AT Lagos Fashion Week 2024 event, there were a lot of bright colors and bold outfits, and some of the best looks of Lagos Fashion could be seen in the crowd. These outfits were stylishly simple and took a new approach to appropriate wear.

It’s fine to look forward to the runway shows at Lagos Fashion Week 2024, but street style is becoming a huge deal before the shows that deserves just as much attention. You can see buyers, editors, celebrities, and fashion stars putting on their best clothes, but it’s also a chance for regular fashionistas to shine. Fashion is becoming more open to everyone, and this trend should keep growing.

Lagos came to life for this season’s street style. It had a lot of different DIY touches, accessories, bright color combinations, and show-offs that were almost fashionable. A theme that kept coming up was a softening of manhood, whether people wore lots of tulle, corsets, or daring gowns.

More love for African brands was also beaten into the crowd. Prints were worn with pride, and it was clear that handmade skills and fashion-forward ideas worked together.

We said goodbye to the famous Balmoral tents at the end of Lagos Fashion Week 2024. Here are some of our favorite street-style moments, which may also give you ideas for your own outfit.

Photo Gallery:

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