During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has changed a lot; the major effect can be seen on the women who are working from home. Many of them can be seen losing their style as they feel comfortable staying in the pj’s or sweatpants for the whole day. But, with the help of some work from home fashion tips, you can look professional cum relaxed and stay productive at home in a style.

Women who are working from home have to juggle between endless household chores and professional work. Spending all day at home doing chores in the kitchen, cleaning, taking care of kids, and working on your projects, do not let you even think anything for yourself. When and how the day ends you don’t realize?

Suppose, you are preparing lunch and soon you realize that you have forgotten to send some important email to your senior and on the other side kids are also not letting you do anything. The life of a woman working from home is full of challenges at each minute. No doubt, t-shirts, and pajamas have always been a relaxing outfit all day long if you are at home. So, why not dress up well and follow a good work ethic when working from home?

Getting properly dressed up does not mean you have to become Cinderella, with some work from home fashion tips you will feel more motivated and confident towards your job. You need not buy new outfits and accessories to look professional at home. With just a few things you can add style to your look and lessen your stress by balancing between cozy and professional.

Work From Home Fashion Tips

  • Comfy does not mean poky
  • Keep yourself updated
  • Focus on your waist up
  • Don’t forget to make your hair
  • Wear some pants
  • Wear flats, sandals or stylish slippers
  • Don’t forget to wear some jewelry
  • Set a budget for your work from home clothingWork from Home

Comfy does not mean poky

There is no doubt that pajamas and sweatpants are comfier than any other clothes, but getting dressed in pj’s and sweats can affect your productivity. Always remember that when you are in professional outfits, you feel more professional.

When you are at home, wearing casual and comfortable clothes is just fine, but the main thing is to look appropriate, you must have that feeling that you are on your chair for office work. So, you must dress properly and well-groomed, say no to poky clothes.

Keep yourself updated

It is 100% true that when you are at home all day long, managing household and professional work, obviously you may forget about the style by spending more time in the cozy environment at home. It does not mean you got trapped in fashion time as a result of long hours in the home.

Even if you wear casual outfits, you can give a touch of the latest trends by incorporating the work from home fashion tips. These include appropriate necklines, simple and elegant accessory, or sleeves. Always keep in mind that when you look unfashionable, people think that your thinking is also out-dated.

Focus on your waist up

Working from home means you have to attend meetings and conferences on Skype and Zoom, it means you are going to display yourself on the screen of someone else for a meeting. No matter what you have worn as the bottom, but your waist up must be proper and look a little special.

It is advised to wear colors, necklines, and styles that look pretty much better on the camera. Avoid too much bright colors and a lot of detailing on the tops.

Don’t forget to make your hair

Just focusing on what you have worn is not a good idea at al. If you want to look good, you must also feel good. It brings a great impact on how you interrelate with others, even if you are communicating with others on phone or on a computer/laptop. Even if you don’t put on any makeup a day, simply a high ponytail is quite tempting.

Also, if you want to put on some makeup, there is no need to put on too much makeup, light lipstick and some mascara are enough to feel fresh and look fabulous. For hair, if you take them as a mess, just take a great haircut as it will look much better for the at-home lifestyle. This can be one of the best work from home fashion tips for you.

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Wear some pants

Working from home does not mean you have to be on pajamas and t-shirts all day long because no one is noticing you and you are at home most of the time. But the study shows that wearing some real clothes can make you perform better in your work. You can go for jeans, suit trousers, and even casual pants, but make sure that whatever you wear must be comfortable for you. After all, you have to wear it the whole day, and discomfort may hinder your work performance.

Also keep in mind that you are going to do only office work when at home, so wear something that gives you comfort in doing your household chores as well.

Wear flats, sandals or stylish slippers

A slipper is one of the coolest and comfortable footwear preferred by many people these days. It is true that no one is going to see what you have worn in the foot. But, redefining your slippers helps a lot when it comes to being a little fashionable when working from home. Obviously, you can’t wear shoes and high heel sandals when sitting in front of your computer and having a meeting with your team members.

You can give a new definition to your indoor shoes by wearing flats and simple sandals, but make sure they should be comfortable and light in weight. Wearing the right footwear is one of the recommended work from home fashion tips that make you feel better when you are at home the whole day.

Don’t forget to wear some jewelry

Adding an elegant necklace or a pair of beautiful earnings is also the one thing that you must not forget when getting dressed at home to start a day. The simple and stylish jewelry piece is a great way to impress others when your colleagues or team members are waiting to start a video call. Even tiny earrings are enough to make that impression that working from home is not just about finishing household and professional tasks at the time but can become an enjoyable time when everything is to be done properly.

Set a budget for your work from home clothing

Another one of the must-have work from home fashion tips is that every working woman should set a style budget. For this, you must set a certain amount for your work from home clothing collection. It indicates that you take dressing seriously even if you are not going out for work. You must have one section in your wardrobe dedicated to working from home clothing only. Moreover, it makes you feel better and special as well.

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Final Words

From focusing on the waist up clothing to simple and stylish footwear, this list of work from home fashion tips include everything. Following these tips will help greatly in increasing the possibility of high productivity, especially when you feel better and confident for yourself.

Don’t let this Covid-19 situation dominate your style. With some simple to follow points, you can make a great difference in your overall look, both as a responsible family member or a dedicated professional.