Whenever you think of getting a facial, the first thought which crosses your mind is the ethereal glow which will radiate from your face once you are done with the same. But modern day beauty gurus are breaking stereotypes to come up with innovative facials which encompass your décolletage, back and even derriere. Although butt or “fanny facials” might seem like an intimidating idea, it can serve as your perfect choice for showing off your summer-ready body with utmost sass. 

This popular trend meant for your rear-end can address skin concerns while smoothening the appearance of your derriere. Although no exact method is present for this specific facial type, a variety of treatments can be incorporated into a single butt-facial session for that cheeky glow. It usually comprises of dermal infusion of necessary serums as well as microdermabrasion which imparts adequate moisturisation to the skin and aids in dealing with other skin conditions. Application of a mask and Vitamin C as well as a tissue massage might follow post dermabrasion. 

butt facial for bikini season

You can talk to your beauty experts about your area of concerns whether it is uneven skin tone or acne prior to getting the facial done. Your skin is bound to feel better and appear more toned following a comprehensive butt facial although the final results depend totally on the plan opted for after discussing with your provider. Butt facials have become a rage amongst the millennial population especially due to social media where selfies of ones’ back side have earned the nickname of ‘belfies.’ Shrinking coverage of bikini bottoms is also causing out bottoms to be more exposed than ever making it mandatory to groom it properly for rocking a photo-friendly backside whether at the beach or at your indoor pool party. Enough said, let’s now take a look at the basic steps of getting the butt facial done in the right manner:

  • Steaming – Just like a regular facial, this step prepares the skin by softening the pores and making it ready to undergo cleansing treatments.
  • Cleansing – An aesthetician will pour lactic acid cleanser all over your butt for chemical exfoliation. Thereafter she will take up physical exfoliation with a cleansing brush. If you are already suffering from acne problems which have even found its way onto your bum, then you should opt for a body wash which has been specially formulated with ingredients which target body breakouts. 
  • Scrubbing – A spatula-like tool is used by the beauticians for loosening up and removing any built-up debris which might have accumulated in the pores. This ultrasonic vibrator moves the skin underneath and pushes out all the debris without causing much trauma. Alternatively, you can also apply some body scrub manually on your butt-cheeks once or twice a week for exfoliating your dry skin cells and brushing away the dead cell build-up. 
  • You can finish it off by applying some creamy lotion or body butter to impart the adequate moisture level required for maintaining the soft and supple nature of your skin. If you have sensitive skin, then it is advisable to opt for unscented and herbal moisturizers for preventing chances of further break-outs. 

60% ladies around the globe suffer from folliculitis which refers to dead skin cell build-up around the hair follicles and looks like small pimple-type bumps. Even when we are in the shower, our butt remains as one of the most neglected areas of our body. Keeping such things in consideration, a butt facial can serve as your ultimate nirvana especially if you wish to feel confident from inside out. Follow us @ Pinterest