South Korea is now slowly becoming a fashion city and has put itself in line with  Paris and Milan with their very own annual Seoul Fashion Week. The Korean fashion industry has seen an unbelievable jump and has now grown into a strong 20 trillion won industry within 40 years.

The “Hallyu” wave has conquered the globe and KPop artists and K-drama actors have made Korean fashion street fashion for men a real and popular thing.  

If you know the fitting about your t-shirt fitting then you will stand out from the crowd as having knowledge about how your shirt or t-shirt should hug your body at the right place is essential. Oversized clothes will look horrible on you. Keep your dressing simple and casual.

While attending a formal event, choose a shirt and trouser that has perfect fitting. Navy blue, sky blue, light pink, peach, grey, black, and white are some of the trending shirt colors in the Korean fashion industry. 

Korean fashion is full of ultra-hip streetwear that has bold, edgy combined well with eclectic and Avant shades and it follows zero rules! Although this makes Korean fashion one of the best in the world, the lack of do’s and don’ts makes it hard to truly define Korean-style clothing. 

This 2021, get your fashion game up a notch, and try out these latest Korean fashion trends and fully imbibe that “Oppa” style!

Appealing Male Korean Street Fashion

  1. The Trench Coats
  2. Bucket Hats
  3. Athleisure
  4. The Winter Look
  5. Long Sleeve Polo
  6. Destroyed Denims
  7. Funky Sweaters
  8. Mix & Match
  9. The Neon and Loud Colors

The Trench Coats 

Trench coats are one of the essentials of this four-season country as these coats are worn during the fall and winter seasons. In the past, these coats were just used for protection against cold. However, now they have evolved and have become a huge part of Korean street fashion for male.  

Various Korean celebs and idols have worn these trench coats in award functions, red carpets, photoshoots, and on an ordinary day out. Recent K-drama Goblin featuring the handsome Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook has made the trench coat trending due the popularity of this series.  

V of BTS, also known as “the guy with the long black coat” in the US is also responsible for the rising popularity of the trench coats. V rocked a black long trench coat while performing at Times Square on New Year’s Eve celebration. 

The comfort and sophistication this attire brings is unparalleled and that is where its charm lies! Trench coats will also highlight your manly features such as height and shoulders. 

Trench coat for korean street fashion men

Bucket Hats 

Bucket hats has its own fan-following and critics as to whether to count it stylish or term it as a chunk of fashion disaster. However, in recent years, bucket hats have picked up pace and are considered as one of the best in Korean street fashion. You can spot lots of Korean artists and actors sporting bucket hats at premiers and concerts.  

The best thing about this hat is that it can go with anything from a casual fashion to Korean street fashion for men. Hence, if you want to add flair into your attire then bucket hats are a must for you.

This popular K-pop fashion accessory, the vintage bucket hat is making its way back into the fashion industry. Many Korean idols and stars have flaunted the bucket hat look during airport appearances or when they are wandering in the city. 

although this hat is unisex, it spreades different charm when sported by males. If you want to add some edge or flair into a dull outfit, consider using a bucket hat. 

Bucket hat Korean man


This Korean street fashion for male is defined by items that you can wear while doing exercises. This fashion has gained a lot of fuel in the past few years and these Korean street fashion for men is showing no signs of slowing down!  

Korean fashion is not behind this trend as athleisure is incredibly well-executed in South Korea. You will see high fashion tops paired with casual basketball shorts, baseball caps, and joggers. For Korean people comfort comes before style hence they choose clothes that are both Comfortable yet stylish enough to go literally anywhere.

You can also pair a cardigan and tailored coat with casual jogger pants. Layering and accessories are the keys to making sure an athleisure look is more cool than casual. In order to make your athleisure look more refined, you can balance gym-ready pieces with something more stylish or formal. 

Get yourself a three-striped jogger and pair it with a cotton jacket to strike a balance between casual and athleisure clothing. 

Athleisure male Korean wear

The Winter Look

Looking for some Winter outfits inspiration? Well, look no further. Try a jacket, muffler, and beanie and blend balck and gray in style. This look is often used by most korean males during the chilly season in the country. It not just gives you a stylish look but will also save you from the cold and chill. 

The gray-black tones of your clothes will give you a classy and sophisticated look. However, you cannot achieve the same results with a myriad of colors in there. However, considering this is Korean streetwear for men we’re talking about, you never know. Koreans are known for their quirky color choices and cool fashion sense and this winter look is a great testimonial to that.

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Long Sleeve Polo 

Long sleeve polo can look weird if you fail to style it right. However, it can also look stunning when worn right. This style is flexible and you can wear it for both casual or formal occasions. Combine these casual long sleeve polos with a thin sweater on top and slacks, jeans, or shorts and complete the pairing with white sneakers to achieve an amazing korean street fashion for men.  

