We all know that the bride is the center of attention at a wedding. If you are going to be a bride, you can’t achieve this without choosing the right wedding dress. A bride can be of any body type and age. The wedding industry gives more importance to young brides, so mature brides do not get much attention or get a huge collection of dresses that fit their body shape perfectly.

Due to this, here we are going to share some ideas for wedding dresses for older women that can complement greatly any age.

If you are an old soul in your 40s, 50s, or 60s, you will be able to get an idea to get a beautiful vintage wedding dress. To find the right dress, you are at the right place for the ideas to get the best one as per your needs and choice.

Whether you are getting married for the first time or have walked down the aisle before, it doesn’t matter at all. Just, Congratulations! Getting married to your longtime sweetheart is something that cannot be compared with any other happiness. No matter what the context is, finding the perfect wedding dress will make you look fabulous on your big day.

Just because you are in your 40s, 50, or 60s, it does not mean that you have to compromise in choosing your wedding dress style. You can find a huge collection of wedding dresses for older women that are designed without compromising on trends, and also keep in mind the looks and personality of older women to make them look perfect.

It is true that the body changes with age, but it should not lessen your spirits to remain young. Whether younger or older, every woman deserves to look stunning on her wedding day. Choosing the right design and style per your body type, skin color, and personality enables you to shine at your wedding.

Many brands have come forward with a unique collection of designs that are packed with vintage appeal featuring different details, like lace embellishments, bows, interesting necklines, elegant waistbands, tulle skirts, romantic silhouettes, and many more. 

No matter what your age is. Whether you are in the 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s, every bride wants to look amazing and feel comfortable on her special day. Always keep in mind that there is no rule for the older bride when she is about to pick her wedding dress. You can dress anything you want, just make sure you will feel comfortable in what you wear.

Always remember it’s your big day, so your happiness matters the most. What will others think; this should not be your matter of concern. However, it is true that buying a wedding dress for an older woman can be a different experience than buying a dress for a bride in her 20s. 

Whether it’s your first marriage or you are getting married for the second time, just have a look at some of the ideas for wedding dresses for older women.

Tea-length Wedding Dresses

Tea-length wedding dresses look perfect on many brides. If these dresses have a vintage style, they cannot be compared with any other design and look great on older brides. Even if you are a plus-size bride or a petite bride, you can go for this wedding dress. You will surely love how these older women’s wedding dresses show off your shoes.

The main purpose of this dress length is to display a little fresh and comfortable feel to the older brides. You can choose to go with a dress having short/long sleeves, a high neck, V-neck, or any neckline you love to wear. These dresses are available with a fit line on the waist that looks elegant with a belt, or you can choose a dress with an open waist or pocket to add a touch of modern style.

Tea-length Wedding Dresses For Older Women

Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Do you know the sleeves can improve or ruin the look of a dress? So, you must be careful while choosing the sleeves. You can choose cap sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves, or even 3/4 sleeves, but choose it wisely. This point is more important to consider by older women who want to cover their arms. Choosing a wedding dress with sleeves is something that has the potential to make a serious style statement.

No worries if you are afraid of wearing long sleeves. Simply get a dress with a flattering V-neck or low back to match perfectly with long sleeves. Additionally, you can also balance the extra fabric with minimal jewelry that will look great with a long sleeve wedding gown.

Wedding dresses for older women with long sleeves show how modesty can be fashionable, and you will look elegant by hiding your heavy arms. For women over 50s, sleeved dresses can be the best choice.

Wedding Dresses For Older Women with sleeves

Embroidery Wedding Dress

Many older brides want to look sophisticated, but at the same time, they want to stay low-key.  If you are one of them, you must try an embroidery wedding dress. If you get bored of the traditional wedding dress after getting married 2-3 times, now it’s time to wear something new.

In these wedding dresses for older women, embroidery works greatly in adding the textured pattern to a dress, and moreover, it is sewed into the dress using thread. The designs include the use of lace, flowers, beads, or even fringe. You can also wear a dress with embroidery that complements the bridal bouquet, accessories, and decorations of the venue. It can be done with gold, silver, or grey embroidery to add a vintage look to your wedding gown.

Embroidery Wedding Dress

High Neck Wedding Dress

Have you ever saw any bride in a wedding gown with a high neckline? If not, then don’t miss trying this dress to add a sweet and unexpected grace touch to your big day. If you are in the 40s or 50s and getting married, it may not look wise to show more skin. If your neck is not your favorite body part, then you must not choose to wear a wedding dress with a V-neck or deep neckline.

High necklines are a great way to cover up your loose neck smartly. To avoid looking too plump with a wedding gown having a high neckline, you would expose your legs or arms. But make sure not to go with loose sleeves.

High Neck Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress With Jack or Warp

For the mature bride, it is always advised to avoid wearing a low-cut neckline as it may ruin your appearance as a bride. If your wedding gown has a low-cut neckline, adding a jacket or warp can help you look elegant and cover your loose skin as well. You can wear a jacket or warp with any body size or shape. They look classic with wedding dresses for older women having a sweetheart neckline, strapless neckline, V-neck, A-line dress style, sheath, or short hemline.

The best idea is to get a beautiful full lace or beaded jacket as the perfect solution to make a versatile bridal look. You can remove the jacket after-party and have fun on the dance floor. Just make sure it should complement your wedding dress.

