We all know that a little mistake on choosing a makeup product can mess up your whole look. So, it is important to know the right steps as well as some useful tips to get the right makeup for dark skin.

Applying the right makeup can sometimes be a challenging task for women with dark skin. Whether it is picking the right foundation shade or a perfect eyeshadow, you must know some makeup skills to look good.

Here, we will share step by step guide that will help you to get the perfect makeup without missing anything. Also, the given tips will give you confidence in your look and enhance your personality.

Very helpful tips and steps to makeup for dark skin

If you want to know the secrets of flawless makeup for dark skin, simply follow these steps and tips that include most of the things to enhance your dark skin tone.

  • Use the right foundation
  • Apply the foundation properly
  • Picking a right eyeshadow
  • Finish the eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara
  • Wear a bright blush 
  • Wear bright lip colors


Use the right foundation

You must pick the foundation based on your skin type, like oily or dry. It is so because different types of foundation work differently for varied types of skin.

  • If you have oily skin, you must have a matte foundation that works great in drying up the natural oil in the skin.
  • For dry skin, you must moisturize your skin before applying a foundation. You must choose a cream foundation to keep your skin moisturized.
  • For women with combination skin, it is advised to pick a foundation that works perfectly on your skin.

Apply the foundation properly

makeup for dark skin

To apply foundation, you must use a foundation brush with a rounded edge. Now, start applying a foundation in the center of your face and make sure to blend it properly out and up.

In case if you are using two foundation colors on your face, you must apply a lighter shade first and then followed by dark shade and blend them well using a brush.

You can use a buffing brush or sponge for blending a foundation, but keep in mind to apply it gently in a circular motion for the perfect blend. Also, do not forget to buff your jawline and neck to give the even tone all around your face and neck.

Picking a right eyeshadow

makeup for dark skin

One positive thing about the makeup for dark skin is that women with dark skin tone can choose very bright colors to apply on their eyes and it looks really good. Like, you can choose purple, blue emerald and others. Choosing a bright color for eye makeup is something that gives you a dramatic look.

You can also pair up two colors, like gold and purple or any bright color, which can be applied by using purple on your eyelids and use gold by layering it on the area a little closer to the eyebrow.

Also, if you want to give a natural look to your eyes, you are advised to wear neutral eye shadows, something like brown or nude shades. They can highlight your eyes and can also be worn every day for a simple yet graceful look.

Moreover, you can use metallic or shimmering eyeshadows to add some fun to your makeup.

Finish the eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara

When it comes to makeup for dark skin, applying eyeliner and mascara helps in enhancing your eyes and makes them attractive. Applying eyeliner in the right way makes your eyes look bigger.

For women with dark skin tone, black and brown eyeliner are recommended to have a natural look. But, it does not mean that you cannot try colored eyeliner, you can use different colors as well to create a dramatic look.

How can we forget applying mascara to give the finishing look to the eye makeup for dark skin tone? You must use mascara for lengthening and thickening your eyelashes. It works great in completing your flawless look. Simply get good black mascara and enhance your eyelashes.

Wear a bright blush

makeup for dark skin

The best tip for women with dark skin tones is to use a bronzer as blush or you can apply it over a neutral blush. It helps in giving some extra color to your cheeks as well as also highlights your cheekbones.

Simply, apply a bronzer under your cheekbones, and for blush, you must choose a bright color to try something that can go perfect with your skin. Such colors look great on dark skin tone; they can something like bright pinks and corals.

When you use both blush and bronzer, it gives you a beautiful and elegant appearance. This can be done by using a matte blush on the cheekbones and just sweep a little bronzer over the blush to finish the look.

Wear bright lip colors

To give a complete look to the makeup for dark skin, it is advised to wear bright colors, something like red, orange, purple. These colors can be a great choice for your lips.

But at the same time, you must ensure that your chosen lip color should match your skin’s undertones. If you want to apply a neutral color, make sure it should be close to your natural skin tone, like white, tan or pale browns.

You can finish off your makeup by applying a lip gloss for a luscious look. It can be a clear or colored lip gloss.

Some helpful tips for makeup for dark skin

  • For dark skin women, especially those with dry skin, it is important to moisturize your skin properly. After a shower, make sure to apply a moisturizer to keep your skin well-hydrated. It works great in giving you a clear and glowing dusky look.
  • If you have dark skin, it does not mean that you do not need sunscreen. All dark skin women must use sunscreen, which many of you usually skip. Get the one based on your skin type.
  • Make sure to get a foundation that matches your skin tone and always avoid using a transparent powder.
  • Apply a cream highlighter under brow bones and a little in the center of the apple of your cheeks.
  • For a daytime event, it is advised not to use bright colors, instead go for subtle shades. For evening events, you can choose to wear bright colors and can experiment with colors.
  • Always try your best to keep your makeup minimal, just work on enhancing your natural skin tone to make it look healthier and glowing.

With these steps and tips, get the perfect makeup for dark skin and look stunning on any occasion.

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