • When in doubt, wear pearls as these timeless and classic beauties can blend in easily with your casual and everyday looks. You can also wear it to special events such as operas, weddings, theater, red carpet events where you can show off your passion for these exquisite pieces.


If you are not very confident about layering necklaces, then you can readily opt for a pre-layered neckpiece comprising of dainty chains attached to a heavy statement neckpiece.