Wedding Dress With Jack or Warp

High Waist or Empire Wedding Dress

An empire wedding dress designed with lace and chiffon is one of the excellent selections for a spring or summer wedding. Moreover, this dress is also a great choice for a beach or a daytime garden wedding. Empire wedding dress consists of a high waist design with a fabric that is wrapped around the middle portion just below the chest.

Empire wedding dresses for older women are a suitable choice to hide your stomach and give more focus on the bust without revealing too much. These dresses look perfect on all body types and shapes. If you are a maternity bride, you must consider getting a high waist dress for your big day. These dresses come in a variety of styles and look great on both young and mature brides.

Empire Wedding Dress

Color Wedding Dress

Who says that you have to wear only white on your wedding day? Is there any law about wearing a white wedding gown? No, there is nothing like this. Getting married for the second or third time does not mean you have to stick to the traditional wedding dress color. You can choose to wear any color other than white.

The best colors for second-time brides include champagne, blush pink, grey, or any color that pleases your skin tone. If you like red, just go for it without any second thought. Just embrace the colorful wedding dress and walk the aisle gracefully. You are a mature bride so that you can choose any color from the vast collection of colorful wedding dresses for older women. 

Colorful Wedding Dresses For Older Women

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Short Trains Wedding Dress

If you are an older woman, long trains may not be a suitable choice for you. You may feel uncomfortable wearing long trains, and they may also not complement your personality. You can go for short trains as they are easy to manage and add a touch of glamour to your personality without dragging too much fabric on the floor.

Short trains of just 3-6 inches are enough for wedding dresses for older women. They allow you to move easily and help you make a vivid entrance. The wedding dresses with short trains provide elegance without any worry of falling over the too-large fabric.

Modest Ball Gown

The older bride can also wear a ball gown as her wedding dress. Regardless of the age of rule, every bride deserves to look like a princess on her special day. You can wear a modest ball down without having a lot of dazzling embellishments and long trains.

The modest ball gown, one of the best wedding dresses for older women, is the perfect choice for those who want to stay low-key but still want to get a dreamy look. The ball gown for an older bride must have a simple silhouette and can also have simple details, such as ruffles, lace, etc., to make it look stunning.

Ball Gown - Wedding Dresses For Older Women


If you have a formal wedding, you can choose to go in a suit. It is a modern and incredibly comfortable wedding dress for older women. You must try something new if it is not your first wedding. You can choose to wear a pencil shirt paired with a jacket or can also wear a pantsuit; here, both types of suits are the flattering choice. If you are looking for wedding dresses for older women, you will never go wrong with the selection of suits for your big day.

To get the perfect wedding suit, you can get a suit designed gracefully with embroidery, beading, or bowknot. The best idea is to wear a lace suit to have a more feminine look. Also, make sure to try a different colors than white this time.

Helpful Tips For Wedding Dresses For Older Women

Now, let’s have a look at some helpful tips for choosing one from the huge collection of wedding dresses for older women. 

  • Just take a look at your wardrobe and take out your favorite pieces. See what you love the most in these pieces and what makes you feel comfortable in these pieces. It can be the length, neckline, sleeves, style, or anything. It helps you to choose the best wedding dress that makes you look and feel amazing.
  • Many brides choose a chic wedding dress, but it does not suit them. If you think that a high neck does not look amazing on you, it does not matter. Simply leave it and look for another one.
  • Vintage wedding dresses work well for brides of any age. You just need to make sure which era style suits you the best. The one thing about older brides is that they know what suits them. Also, they have the confidence to experiment.
  • You can find numerous wedding dresses for older women with or without sleeves. If you don’t want to cover your arms, take it easy, you can go for sleeveless and cami-style dresses to get that elegant look. Considering lace or illusion sleeves can flatter your hands and wrists.
  • If you want to show some skin, show it. You can get the number of wedding dresses for older women to let you do so. You can also choose a backless wedding dress to look amazing.
  • No matter what your age is, every bride can wear white. But this time, let’s embrace color. You can choose a dress in nude, blush pink, grey, ivory, gold, and silver tones.
  • If you love wearing attention-grabbing accessories, but don’t want to add them to your bridal look, then leave them. Remember, keeping your personal style minimalist also gives a great bridal look.

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Final Words

It is believed that a bride over 50 or 60 can wear anything she wants. Whatever wedding day look you have decided, this section of wedding dresses for older women can complement any bride.

You know what makes you look amazing. If you want to wear something form-fitting, just go for it. Make sure you feel confident and beautiful about what you wear on your big day.

What is appropriate for an older bride to wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel amazing. Consider vintage bridal gowns; more mature brides can pull off vintage very well. Remember that less is more – you’re self-assured and attractive enough to pull off simple silhouettes and may not need a ballgown skirt or cathedral-length veil to feel like a bride.

What color should a 60-year-old bride wear?

You don’t have to be afraid of wearing white because you’re an older bride or this isn’t your first wedding. White is the traditional wedding dress color, so if that’s what you want, go for it!

What should an older bride wear in her hair?

Hair pins or combs can be used to decorate a sleek updo. Side tiaras can look great, especially with short hair. Birdcage veils look great but stay away from cutesy bows. A beaded or decorated center of beautifully sculpted feathers is suitable.

What should an 80-year-old woman wear to a wedding?

For a formal or semi-formal wedding, grandmothers can wear a formal gown, a longer-length dress, or an elegant suit-like design. A dress is still fine for a casual wedding, as is a pantsuit, skirt, and blouse, or dress and jacket combination!