Their hairline often decides styling options for balding or bald men. However, classic styles are all about versatility, creativity, and diversity of your looks. That is not the case for everyone, regardless of their hairline. Read our bald guy fashion tips below if you don’t believe us!  

If you have the same question about styling due to balding, you need not worry, as we have helpful tips related to casual fashion for bald guys. Our simple fashion for bald guys guide will not keep you confined to what men with balding are supposed to wear. We will inform you how to change the focus from your head to your other body features attractively. 

Useful Casual Bald Men Fashion Tips!

  • Get rid of the hair completely!
  • Invest in Caps, hats, and bandanas!
  • Buy trousers that fit.
  • Go for dark colors
  • Try the tee and jeans look!
  • Grow a beard!
  • Properly accessorize yourself!
  • Dress as per your age!

Contrary to popular belief, you are not the only one with this baldness problem. More than ⅔ of the men go bald or close to it by the time they reach their 60s. By 30, 25% of men experience hair loss, and the balding process starts at that age usually. 

Other bald man dress style guides will tell you that you should wear these clothes because you are bald. However, instead of distracting the people, these styles make it more noticeable. And to be frank, it is improbable that anybody won’t notice that you’re going bald. So, instead of hiding, embrace balding and try new looks. 

Sometimes, going bald can be a blessing in disguise for your image. It is about liberating, and people believe that bald men are more intelligent and dominant. They usually carry a persona that oozes masculinity. We are not saying it; this is according to Science! 

Here, we will explore the idea in full detail while considering the basic style that can help you embrace your brand-new look. So, here are some of the bald men’s dress style tips that can help you enhance your looks and personality. 

Get Rid Of The Hair Completely! 

Commonly, balding people will purchase special shampoos and hairpieces to fight against the tide. Rather than lying to yourself, take the unknown road and shave your head like Vin Diesel. If you are not comfortable with a full shaved head, you can keep your hair to a minimum, like a buzz cut that is very effective for balding men. 

If you want to present yourself as a confident guy, you need to let go of the hair you might be hanging on to. If you have a few wisps of hair on top, then by shaving your head, you will rejuvenate yourself and look much younger. 

Casual Fashion For Bald Guys

If you have the horseshoe look going on, get rid of the hairs. Commit to shaving your head; you won’t regret it. It will only take a week or two to get used to it, but you will look amazing after that. 

Any casual fashion for bald guys will be complemented by shaving your head completely. So, if you are a little hesitant, think about Walter White, and his bald alter ego Heisenberg; just take the high road and reap the rewards! 

Invest in Caps, Hats, and Bandanas!

Whether you have hair or not, accessories will enhance your look and make you look dashing and attractive. A baseball cap is one such accessory that doesn’t necessarily have to be used to cover up your baldness. 

These caps are very flattering when worn by bald people. It will look amazingly dashing if you pair a basketball camp with a hooded sweatshirt and torn-out jeans. Choose dark colors as these colors will give you the best results. If you don’t know which color you should choose, always go for black to highlight your face subtly.  You can also experiment with accessories depending on the season. Go for hats in summer, beanies in winter, baseball caps for an afternoon event, and bandanas during a vacation to keep your fashion fresh all year round! 

Hats- Casual fashion for bald guys

Besides fashion, hats and caps are handy if you have thinning or no hair. These accessories can provide you with insulation from cold winds and protection from harmful sun rays. 

However, just don’t go and buy yourself a hat. Instead, consider a few things before you purchase a hat. People will tell you that a hat helps you solve the receding hairline. Well, that is not the case at all. Do not use caps to cover or hide your baldness because you will have to take off the hat sometime.  Think and buy your hat like a gentleman dressing in the classic styling guide. Treat it as a helpful and elegant bald guy fashion accessory that can enhance and compliment your entire ensemble. 

Buy Trousers That Fit

Regardless of hair or no hair, fat or skinny, tall or short – choosing and buying trousers is a nightmare.  So, you will wonder how to buy trousers that fit perfectly, look amazing, and boost your new style sense? Well, for that, ensure that you only have two or three creases as the fabric will gather around your ankles. More than three creases and you will have too long trousers that will fit wrong entirely. Apart from this, make sure that you buy trousers that are not too tight or not too baggy. 

Casual Fashion For Bald Guys- Proper Trousers

If you have large and muscular legs, go for slightly larger waist size. You need not worry about fitting, as you can use a belt to optimize your comfort levels. If you are bald, then emphasize your upper body.  If you have a more robust and bigger upper body, find a pair of trousers to compliment your stature. Follow this simple bald man fashion tip to buy your pants, and you will not look dull. 

