If you have a round face, don’t feel you must stick to a specific hairstyle. The correct haircut can do wonders for your appearance, bringing out your best features and giving you a feel of elegance and assurance. This blog post features 20 modern and expertly recommended men’s hairstyles for a round face. There’s a cut out there for you, whether you like your hair short, medium, or long. Learn now how to get the most flattering and attractive haircut for your round face.

Understanding Round Face Shapes

The round face shape is defined by smooth, curved shapes with the same length and width. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline share a similar width, resulting in a circular look.

People with round facial features generally have plumper cheeks, a curved chin, and less defined jawlines. When selecting a hairstyle for a round face, the objective is to achieve the appearance of length and angles to balance the facial features.

Choosing a hairstyle that flatters your round face shape can enhance your attractive features while reducing the appearance of roundness. You can create the illusion of a more elongated face shape by incorporating appropriate cuts, lengths, and textures.

Short Hairstyles for Round-face Men 

  • Classic Crew Cut

The crew cut is a classic and adaptable hairstyle that complements a variety of facial structures, including those with round faces. This hairstyle for round face men features short hair on the sides and back, while the hair on top is kept slightly longer. It enhances facial definition and produces a sharper, more chiseled look.

men's hairstyles for round face
  • Undercut with Textured Top

The undercut with a textured top is a stylish choice for men with round faces. To achieve a longer and more structured appearance of the face, keep the sides and back of the hair short while leaving the top longer and textured. This technique creates volume and height in the hair.

men's hairstyles for round face
  • Faux Hawk

The faux hawk hairstyle is a fashionable and daring option that complements men with round facial features. 

The hairstyle features shorter hair on the sides, with the center section styled upwards to achieve a “hawk-like” effect. This hairstyle’s verticality enhances the face’s length and creates a more outlined appearance.

men's hairstyles for round face
  • Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is an excellent option for individuals who prefer a low-maintenance hairstyle. This ultra-short hairstyle features a uniform trim all over, eliminating any emphasis on roundness. It offers a sleek and simple appearance.

men's hairstyles for round face
  • High and Tight Fade

The high and tight fade is a contemporary version of the traditional military haircut. This hairstyle is characterized by short sides and a slightly longer top. 

The high fade hairstyle produces a noticeable contrast that optically lengthens the face and enhances the overall look by providing a different shape.

men hairstyles for round face

Medium Length Hairstyles for Round Faces

  • Side-Parted Pompadour

The side-parted pompadour is a sophisticated and versatile hairstyle for men with round faces. This hairstyle features longer hair on the top, styled back and to the side, with a side part. 

The side part hairstyle gives the impression of a lengthier face, while the added volume on the top enhances the height.

men hairstyles for round face
  • Tapered Sides with Longer Top

This hairstyle combines short, tapered sides and a longer top. In contrast with the longer hair on top, the shorter sides contribute to a more defined and angular appearance, effectively minimizing the face’s roundness. Adding texture or a slight quiff to the top enhances the shape of it.

men hairstyles for round face
  • Messy Textured Crop

The messy textured crop is a favored option among men who have round faces and desire a relaxed and easygoing hairstyle. This haircut features evenly short hair on all sides, complemented by a textured top. 

The addition of textured layers creates movement and volume, effectively balancing out the roundness of the face.

men hairstyles for round face
  • Modern Quiff

The modern quiff is a fashionable and adaptable hairstyle that complements round face shapes. This particular hairstyle showcases longer hair on the top, styled upward and slightly backward. 

Adding height and volume on the top of the head can create a more elongated appearance, which can help make a round face appear less so.

men hairstyles for round face
  • Slicked Back Undercut

The slicked-back undercut is an advanced hairstyle that enhances round faces. This hairstyle features shorter sides and a longer, slicked-back top, which creates a more defined and vertical look for the face. The smooth and shiny surface provides an elegant and refined appearance.

men hairstyles for round face

Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

  • Long Waves with Side Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs and long wavy hair can be a stunning combination that enhances the beauty of a round face shape. The gentle and flowing waves provide an elongated appearance to the face, and the angled side-swept bangs contribute to this effect by creating a diagonal line.

hairstyles for round face men
  • Shoulder-Length Shaggy Cut

The shaggy cut that falls just above the shoulders is a laid-back, easygoing hairstyle that complements individuals with round faces. 

