Every month and season will bless you with incredible fashion and brand-new trends. Along with these new trends, new fashion terms also come into existence. Whether you are a fashion fanatic or not, you must know what these terms mean.  

The fashion world is all about looking your darn best; however, sometimes, things can get lost in translation. Also, admit that we men are not going to open Google to search some of the most common and confusing men’s fashion terms right in the clothing store. Luckily, as a man, your primal instinct is to grow and gain as much knowledge as possible regarding fashion terms for males. 

Fashion Terms for Men Up-and-coming Fashion Fanatics!

The quote, “Knowledge is power,” also applies to fashion. That doesn’t mean that you need to be a scholar to look fashionable, but the more you know about the fashion terminologies, the better you will look! The reason is that fashion should be an expression that needs to be communicated through your appearance. 

According to data from IBIS World, between 2010 to 2015, the average sales for menswear grew by a staggering 17.4%. This data indicated that men dress better than ever, and they are also willing to invest both their time and money in arranging a high-quality wardrobe.

However, this doesn’t mean that male consumers can identify features on clothing they buy or have adjusted by their local tailor. Males still have questions like; what is a bespoke? What is a morning dress? Are pinstripes as grumpy as they sound? To answer all of your questions, we are happy to present you with a list of fashion terms for males. You will learn about what is: 

  • Athleisure
  • SeerSucker
  • Prêt-à-porter
  • Bespoke
  • Black Tie
  • Single-breasted
  • Double-breasted
  • High-Street
  • Lapel
  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Tie Pin
  • White Tie
  • Suede
  • Ethical Fashion
  • Made to Measure


This is a new genre of style that has been in the news for quite a while now. Superstar Dwayne Johnson is one of the most prominent models for promoting athleisure. It is a combination of athletic fashion and leisurewear. 

Men's Fashion Terms - Athleisure

Sneaker trends, joggers, and oversized tees are prime examples of this clothing style. Surely you may hear this one of the most confusing fashion terms for males nowadays and wonder about it. Well, now you know what athleisure means. 


A mid or lightweight fabric that features a stripe is known as seersucker. This is one of the unknown male fashion terms, and we just pretend to ignore its existence. Seersuckers are widely worn during the spring and summer and enjoy excellent fanfare in the menswear collection during these seasons. 

You can also find this garment with a wrinkled effect to give it a weave texture. This design ensures that the cloth sits away from the skin, hence, reducing your body temperature during the summer months. 


Ready to wear or lavishly known as Prêt-à-porter is the outline as RTW, off-the-rack, or off-the-peg. This is one of the unknown men’s fashion terms used for factory-made clothes sold in finished condition and standard sizes. 

These clothes are mass-produced in the fashion industry without having any significant alteration. To fulfill this plan, standard patterns, special factory equipment, and faster construction techniques are used to keep the budget in check, compared to custom-made clothes. 


Bespoke- Mens Fashion Terms

Used almost everywhere, from cocktails to travel circuits, bespoke is one of the most mysterious men’s fashion terms. A bespoke suit is a custom-made suit as per your specifications and instructions. 

This method is the zenith of tailoring as the bespoke suit is crafted from scratch to fit you perfectly. You will have the opportunity to choose the fabrics and create your patterns. You can also select the buttons, stitching patterns, and methods. This sets it apart from another excellent way of tailoring, made-to-measure. We will learn more about the made-to-measure fashion term later in the post. 

Not only suits, but you can also tailor your shoes with the help of this method. This will help you create an exclusive design for yourself and a personalized experience. This method requires the most artistry as the process often needs an entire floating canvas, sewed temporarily, and detailed hand finishing to achieve the finished garment that is one of one! 

Black Tie

Black Tie- Mens Fashion Terms

This is the most common dress code when you are invited to attend a formal event. The black-tie uniform involves a tuxedo with a peak or shawl lapel, matching trousers, a white pleated shirt, a black bow-tie, and a cummerbund. This is one of the most confusing male fashion terms in men’s fashion.  

It is a semi-formal Western dress code for evening events. You can go in a suit that is either black or midnight blue. If you want to freshen up the look, you can also go for a white two or three-piece suit, elevated by satin or grosgrain lapels along the outseam of the trousers. Pair this with the black patent leather suit, and you are good to rock the party with your presence! 


This is one of the simplest fashion terms for men, but beginners may need to learn about it. A single-breasted suit jacket features a narrow overlap fastened via a single row of buttons. It has a leftover right layout. You can choose how many buttons you want from one to four, but the most common number is two. 

