Welcome to this clothing-style world of pregnant ladies. This journey of carrying a baby in your womb is not easier. It is full of morning sickness, heartburn on steroids, discomfort, swelling on feet, hands, and face, weight gain, and several other changes in the body.

When it comes to comfortable clothing during pregnancy, the very first thing to consider is the easy movement as well as giving enough space to the baby bump. When you have so many internal and external changes in your body, you need to wear something that not only makes you feel comfortable but also allows space for the body to grow.

Comfortable pregnancy clothes help you relax and provide relief from the discomfort and pain during this time. So, it is vital to be aware of the importance of wearing relaxed clothes when you are pregnant. If you are looking for stylish pregnancy clothes ideas and other related information about maternity clothes, you are at the right place. You will also be able to get some tips on getting the right clothes that are not only comfortable and are stylish as well.

When to Shop for Maternity Clothes?

When you can no longer button your jeans or feel uncomfortable in your regular clothes, it’s time to buy plus-size maternity clothes. As a plus-sized woman, you may wear stretchy and loose clothing that may fit your changing shape for a longer time.

You may also be able to wear non-maternity outfits until the end of the second trimester. However, after that (or at some point during your motherhood journey), you’ll need to buy some plus-size maternity clothes to be confident and comfortable. As a result, there is no set period to shop for plus-size maternity clothes. You should buy them immediately!

Tips for Finding and Buying Plus-size Maternity Clothes

If you’re having trouble finding plus-size maternity clothes, follow these simple suggestions, and you’ll be strutting like a plus-size diva in no time!

Invest in Plus Size Maternity Wear

As a plus-size pregnant woman, you can wear your pre-pregnancy clothes or buy a size or two larger. Both ideas, however, are insufficient for you. While your pre-pregnancy clothing may no longer fit you in the later months of pregnancy, wearing too big clothes can make you appear boring and childlike. 

Rather than buying huge clothes, invest in plus-size maternity gear, which is specifically made to suit your changing form considerably better than non-maternity clothing.

Know Your Measurements

Because sizing varies by brand, it’s important to get your measurements before shopping for plus-size maternity clothes online or in-store. 

This will help you ensure that the products you buy will fit you correctly. You might ask your partner, a friend, or a family member for assistance in determining your maternity size.

Embrace the Empire

Don’t be afraid of empire waist tops and maxi dresses, which cinch just below your bust and are a terrific fashionable pregnant wardrobe essential.

They produce a beautiful silhouette and are versatile enough to wear on various elegant occasions because they are long enough to expand as your baby bump grows. Purchase plenty in size or two larger than their typical size.

Embrace Loyalty Among the Racks

Whether you already know of a maternity store, find out if they carry a plus-size maternity collection. Even if they don’t, you can ask their customer service agent for assistance in finding plus-size clothing that fits you. You may also ask for the free return delivery so you can easily switch sizes.

Plus-Size Maternity Fashion Tips

Plus-size maternity clothes can be challenging to find for a pregnant lady. However, adopting these unique fashion strategies can transform your bleak fashion outlook into a colorful fashion statement.

Length Matters

Midi Maternity Dress Choose plus-size pregnancy dresses and skirts that hit just above the knee. While anything shorter may expose your legs when you move or walk, anything longer may make you appear frumpy and shorter.

If you’re a plus-size pregnant woman, choose a to-the-knee gown for a lengthening, elegant look.

Feel the Fabric

Maternity Plus Size Shirt As previously said, outfits made of soft, elastic, and flowing fabrics drape more gracefully over your shifting body than bulky or tight fabrics.

As a result, choose loosely woven clothing made of fabrics such as silk, jersey, flex, or cotton blends that hang gently down your body without holding or squeezing.

Accentuate the Positive

Plus Size Maternity Top: Accept plus size tops with V and other similar necklines. These choices will not only give height to your body by creating a long line but will also bring attention to your face, neck, and shoulders.

A wrap-style maternity top with a deep V-neck wonderfully hugs your pregnancy curves, and the wrap tie can be adjusted as your body grows. However, make sure that the shoulder seam is aligned with your actual shoulder joint.

Belt It Out

Look for plus-size pregnant clothes and tops that tie in the back so you may adjust them as your body changes. If you’re wearing a borrowed button-down shirt or a too-billowy dress, a belt can help shape it.

Use a narrow leather belt or a gorgeous piece of ribbon you purchased from a craft store. Fasten the belt or ribbon slightly beneath your bra line to get a fitted-and-flared effect.

Pick Your Prints Wisely

Just because you’re a plus-size pregnant lady doesn’t mean you must be plus-size. Maternity clothing does not need you to avoid patterns and colors. Accept them, but utilize them wisely.

Layer a tank top, scarf, or camisole under a neutral jacket or cardigan to add a splash of color to your plus-size maternity look. Avoid extremely small or large flowery prints when selecting patterns.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Plus Size Maternity legging: When shopping for leggings, make sure the hem ends a few inches above the ground, ideally around the middle of your heels, to give the illusion of long legs.

Pair them with somewhat sharp low heels to add length to your physique for a more classy look. If you prefer flats, make sure the length is just an inch over the floor.