This hairstyle features layered hair with textured ends, resulting in a dynamic and multi-dimensional look. The length of the hair contributes to the perception of a more elongated facial structure.

hairstyles for round face men
  • Man Bun with Undercut

The undercut man bun is a stylish and masculine hairstyle for men with round faces and long hair. To achieve a more balanced look and divert attention from the roundness of the face, one can tie their hair up into a bun while keeping the sides and back short.

hairstyles for round face men
  • Loose Ponytail

A loose ponytail can be a stylish option for individuals with long hair. Creating a vertical line by gathering the hair at the nape of the neck and tying it back can help to elongate the face. This style is simple and sophisticated, making it suitable for any occasion.

hairstyles for round face men
  • Layered Tousled Hair

Men with round faces and long hair can opt for layered tousled hair, which is a versatile and fashionable hairstyle. This particular hairstyle technique entails incorporating layers all over the hair, resulting in a dynamic and textured appearance. 

Using a matte styling product to tousle your hair can create a contemporary and effortless appearance.

hairstyles for round face men

Styling Tips for Men with Round Faces 

As a man with a round face shape, you can use various tips and techniques to style your hair and improve your appearance. 

These methods help you highlight your features and achieve a more harmonious look. Here are some styling tips that are specifically designed for men who have round faces:

Creating Height and Volume

Adding height and volume to your hairstyle helps create the illusion of a longer face. Consider men’s hairstyles for round faces, such as pompadours, quiffs, or textured crops that add volume to the top of your hair. 

To achieve the desired effect, you can use a volumizing product and blow-dry your hair in an upward motion.

Avoiding Excessive Width

To avoid demonstrating the roundness of your face, it is important to avoid hairstyles that create an excessive amount of width. To achieve a more structured look, it is recommended to avoid blunt, horizontal cuts and instead opt for layered or tapered styles that create vertical lines. 

It is advisable to avoid excessively wide sideburns as they may accentuate the roundness even more.

Experimenting with Different Textures

Texturizing your hair can add visual interest and dimension to your appearance, drawing attention away from the roundness of your face. 

Consider incorporating texturizing products like wax or clay into your hair routine to enhance definition and create separation. Messy crops or tousled waves effectively create a visual contrast to the roundness of the face.

Incorporating Facial Hair

Having well-maintained facial hair can enhance the features of a round face by creating angles and definition. Consider a beard or goatee style that can help extend your face and create a more chiseled appearance. 

Try out various lengths and shapes to determine which ones complement your features the most.

Celebrity Inspiration: Hairstyles for Round Faces

Looking at celebrities who have similar face shapes can provide excellent inspiration when selecting a hairstyle for your round face. 

These celebrities are experts in styling their hair to enhance their features and can be great sources of inspiration for your own hairstyle decisions. Below are some famous celebrities who have round faces and iconic hairstyles:

Ryan Gosling

Known for his classic and sophisticated style, Ryan Gosling often sports a side-parted hairstyle with longer hair on top and tapered sides. This style adds height and creates the illusion of a longer face, perfectly complementing his round face shape.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a style icon for decades. He often opts for a slicked-back undercut with shorter sides and a longer, swept-back top. This style adds structure and definition to his face, balancing out the roundness.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine, the lead vocalist of Maroon 5, frequently rocks a textured crop or a messy quiff. These styles add volume and height, helping to elongate his face and create a more angular appearance.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is known for his versatile hairstyles. He has been seen sporting various looks, including a side-parted pompadour, a buzz cut, and a slicked-back undercut. Each style adds dimension and complements his round face shape in different ways.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt often wears a short textured hairstyle, such as a messy crop or a spiky cut. These styles add texture and movement, creating a more balanced and angular look for his round face.


Selecting a hairstyle that suits your round face shape will bring out your finest characteristics and help you attain a self-assured and fashionable appearance. Try various cuts, lengths, and textures to discover the ideal hairstyle accentuating your unique qualities. 

It is advisable to seek guidance from a professional hairstylist who can provide tailored advice and suggestions based on your unique face shape and hair type. By choosing the appropriate haircut and styling techniques, you will be pleasantly surprised at how your round face shape can be transformed into a striking and distinguished appearance.

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