Do you have some bandanas, silk scarves, or handkerchiefs lying in your cupboard? Don’t you know what to do with this stuff? Here, you will learn to wear them in different ways that you will surely love to try at least once. Many women get confused with these head accessories that can only be worn as headscarves and bands, but due to its versatility, it can be worn in many ways as a little accessory. If you are wondering how to wear a bandana, you are at the right place.

The love of bandana is back and is now becoming one of the go-to accessories for many women. Here, you will get the opportunity to learn how to wear a bandana in your hair and add a fashion statement to your hair and overall look. You will get to know various ideas to use this versatile accessory in your hair and get something that you deserve.

If you don’t know how to wear bandana in hair, you must continue reading these great ideas that not only include hair but how to use this accessory with some other great tips. You will definitely look stylish, no matter what the occasion is. Whether you are going for a casual outing with your friends or heading off on a date, these ideas will surely help you wear your bandana in a unique style and look cool.

You can use silky or cotton bandana, whatever you have. If you don’t have one, you have numerous options to find the best that suits your personal style. You can do several things with this simple piece of fabric.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing ideas on how to wear a bandana women in different styles that you will surely love to try.

Table Of Content

  1. As a Headband
  2. Tie it around your Pony
  3. Knot it around Head
  4. As a Choker
  5. Wear it as a Knot Necklace
  6. Wear it as Triangular Choker Necklace
  7. Tie it onto Denim
  8. Wear it as a bathing top
  9. Wear it on messy top Knot
  10. Wear it as Cuff bracelets
  1. As a Headband

Wearing a bandana as a headband is something that can become your favorite style as it is quite easier. You will love wearing it as a headband all summer long. Now, you will be able to beat heat and secure your hair in a style. It does really look cute when you keep your hair out of your face in the summer or any occasion when you want. 

Want to know how to wear a bandana women in summer? Simply take your bandana and tie it around your head. You can choose to keep your hair down, half up, or top knot, as per your choice. All these styles look good. You can go with leaving the knot behind your hair or up top. Both styles will look cure on you, regardless of what outfit you have worn.

  1. Tie it around your Pony

Though you will love this style with ribbons as well, using a bandana around your pony will really be great fun. No worries, if you don’t like a regular ponytail or want to give some sass look to your regular ponytail, simply learn how to wear a bandana around your pony and get a cool look.

You can go for a low or high pony, whichever you like the most. But, make sure to use a hair band first and then tie a bandana around your pony to enjoy more support.

  1. Knot it around Head

This style is pretty much similar to the style we have learned above as a headband. The only difference lies in having a knot in the back under your hair, or you can choose to tie your bandana on top to get a cure little bow-like look. You will surely love wearing this style, especially at the beach, to get a cute look.

When you have so many variations on how to wear bandana in hair, you may get confused about what looks the best on you.

  1. As a Choker

If you want to learn to wear a bandana in various styles, here comes another one – as a choker. Getting this style may take some time, around a minute, so that you can get it perfectly and comfortably. Wearing a bandana as a choker looks great with dresses having open necklines.

While doing this style, make sure that your bandana is too tight so that loose ends will be secured. If you have a smaller, square bandana, this style will look amazing on you.

  1. Wear it as a Knot Necklace

Want to know how to wear a bandana in a simple and easy way, but using it other than a head accessory? This style will surely become one of your favorite bandana styles. No matter what bandana design or pattern you have, you will love wearing it with your shirt and denim shorts or jeans.

Just tie it around your neck and wear it with cute denim, white or black dress. You can wear any color combination depending on what color of bandana you are using. Are you going to wear this style? If yes, then make sure to keep your earrings minimal, else it will look too much.

  1. Wear it as Triangular Choker Necklace

Most women are unaware of this unique style of wearing a bandana. But if you look at any girl or woman wearing this style, you will also want to try it once. This style makes an outfit looks great and also works on enhancing your overall personality. Tie it around your neck with a triangular choker style. You must not miss trying this wonderful bandana style.

  1. Tie it onto Denim

No worries if you are wearing a basic outfit or you are looking simple with your regular outfit. You can give a little extra touch in which you have to tie the bandana as a bow in one of your belt loops. Now, you can give a super simple and cute look to your denim.

  1. Wear it as a bathing top

If you are the one who loves to learn how to wear a bandana women in different ways, here comes one of the fabulous uses of the bandana. You can wear your bandana as a bathing suit cover-up. You might have seen many girls making bandanas as their style tops. This is a great style for women who love showing that much skin.

Simply take a square bandana and fold it to make a triangle. Now, wear it around your chest and tie it on the back. Make sure to tie it tightly to secure your cover top. You can even choose to wear this style with high-waist denim shorts at the pool or anywhere you want. It is a great style to try for young women.

  1. Wear it on messy top Knot

Oh, you have a messy top knot. Having a messy top knot is something that may mean that you don’t want to deal with your dirty hair. No worries at all if things are like this. You might have experienced many times when you just wanted to tie your hair on top of your head and take a rest. But what if you make it a little stylish upgrade?

If you have long hair, you can make a big messy top knot and then wrap your bandana around this bun. You will love it. It is a great way to make your messy hair feel fresh and stylish. Just decorate your messy hair with an unexpected accessory and enjoy your lazy day. 

  1. Wear it as Cuff bracelets

In addition to learning how to wear a bandana in your hair, this style is something that gives a unique way to wear a bandana apart from your head. It is a completely new way in which fashionistas can wear bandana by wrapping it around their wrists and forearms. This color piece of fabric around your wrist should be of small size.

The best idea is to match the color of your bandana with other accessories in your outfit. It will give them a cohesive look.

Final Words

If you are a fashionista or have a bandana that you don’t wear at all, you must know how to wear bandana in hair or use it as an additional accessory. These styles will give you various ways to enjoy wearing a bandana and get a cute and cool look. The bandana is something more than just a simple head accessory. Don’t miss trying these styles.

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