Leverage the Monochromatic Magic

Stick to the same colors as your maternity pants when choosing your footwear to create an extended, slim profile. Wear black leggings, pants, or palazzos with black shoes, sandals, or boots to create a seamless look from hip to toe.


Finally, go through your jewelry, scarves, and handbags to balance out your overall outfit and create a lovely silhouette. Wear big chunky necklaces and chandelier earrings, throw a long and narrow scarf over your face, and use bright-colored lipstick to bring attention to your face and create verticality to your form. Also, ensure your handbag is at least as high as your waist.

How To Look Good In Pregnancy

  • Choose The Right Clothes During Pregnancy
  • Comfortable Clothes During Pregnancy
  • How To Look Stylish In Pregnancy?
  • Do and Don’ts Of Pregnancy Clothes

Choose The Right Clothes During Pregnancy

It is highly crucial to choose the right clothes during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a journey where you can wear anything you have in your closet. Dressing up during your pregnancy is also great fun. The right clothes not only help in boosting your self-confidence but also give you a sense of beauty in you.

You can choose stylish maternity clothes depending on your lifestyle, budget, etc. If you work in the corporate sector, you don’t need to compromise on your style as you can find a variety of stylish maternity work clothes to get the crisp office look. But, make sure not to compromise your comfort.

Consider Your Budget

It is true that women are more likely to be conscious during pregnancy, especially in their second and third trimesters. So, it is advised to spend some money on good quality maternity clothes. You have a number of options to choose from, depending on your budget. Wrap tops and dresses are one of the cheapest clothing options that you can adjust as per your baby bump.

Consider Your Comfort

When it comes to choosing clothes during pregnancy, fashion plays a great role. But, at the same time, you need to consider your and your baby’s health first. Always keep in mind that pregnancy clothes should be loose or elastic at the waistline. Make sure to choose stylish maternity clothes that help in providing support around your waist.

comfortable cloths for pregnancy

Consider Your Size

Maternity clothes are designed to add extra space around the belly and bust. Because, these body parts grow at the end months of the pregnancy. Still, some women choose to wear non-maternity clothes. It is important to choose clothes in one or two sizes larger than your normal size.

Choose Maternity Work Clothes

Pregnancy of working women requires extra care and comfortable clothing. Many times, it is not possible to wear a work outfit while obeying the standard formal dress codes during your complete pregnancy journey.

In the first three months, you can wear your professional clothes. But, for the later months, you need clothes larger in size than your regular size. You can choose to wear large shirts with buttons, slim-fit pants/trousers, and skirts. Wearing a combination of non-maternity tops and sweaters can also do the trick.

Choose Exercise Clothes

It is highly recommended to exercise regularly during pregnancy. When it comes to choosing the best exercise clothes during pregnancy, make sure that they should be airy, loose-fitting, and highly comfortable. Also, it would be good to wear natural fabrics, such as cotton, Lycra, etc., never wear tight clothes and go with more flexible workout clothes for easy movement and stretch. 

Choose Right Inners

When you are pregnant, your breasts become heavier and tender. It means you need to shop for some innerwear during pregnancy. The breasts need to get proper care and support, so choose the suitable bra size to enjoy the comfort.

Comfortable Clothes During Pregnancy

  • For women looking for the best dressing in the summer heat, there are a variety of clothing ideas for them. If you are a plus-size pregnant woman, you may find difficulty in finding stylish maternity clothes in your size. Here, the best idea is to go up one or two sizes in cotton materials. You should stick to airy fabrics as they will help you stay dry and comfortable during summer.
  • For some women, wearing jeans and leggings are out of the picture. If you want to invest in clothes that you can wear even after giving birth to your baby, wrap dresses are the best choices for you.
  • You have several special clothing that you can wear during pregnancy and can celebrate your body changes in some fun and smart ways. It would be good to invest in something that works great for pregnant bellies. Make sure that you feel comfortable in these clothing.
  • For cooler months, you can have some versatile maternity clothes. Just learn the tricks to layer and mix and match them to get the perfect outfit. It is recommended to invest in a few bump-friendly pieces that make you comfortable and give you a go-to outfit for pregnancy dressing.
  • Some women do not like purchasing any clothing as they cannot wear them again after pregnancy. They love to invest in clothes that make them feel good about themselves, especially when their body changes. If you are one among them, you need to get pieces that make you feel bump-positive.
  • Pregnancy is not just about looking for trendy, stylish maternity clothes to look gorgeous all through your pregnancy. You also look for comfortable shoes as well. The best option is to choose slip-on shoes and flat shoes. It is advisable to avoid wearing high heels at this stage of your life.
  • One of the great ideas to save money on buying maternity clothes is to choose dresses made with fabrics that are able to stretch or hang really loose to give you a high level of comfort. What you will love the most is that you can also wear them again once your baby is out.
  • To get a go-to cozy look, you can wear XL trousers, a pajama set, or even a muumuu for extremely hot days. You can match anything for your favorite pastime.

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How To Look Stylish In Pregnancy?

