Alpana Neeraj, the luxury pret and couture designer duo, is all set to celebrate life through fashion in their first skincare-inspired walk at FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week.

The theme of the fashion week is the celebratory return to life. The Alpana Neeraj X Lakmé Lumi Cream collection will signify the evolution of a relatively minimal avatar that will retain the duos’ extraordinary handwriting of blending 3D geometry with soft dressing drapes and fine volumes.

Alpana Neeraj
Alpana Neeraj

“The pandemic has been a huge learning for us as individuals and as a brand in terms of focusing on the function and joyful and removing the need for extras.”, commented Alpana when asked about her views on being a part of a fully physical edition of fashion week post-pandemic. She also said that this will be reflected in the collection being showcased by us in collab with the Lakmé Lumi Cream at our #LitwithLumi event. She also added that this fashion week helped us to seamlessly blend functionality, ease of wear, and their signature 3D elements into each and every outfit.

Alpana Neeraj
FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week 2022

The Alpana Neeraj collection features easy-to-wear jumpsuits, draped tops, and pants, along with gowns and dresses in luxuriously soft fabrics teased and tamed with 3D elements and diamond ropes. The designer duo further added that they’ve added happy details like bows and trails but they’re made fierce and strong with their signature extreme construction style. “Hence, it is a blend of feminity and style with strength and functionality”, shares Alpana Neeraj.

Combining fashion and beauty on the runway isn’t a new thing. When asked about how challenging it is to break the stereotype modes and come out with something amazing? Alpana says, “Style, beauty, and fashion have always been the best buddies and for us, this collaboration was as exciting as it was challenging”. “We are kicked to have interpreted this combination in our own unique way, which our signature style and niche. This collab motivated us to break free from our comfort zone and come up with something that could carry that essence into fashion to make it one of a kind in its own right.”, added Alpana.

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