If you want to achieve a more formal look then you can button up the polo. However, make sure you leave the top most button undone to avoid looking like a 2nd standard schoolboy. You can put on a coat with some leather shoes and boom! You have a perfect look to rock the party! 

long sleeves polo street fashion korean men

Whether you want to pair it with your favorite jacket or wear it with sleeves rolled up, long sleeve polo is essential when you want to pull off a korean street fashion for male. Also, this will emphasize and put focus on your broad shoulders and muscled arms which are one of the traits of men. 

A classy and straightforward Korean go-to look is the long sleeve polo paired with either slacks, jeans, and even shorts. This is the most flexible and go to look for Korean as they fit in both casual or formal occasions. Whether you match it with your favorite jacket or wear it with the sleeves rolled up, this is one of the most simple yet striking fashion statements.

Destroyed Denims 

There is nothing new in destroyed denims but they are getting more and more dramatic with everyday. If you want to pull off a koren street fashion for men then the more destroyed the jeans are, the better.

 It is a cliched fact that you will need to balance out everything to pull this look off. All you have yo do is to limit the tears into your jeans and pair it with something more refined and you will have a look that is not only good for a party but also for a family dinner! 

Whether you buy your denim from a fancy store or you go DIY route, the only thumb rule is that make sure your jeans are anything from perfect! If you want to buy the best trashed skinny jeans then you can go to H&M or BDG Extreme Destructed jeans.

destroyed denim for street style korean men

The continued appearance of these ripped denim has kept it fresh and alive even after all these years not just in Korea but in most of the countries. It is nothing new but its popularity is soaring high and high dramatically. 

You will find ripped denim everywhere on both men and women. You can see pants, skirts, even jackets made from ripped denim. The best thing about ripped denim is it is very versatile. You can pair it with anything from a plain shirt, t-shirt to jackets, sweaters, and even coats. 

However, you will need to keep one thing in mind, do not go overboard with ripped denim. There is a misconception that the more destroyed the denim, the better it is! Well, the tear in the denim does not make you a style icon, but your fashion sense makes you a fashion expert!  

You can find ripped denim in many fashion stores around Korea or you can also go ahead and DIY it. Since torn jeans are a huge thing in korean street fashion men, many people have put videos on how to destroy your jeans and denims! 

Balance is the key when styling ripped denims. If you are going for ripped jeans then match it with something more refined. 

Funky Sweaters 

The funkiness and quirkiness are the heart and soul of Korean street fashion for men! They are known for their experiments with clothes and bold choices of colors. 

Go for a sweater that is beautifully crafted and designed while the opt for colors that easily blend with any kind of pant or shirt you decide to pair up with. Even if you ignore everything, funky and colorful sweaters are one of the important parts of Korean street fashion male. 

Funky sweaters for korean street fashion for men

Mix & Match 

When you evaluate the Korean street fashion for men then you will find that the mix and match is perhaps the most glorious form of styling. This is a trend where you can break as many fashion rules you want to break as all you have to do is to mix and match different clothes. 

This is a fashion where you will be experimenting and creating your own style with the choices of your attire! It is risque fashion. 

Literally anything goes with this trend. That’s the beauty of it. You can try anything when you are experimenting with Korean street fashion for men and create what your heart desires!  This is a fashion that is for people who are brave and bold enough to try new and creative things! 

This trend is for the gutsy people. This fashion will test your bravery and confidence and as they say you will need to have confidence to pull off this look!

The Neon and Loud Colors 

The final trend is one of the bravest and perhaps the most glorious Korean street fashion for men. If there is something that describes Korean street fashion for male, it has always been about experimenting with glamorous and vivid colors. KPop have always been the pioneers of this Korean street fashion for men! 

The bright and vivid shades like brilliant greens, light blues, and bright reds are utilized the most! However, you cannot go overboard with them as you need to balance the intensity combination of these eye-catching colors to avoid looking like you’re a walking rainbow. 

Neon and loud street fashion for korean 

It’s best to study which colors work best together and carefully consider what colors also complement your skin tone. And just like the mix and match, this is a trend for the bold and the brave. 

Keeping up with trends does not mean that you are not owning and loving your individuality. Also, it does not also mean that trying these trends make you a slave of fashion capitalism. What it simply means is that you want to be updated. 

Fashion is still about expressing oneself. Trends come and go but you can infuse them with your style to improve and boost your confidence. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative!

Final Words

Korean street fashion is full of loud colors and no care for rules! Maybe this is the reason why they are ruling the fashion world in recent years. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you should definitely try Korean street fashion for men!