Halloween is around the corner and it is the most interesting and funny time of the year. In this very gloomy year, people are looking forward to Halloween as the event that can bring a smile to their faces and give a glimmer of happiness. Homemade Halloween costumes for couples is one of the best outfits ideas in 2020.

Halloween is an open invitation to dress as anything you want or anyone you want! You can become your favorite celebrity or you can be your favorite food, it is for you to choose and you can make these costumes at home. So, no need to worry about the budget there!

8 Best Homemade Halloween Costumes for couples

Brainstorming for Halloween dress is fun until you have so many options in front of you and you have to narrow it down. Selecting the best outfit is not a huge task, but staying in the budget is also important for you. 

Furthermore, add one more person into the fray and you know the struggle will be real to match up that costumes and be trendy and unique at the party! The best thing about this Halloween is that it falls on the weekend night and with a full moon. This Halloween is getting real spooky!

Choosing what to be for Halloween is quite hard but you need not worry. We have covered some of the best options for couple costumes for this all saints’ eve. What follows are some of the best Halloween costume ideas you can go with:

  • Double Stuffed Oreo Biscuit  
  • Farmers Market Costume
  • Carpool Karaoke 
  • Team Rocket
  • Sully and Boo
  • Alice in Wonderland with White Rabbit
  • Joker and Harley Quinn
  • Ketchup and Mustard Sauce Bottles 

Double stuffed Oreo Biscuit

homemade halloween costumes for couples

Surprise your other half with this sweet, simple yet one of the most romantic Homemade Halloween costumes for couples! Let your cookie know that she is the sweetest with this Oreo costume. All I need is white tees and pants with white sneakers and black painted cardboard. Wear this black cardboard on your neck and be the cream of Oreo.

If you want to show how much you love and adore your other half then this adorable costume is just made for you! It is one of the most easily Homemade Halloween costumes for couples and a perfect costume to announce your love for each other in this year’s Halloween party.    

Farmers Market Costume

Have a Growing family? Well, why not show that at a Halloween party? This Halloween shows the addition of these funny and peculiar farmers’ market costumes. If you are looking for an idea then here is a suggestion for you. Be the farmer and get an asparagus dress for your plus one and dress your kids as baby carrots and sweet strawberries.

These costumes will make one of the cutest Homemade Halloween costumes for kids and couples. Make this Halloween one of the funniest and amazingly cute with the farmers market. Rock the family Halloween party with this adorable costume. 

Carpool and Karaoke

homemade halloween costumes for couples

Want something hilarious this Halloween? Well, get a yellow presentation board, silver and black paint, and washi tape and create a hilarious and light-hearted carpool karaoke costume. Add the finishing touch with introducing Velcro tape, a boom box, and a microphone. Wrap Velcro around your neck and add let your plus one be the karaoke and choose one of the best songs.

Lighten the mood of the party with your funny songs and jokes and even funnier Halloween costumes. Choose one of the most Homemade Halloween costumes for couples and spread laughter at the party with this funny carpool karaoke night.

Team Rocket

If you are a big Pokémon geek and want to rock this Halloween two of the most famous characters from the show then go for team Rocket. Jessie and James are two of the funniest and recognizable characters from the show and wearing the rocket uniform will undoubtedly bring back your childhood and nostalgia. All you need is white pants, a black tee, a white jacket, and pair them with boots for James and add a white skirt and you will have a costume ready for Jessie.

Bringing two of the most loved characters of our childhood, in reality, is one of the most satisfying feelings. Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Surrender now, or prepare to fight this Halloween with these amazing Homemade Halloween costumes for couples!  

Sully and Boo

We all loved the movie monsters Inc. and the character of Sully was quite fascinating and freighting at first. However, Boo was there to bring the best out of the monster and turned to sully into a friendly and caring giant. Similarly, be your plus one and make that sully a caring and friendly person this Halloween with one of the freshest and unique Homemade Halloween costumes for couples.

All you need is a sully jump suit that can be owned easily from the internet and purple leggings and pink tee to get the booed look. With these minimalistic costumes, you can one of the most interesting Homemade Halloween costumes for couples!  

Alice in Wonderland with White Rabbit

Even going into the rabbit hole will not help you if you are looking for a Halloween costume for you and your plus one at the last minute. With this amazing costume, you need not go shopping as everything is in your wardrobe. All you need is a sky blue knee-length puffed sleeve dress and ankle strap shoes.

Your white rabbit will require a white tee, blue denim, white sneakers, a black hat, and your wall clock. Yup! That’s all you need to pull off this simple yet stylish look for Halloween and you don’t even have to worry about shopping as you will have everything at your disposal. Get this as the best way to explain it is to do it.    

Joker and Harley Quinn

Joker never goes out of fashion as the clown prince of crime is the most loved comic villain among the geeks and adding Harley Quinn as the lone accomplice of him is still the best idea for couples. The popularity of The Maiden of Mischief is soaring high because of Margot Robbie and choosing to pair him with her puddin can prove to be one of the best bets. Getting ready as this chaotic pair is easy peasy too as all you need is makeup and some courage to apply it crazily!

If you have the courage to pull this look for Halloween then you will be the couple to look out at the party.  Try one of the best Homemade Halloween costumes for couples and rock the party as this psycho couple. 

Ketchup and Mustard Sauce bottles

homemade halloween costumes for couples

All you need is a yellow and red t-shirt to pull off this look! It is an easy peasy costume to make at home at the last moment. If you want to elevate your look further then let the mustard dress entirely in yellow and ketchup red and top them with a white cap.

This costume idea is one of the most unique and you will rock the party with one of kind attire. Getting these t-shirts is hassle-free too as you will have so many options on the online platforms. Buy these t-shirts and surprise the party with your creative idea of one of the best homemade Halloween costumes for the couple.   

Final Words

If you are looking to pull a rabbit out the hat and amaze the people at the party with the amazing combinations of your costumes then you can go for these ideas.