For people, when they are putting up a mesmerizing outfit in the morning, it is all about how they will look and fit with the day’s event, and it can follow the dress code and weather. Lingerie, however, is a different ball game as it is all about how it will make you feel when you wear it! Buying Lingerie for Plus Size Women is not a cost but an investment, as it can make you feel like the most powerful, confident, and beautiful version of yourself. In other words—it’s worth it. But the question remains about lingeries for plus-size women. 

It’s often a different story with plus-size lingerie, as there is a myth that only thin women want to spend money dressing their bodies. And that is the reason why we plus-size women have such a hard time finding clothes and lingerie. However, the market is growing day by day, and that also includes plus-size lingerie. 

However, plus-sized ladies need not worry as some of the up-and-coming brands are ready to step up to the plate and raise the bar by offering pieces to suit every body type. 

These brands give you options that support busty and curvy women and offer you to style yourself with the latest trends and designs. These designs are not granny at all. 

Wearing a cute matching bra and panty will help you feel your girly side even if you wear jeans and a t-shirt on top. If you’re frustrated with the lack of supportive, well-fitting, and playful plus-size lingerie options available, no worries; we got you! 

Hence, we have listed some plus-sized lingerie makers and how they tackle issues like fit and style to stay relevant in the industry.

Steamy Lingerie for Plus Size Women

JBC Lingerie

One of the most unconventional and innovative plus-size lingerie designers is the Australian-based brand JBC Lingerie. 

The incredible thing about them is that JBC lingeries are hand-made to order. Additionally, they offer you custom sizing without charging you any extra penny. Hence, they take size inclusivity very seriously. 

Additionally, when you visit the store, you can notice that JBC prioritizes diversity in its customer base by offering various sizes.  You can get versatility here as they have pieces ranging from traditional lace sets and strappy options with cut-outs to art deco-inspired details. 

The best thing about JBC is that they make something for everyone when it comes to style, and they stand out when it comes to designing lingerie for plus-size women. 

They also have plus-sized models to show the fitting will look like on your busty body, and that is one of the prime reasons customers want to shop the brand more.

Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Uye Surana

Uye Surana is a New York-based lingerie brand that creates gorgeous bras, panties, and garter sets (and much more) unique. The best part, though? You will have almost every item in sizes up to 42G/44H and 3X, which is one of the best things about plus-size lingerie. 

Uye Surana is known for striking a perfect balance between whimsical, unique designs and high-quality fabrics and creating lingeries that plus-size women love. 

You can also go and check some easy-fit plus size lingerie for lacey, everyday pieces that are not only sexy but ultra-comfortable as well!

Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Oh La La Cheri 

Established in 2007, Oh La La Cheri is a French-inspired lingerie brand that can offer up to 4X. They are not just limited to traditional styles of bras and panties, as they also emphasize corsets, babydoll chemises, garter belts, and more. The eyelash lace adds a feminine but classic feel to many of their designer pieces. 

While not every lingerie is available for plus size in Oh La La Cheri, the available options are just as sexy and bold as those in straight sizes –  and this is a welcome surprise for many. 

As some ladies think that there’s nothing sexier than a bit of lace peeking out of a blazer or low-cut dress, you are in for a treat with Oh La La Cheri. Their underwire lace teddies would look great with different types of clothing.

A frilly house robe is one of the most glamorous lingerie, and Oh La La Cheri scores additional bonus points by offering this at a very reasonable rate. You can wear it over sweats while working from home or hide sexier lingerie underneath it! 

They offer French-inspired lingeries in a variety of styles for all body types, including plus-sizes. 

The best thing about Oh La La Cheri is that they have a particular curve section for busty women. If you are in search of plus-size lingerie that smooths, lifts, and flatters your curves, then you can visit their store. 

Additionally, you can also find some fantastic plus-size stuff such as sexy lace teddies, nightgowns, bodysuits, and more that offer inclusive sizing and quality construction.

Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Bare Necessities 

They are your go-to, one-stop undergarment store that also offers you a chance to buy lingerie for plus-size women. 

Bare Necessities will offer you brands as per your budget, but two are somewhat hot right now in the market and can fit in all budgets – Hanky Panky and Maple. Don’t forget about sexy sleepwear, either. 

If you want to get something sexy and comforting, then you can go for Bluebella’s Richmond pajama set, as they are luxurious and pretty sexy. 

Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Gabi Fresh 

Gabi Fresh is one of the most adorable lingerie makers in the world. They are based in London and have been collaborating with Playful Promises to release super-cute lingeries for plus-size women. 

The philosophy at Playful Promises is quite evident as they want to make products with the same aesthetic across core and curve sizing to ensure that the design process is the same. 

The design team makes sure styles stay consistent across its size range. In contrast, the technical team crosses the finish line by providing suitable materials to the designers and making plus-size lingeries from stronger, rigid liners, power meshes, wider elastics, and thicker gauge wires.

Designing plus size lingerie is not an easy task as it is quite a technical, time-consuming, and expensive process and brands often struggle to produce quality lingerie. 

Prototypes are typically made in sample sizes—generally small or medium, or dress sizes four or six—then computerized tools calculate measurements for other sizes. 

It’s almost like playing a game of telephone. 

Lingerie for Plus Size Women


While visiting a physical retail store, you will notice that these stores have limited storage and merchandising capacity, and that can stop them from including as many sizes as possible. That is why it is wise to shop for plus-size lingerie from online retailers like Figleaves. They are changing the lingerie landscape for plus-size women by offering over 130 sizes in bands 28-52 and cups A-K.

Figleaves’ band and cup options are vast, and that alone means that they have to account for 132 different sizes in their inventory. Since Figleaves is exclusively online, the buyers benefit from unlimited space, where they don’t have to worry about the constraints of a sales floor.

Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Cacique by Lane Bryant 

One of the main motives of the women behind Lane Bryant’s brand, Cacique, is to let you feel just as good in your underwear and lingerie as you do in your everyday clothes. This brand is known for their fantastic fitting as they want to create plus-size lingeries that fit just as well as your regular clothes. 

Every curve and contour is unique, and that makes everybody different. A “fit database” developed, where more than 2000 women tried and tested every bra and panty style before it reached your body. This strategy made them a winner in the plus-size lingerie market in recent years. 

Final Words 

Shopping for lingerie for plus-size women can be a daunting task, but these fresh brands have made an appreciable effort to provide plus-size women with great options. If you are looking for sensual lingerie, you can always visit these websites and get your hands on sexier and raunchier lingeries for plus-size women.