That’s great! You have entered the fourth decade of your life with great experience in many things. When it comes to fashion, you are at a great age. These years, you have learned a lot about grabbing the latest trends and even many of you might be known for their unique personal style. Here are some fashion tips for women over 40.

But, now as you get older, you need to make some changes in your style to ensure you are not looking less than 100. How about keeping a few things in mind while buying outfits, shoes, and other accessories when you have crossed the 30s? Also, don’t be stressed, with some few fashion tips for women over 40, you will look fabulous like always.

Of course, no one has the right to tell you what you have to wear or not. But, do you know with just a few key points you can still look young and confident? At this age, you need not work too hard to stay young, as many women do so.

Don’t be scared that now you will be counted in the list of women over 40. You just have to learn how to balance everything, such as your outfits, makeup, shoes, bags, etc. If you know these things, congrats! You can now help others by giving some helpful fashion tips for women over 40It is really appreciated.

11 Amazing Fashion Tips for Women over 40

If you are confused, let’s have a look at some of these tips to learn how to look stylish and confident after 40.

  • Don’t say No to heels
  • Buy outfits with mid-length sleeves
  • Invest in accessories
  • Go for solids instead of prints
  • Check what you have as the wardrobe essentials
  • Choose the skirt or dress with the right length
  • Use shapewear
  • Stay away from matchy-matchy outfits
  • Invest in a perfect coat
  • Don’t forget to have dark denim
  • Don’t cover up everything


Don’t say No to heels

Fashion tips for women over 40

No doubt it is quite comfortable wearing flats, sneakers, or shoes, but do you know that sensible heels can also make a great difference to your overall style. Moreover, these heels are quite easy to walk just like flats.

Here, we are not talking about high-heels, 2- or 3-inch style is enough to enjoy a surprisingly comfortable look, and also, they will not leave you with sores or aching arches.

Buy outfits with mid-length sleeves

If you wear a shirt or a dress that shows off your slim forearms is quite flattering. Here, we are not talking about sleeveless outfits, the mid-length sleeves that come to your elbow really give a great look to your outfit. Even if you have worn a short with long sleeves, simply roll them up for the difference.

Invest in accessories

fashion tips for women over 40

When it comes to the fashion tips for women over 40, it does not we are going to discuss just the outfits. Carrying right accessories also plays a great role in flattering your overall personality. Like bags, a companion of every woman, you must have the one that will never embarrass you no matter what outfit you have worn.

Also, bags are something that never goes out of style, but all you need is to buy the one that goes better with age, such as leather bags.

Go for solids instead of prints

Going for solids over pants does not mean you have to throw out all your floral pieces from your closet. It means when you are in the 40s, you can look elegant and appropriate when you wear solids. Like, you can choose brown, black, blue, and white, all because these colors can easily be matched with other outfits and can be re-wear in various ways.

But, don’t stop wearing prints at all.

Check what you have as the wardrobe essentials

We all know that there would be one or more wardrobe essentials in each of our closets that bring our unique style. These wardrobe essentials are based on your lifestyle, style, and personality. Do you know that having wardrobe essentials in your closet helps a lot in making your dressing much easier every day, however, more stylish as well? Such as white tee, pumps, dark jeans, knee-length skirt, leather jacket, black pant, etc.

Choose the skirt or dress with the right length

Many women think that dresses and skirts with length just above or on the knee are the perfect outfits. The dresses longer than this length are in great trend these days, thus must not be missed in the list of fashion tips for women over 40.

If you are a petite woman, you can wear a bit shorter to bring 1/3 – 2/3 silhouettes. So, next time when you go shopping, keep this tip in mind and get the outfit with the right length.

Use shapewear

Don’t hesitate to hide some of your curves. In this case, shapewear is the perfect option than wearing ill-fitted outfits to hide those unwanted curves. Many women prefer to wear shapewear on special occasions; obviously, all want to look stylish and gorgeous in the party dresses.

Even if you don’t like shapewear, wear it occasionally, it will surely help a lot in getting an enhanced look.

Stay away from matchy-matchy outfits

If we talk about the two-piece, it’s been always one of the best fashion tips for women over 40, embrace separates. You must know that a two-piece suit of the same color looks stiff on women, especially if you are a woman in the 40s or 50s.

Instead of buying a complete suit, you must mix blouses, shirts, and sweaters with your pants, skirts or trousers. Always keep yourself away from those matchy-matchy outfits and embrace something different when you are a bit older.

Invest in a perfect coat

Fashion tips for women over 40

No doubt, coats have always been a trendy outfit that never goes wrong and works perfectly great for the climate. But, you must ensure finding a perfect coat for you. When you grow older, you can’t go with any style or patterns as you did when young. Get the one that can be worn everywhere, as it is a big investment to compliment your style.

Don’t forget to have dark denim

If you already have darker shades of denim in your closet, you would be happy to know that these jeans work great on women over 40. The jeans with classic cut and bootleg in a dark shade will be your wonderful option to avoid staying away from your complete jeans drawer when you grow.

Don’t cover up everything

Fashion tips for women over 40

Many women think that exposing the body is not a good idea at this age. So they cover up everything. You can choose to cover but in a style, such as if you have a strapless dress, you can wear it with a cute cardigan as one of the must-try fashion tips for women over 40 to have the comfort of not showing that much skin. 

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Final Words

We have shared these fashion tips for women over 40 with the aim to help those who are stressed about what to wear or what would look best on them, especially when they are getting older.

But, one of the most important tips is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. This way, you have a spring of style in your hands and it makes you ready for every day to embrace what you have happily.

You deserve to feel beautiful and glamorous no matter what age or size you have!