No matter where you live, let’s have a look at some tips that will help you wear stylish clothes when you are pregnant.

Wear Breathable Fabrics

Whether it is cold or summer outside, the temperature is something that may make your pregnancy a little uncomfortable. Whatever temperature is outside, make sure to choose breathable fabrics. During winter, when you layer your outfit, always go with comfortable pieces that enable you to get adjusted to your own temperature.

Wear Flowy Tops

Wearing flowy tops in any season is something that will skin your frame. Also, they fit perfectly over your baby bump. You can also go with an oversized button-up. These tops will help you nurse your baby easily after delivery.

flowy tops- pregnancy clothes

Wear Elastic Waistbands

Whether you are going to wear a jogger, jeans, or leggings, make sure that they have elastic waistbands. This bottom style will help you feel comfortable even when you are in your last months. The main advantage of bottoms with elastic waistbands is that you can slip back into them even after delivery.

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Wear Dresses With A Universal Silhouette

Shift dresses are one of the best pregnancy clothing ideas that you can wear all through your pregnancy. From the first month of your pregnancy to your due date, these dresses give you comfortable wear. Moreover, they are relaxed and easy to wear stylish maternity outfits.

Wear Wrap Coats

wrap Coats

During winters, you must look for a wrap coat silhouette. These coats will embrace your baby bump comfortably. Also, they will give you the best choice to grow into your coat. Trapeze and wrap coats will never make you feel trapped. They are loose and the best winter coats for pregnant women. In addition to keeping you warm, they also keep you stylish for the entire season.

Opt For Longer Tops

Longer tops- pregnancy clothes

When you are pregnant, try to choose tops with a longer length. Whether you are looking for tops to be worn in the summer or winter, make sure to invest in long tops only. These tops will cover your hips elegantly and also give enough length to cover your big belly.

Dos and Don’ts Of Pregnancy Clothes

If we are talking about fashion advice regarding stylish maternity clothes, these dos and don’ts will help you feel good and comfortable by wearing the right clothes during pregnancy. 


  • Do wear V-necks and scoop necks during pregnancy. If you want to wear a short or closed neckline, make sure to wear a long drop necklace, scarf, jacket, or cardigan. 
  • Do wear something that makes you feel fitted to your body somewhere, such as wear a dress that fits your shoulders.
  • Do opt for showing some legs. If you don’t like showing your legs, you can never go wrong with leggings or tights. 
  • Do wear maternity clothes in print. This will allow you to wear something that not only makes you fit but makes you feel comfortable as well. 
  • Do learn to accept your body change positively. Experts also encourage pregnant women to try some fitted pieces. Some women take it as a surprise, but they feel really good.
  • Do try new things. Embrace your baby bump and get out of the old rules. Sometimes, trying something new can make you feel something different.


  • Don’t wear a close neckline as it may make you feel uncomfortable. If you want, you can try a turtleneck.
  • Don’t wear short sleeves as they will draw attention to the area that you like the least.
  • Don’t wear anything that is tight on your belly and bust.
  • Don’t wear a stiff woven fabric, such as an empire waist, because dresses with empire waist can make you look bulky and unstylish.
  • Don’t wear mid-calf dresses as they are out of fashion now. You can wear over-the-knee dresses and ankle-length maxi dresses as the best stylish pregnancy clothing ideas.

Final Words 

A plus-size pregnant lady must no longer dress in sweatpants, oversized shirts, or t-shirts. This article on maternity clothes for plus-size ladies will be quite beneficial to you. You may find a huge range of plus-size maternity garments on today’s market if you know where to look.


What should you not wear while pregnant?

The pregnancy journey is all about comfort and the right amount of support. So, when you shop for maternity clothes, take a few things in mind that you should avoid wearing while pregnant.
1. Never wear excessively tight clothes.
2. Avoid wearing leather and jeans during pregnancy.
3. There is nothing worse than wearing high heels.

How soon should you start wearing maternity clothes?

Most women wear their normal clothes in the first trimester as they are comfortable in their size. But, when you are around 4-5 months of your pregnancy, you should start wearing maternity clothes. Some women wear maternity clothes when they are six months pregnant.

What to wear when pregnant in summer?

Always keep in mind that summer pregnancy can be a challenging journey due to the unbearable heat. You should wear loose-fitting clothes that give good coverage for your legs and arms and protect your skin from the sun. Also, make sure that your clothes should be made of fabrics that let your skin breathe.

Can tight clothes harm the baby during pregnancy?

No, tight clothes cannot harm the baby during pregnancy, but they may make you feel uncomfortable. As per the experts, wearing tight clothes during pregnancy puts unnecessary pressure on your bump, and it may result in premature contraction. Some say that tight clothes can also limit the free movement of a little one in the womb.

How should you wear clothes when pregnant?

Always remember that what you wear makes a great impact on how you feel during your pregnancy. Whatever style you have, it is important to wear something that makes you feel comfortable in your clothes.
So, always choose loose-fitting clothes, wear lighter-weight fabrics, and avoid tight belts, bras, and knee socks. Never wear high heels, and also find a bra that fits you perfectly.