 Single Breasted

Usually, the number of buttons you have chosen will be arranged in a single vertical column. This is a less formal version of the suit and features a narrow lapel with a single button row on the right-hand side. This jacket is a safer clothing option for many people when attending a no dress code wedding. 

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Following its counterpart single-breasted suit jacket, the double-jacket has two rows of buttons parallel. The second rows of buttons hold down a different section of fabric that will extend further across your mid-torso and provide you with a regal look! 

If you can get the right fit for a double-breasted jacket, it will portray a powerful style statement. So, when someone asks you to elaborate on one of the most misunderstood men’s fashion terms, then you should be able to make them understand the awesomeness of this jacket! 

Mens Fashion Terms Doubled Breasted


Another very recent trend that has caught fire is high-street fashion. This is a combination of edgy streetwear and high-fashion clothing. In simple male fashion terms, it’s mass-produced and readily available, and they are highly fashionable. 

Mens Fashion Terms High Street

The UK is one of the prime locations to see how impressive this fashion is. These clothes are created by brands that believe in mass-producing and offering consumers more affordable garments. They are worn on a day-to-day basis, affordable, and switch every season. 


The lapel is the folded part of the suit jacket. People often call it to the collar, but lapel is a more accurate word! The lapel is either in notched or peak-type styles and made in proportion to the width of your tie.  On most formal coats and suit jackets, you will find an aggressive and thick upward-pointed lapel, known as the peak lapel. This idea is to enhance the V-shape on a man and his masculinity via a drawn-out torso. 

Mens Fashion Terms Lapel

It will run from your chest around your collar. The most popular lapel styles are notch, peak, and shawl. We know that peak is best for formal settings, while shawl lapel is only seen in tuxedos and evening jackets.  Now, you know this is one of the essential fashion terms for men. So, from now on, you will stop calling it to collar anymore! 

Sustainable Fashion 

Right now, we are wearing, what we might call, a regular fashion that is fast, just like fast food! The quicker new trends arrive, the more harm they will cause to the environment. You will be surprised to know that the fashion industry has the second largest harmful impact on the environment. 

Mens Fashion Terms

This happens mainly due to synthetic fabrics and bulk production. Sustainable fashion is one of the most important male fashion terms that we need to learn. It stands for the opposite of this fast fashion. Sustainable fashion involves organic fabrics and environmentally friendly production methods. 

Tie Pin 

This decorative pin enjoyed impressive fanfare and held the cravats of many affluent businessmen in the 19th century. It was again revamped in the modern world during the Mad Men’s days. This pin secures ties to the shirt most fashionably and has enjoyed a rejuvenation in the fashion world. 

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Mens Fashion Terms - Tie pin

White Tie 

If you want to finish your full evening dress or dress suit, go and get a white tie. This is one of the most formal traditional evening western dress codes.

You must wear a tailcoat with a single vent, then pair it with a white shirt, a Piqué waistcoat, a white bow tie! For the bottom, go for high-waisted black trousers and get patent leather oxfords or court shoes to complement the outfit. You need to follow some strict rules when attending a whit-tie event. 

white tie- Mens Fashion Terms


It is a softer and more fibrous leather variant than standard leathers used in clothing. Leather clothes are made using an outer layer of animal hide, while suede is made using the inner layer.  

From bags, shoes to jackets – you can find it on almost anything. However, the biggest con of this leather variant is that it is not even barely water-resistant. So, think before walking out in a storm wearing suede sneakers, as that’s a recipe for disaster.

Suede -mens-fashion-terms

Among all the fabrics, most men are aware of velvet or leather, but suede is one of the male fashion terms that will make you scratch your head. However, that will not happen again as you are familiar with this leather and why you should not let it touch the water. 

Ethical Fashion 

Ethical fashion comes from the place of moral awareness. Some of the essential parts of ethical manners are good working conditions for workers, fair pay, a no-sweatshop policy, and reasonable and realistic working hours. 

With sustainable fashion, you can put ethical fashion under the same umbrella of a transparent and rightful business plan. Both sustainable and ethical fashion are two of the most important fashion terms for men that you should know! 

Made to Measure 

Made to Measure -mens-fashion-terms

Your suit will be constructed according to your base pattern in this method. Tailored suits fall into the category of made-to-measure clothing genre. In this method, the pattern is trialed beforehand on the wearer. If you finalize the design, your suit will be constructed around it to ensure a superior fit compared to off-the-rack items.

So, if you want to ooze class, you need to know about this one of the most important fashion terms for males! 

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Final Words 

These are a few fashion terms that all men should know about. These may not apply on a day-to-day basis, but they will help you shop better or to recognize fashion in a better way. So, try to be updated on these men’s fashion terms and live a stylish life!