Go For Dark Colors 

When you are balding or bald, if you want to dress effectively, you will need to take a forward step and provide some contrast to your appearance. One of the best ways to do that is to introduce dark-colored clothes. 

Dark, earthy green, or black are essential parts of casual fashion for bald guys. These colors will provide a contrast between your head and your clothing and prevent a monotonous look. These colors will help you achieve a look that even guys with full hair can’t achieve.

Casual Fashion For Bald Guys - Wear Dark Colors

The main reason for choosing dark colors is that a person’s hair usually lends contrast to our skin tone. However, that is not the case with bald people. So, opting for vibrant, colorful clothes will help you create contrast with your skin tone. 

If you are bald and have a light skin tone, you must go for dark colors to compliment your peachy skin undertone. If you have a darker skin tone, you should stick with bright shades of earthy colors as they will blend well with your skin.

Try The Tee And Jeans Look! 

If you are looking for casual fashion for bald guys, there is nothing better than a simple tee and jeans. This outfit is suitable for any occasion – be it weekends, outings and hangouts with friends, or bonfire nights – you can rock this look. 

Additionally, this bald men dress style is one of the easiest ways to pull off an outfit outta nowhere. A casual tee of a solid color or trendy printing with torn-out jeans can make you one of the most fabulous guys. Throw a blazer or jacket on, and you have a handsome hunk look in just a few minutes. 

If you want to pull off this look, then go for bold patterns and vibrant colors, as it will help you break the monotony and take the attention away from the absence of hair. If you want a sophisticated yet casual look, go for the linen-cotton shirt with sackcloth trousers. 

Tees- Casual fashion for bald guys

Grow A Beard! 

This is one of the most beneficial and fantastic bald guy fashion tips you need to implement urgently. Facial hair will help you restore a much-needed definition and structure to your face. Some of them could be lost when you lose your hair. Growing a beard will be helpful if you have a round face or heavy set. 

The type of beard you want to grow is totally up to you, but if you are making up for the lost hair, then a full beard is a great way to kick start your journey. Closely trimmed and expertly shaped facial hair will cultivate a sleek and refined look. 

Casual Fashion For Bald Guys- Beard

The combination of bald men and beards is becoming the symbol of desirability. So, grow a beard, groom it, and experiment with it to get different beard styles and keep yourself masculine and sexy. 

Properly Accessorize Yourself! 

Females have long used accessories to augment and complement their looks. They have mastered the art of how to use different accessories to enhance their look. On the other hand, males have yet to know how to use accessories.  However, the time is changing, and slowly, the male fashion scene has also welcomed accessories with open arms. Accessories are becoming an essential part of casual bald men’s fashion. 

To be more specific, using certain accessories can help you break the roundness of your head and create a shape and depth. This will draw the attention away from your receding hairline or even hairless scalp. Hence, accessories have become the focal point of bald men’s dress style. 

Accessories will encourage others to take an interest in your outfits. To achieve this, you can rely on accessories like hats and sunglasses, while you can also use watches to catch people’s attention. These items will help you establish a focal point other than your head. 

However, choosing accessories keeps subtlety in your mind, as overdoing the beanie and sunglasses can make you look like you are in disguise and avoid people. Additionally, as we said earlier, do not use hats as a way of hiding your receding hairline. Here, you have to embrace and empower your newfound confidence. 

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Dress As Per Your Age!

The receding hairline can create an aging look, which is why shaving your head can instantly rejuvenate you and make you look more youthful. However, you need to keep in mind that you will not look 18 again with this new look. 

With keeping this in mind, dress according to your age. Your dress, your attire, and your accessories should respect your age. In normal words, let go of the cargo shorts and those vastly vibrant graphic t-shirts. That also means that you don’t need to wear a baseball cap every day! Wear it sparingly and keep it a part of your specially cultivated bald men’s dress style.

Dress accordingly

If you dress like teenage boys, you will appear that you are trying too hard to look young. This can draw further attention to yourself and create a confusing silhouette. So, you will wonder, what should you wear? V-neck tees are the best for people with bald heads. You can also wear white polo necks and collared shirts to portray your maturity. You can also pair intelligent jeans with a blazer to complete a fresh new look, as it will provide you with a balance between style, comfort, and compatibility. 

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Final Words 

If you are looking for a reliable casual fashion guideline for bald guys, look no further than this list. Our bald guy fashion tips follow fundamental rules and keep everything simple yet sophisticated. So, try these tips, and you should be able to ace bald guy fashion.