The iconic Miley Cyrus look with wolf cut that brought back the trend so smoothly is something unforgettable for all of us! Following the trend were Halsey, Billie Eilish and Doja Cat gave us some of the best wolf cut hairstyles of all times as well and that is where it all began!

Wolf cut may remind you of the old ’70s era but this time it is back with a bit more variety. Curls, straight, layers, mullets, colors and much more can be added to the regular wolf cut for this year. Wolf cut is quite popular among teenagers and youngsters because of the chic and funky look it gives.

Wolf cut may not be your straight-up from the bed hairstyle, but it does reduce some efforts to style on day to day basis if you have naturally textured hair or sleek hair. If you are the one to experiment with bold haircuts and styles, you can try these wolf-cut female hairstyles from the list below!

Trendy Hairstyles With Wolf Cut For Women

  • What is a Wolf Cut?
  • Voguish Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles For This Season
    • Shaggy Wolf Cut
    • Sleek Wolf Cut
    • Blunt Bangs Wolf Cut
    • Chopped Multi-Tone Wolf Cut
    • Korean Wolf Cut
    • Wolf Cut With Layers
    • Voluminous Wolf Hair Cut
    • Curly Wolf Cut
    • Wolf Cut With Mullets
    • Short Wolf Cut
    • Classic Wolf Cut
    • Long and Elegant Wolf Cut
    • Lob Wolf Cut
    • Wolf Cut With Highlights

What Is A Wolf Cut?

If you are unsure what a wolf cut is, a wolf cut is basically a tapered cut with short and choppy layers. The layers start from the crown and go all the way to the bottom while getting longer. One can say that the wolf cut is a mixture of mullets, choppy haircut and shag haircut as a whole.

The wolf cut may not look the best at first sight but it is a flattering haircut to have, easy to style and suits most face types. You can adjust the length of the cut or the height of the layers as per your preference to complement your face shape. You can also go for bangs or face-framing layers to highlight your features too.

However, these are not to be confused for mullets in short hair since mullets have a long tail at the back and the layers are shorter and unbalanced, unlike wolf cuts. The wolf cut possesses some traits of mullets but the length of the layers and the symmetry of the hair differentiates it from mullets.

Voguish Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles For This Season

Shaggy Wolf Cut

Shaggy Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles

The shaggy haircut was a popular trend from the ’70s that is making a wave again this year. But this time we get the shaggy haircut with the classic wolf cut. The layers from the wolf cut get messier and choppy while being short from the top and long at the bottom. The shaggy wolf cut can be suitable for both short and long hair but it thins out the hair, hence, if you have thin hair this might not be the best option to go for.

Sleek Wolf Cut

Sleek Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles

Sleek and straight hair may not obtain as much volume as the curls or textured hair but they do have their own charm with wolf cut. Wolf cut with short sleek hair looks amazing with layered, bob or feathered cut give more texture and volume to the sleek hair without losing the smoothness. You can add some more elements to the haircut by highlighting the hair with different colors.

Blunt Bangs Wolf Cut

Hairstyles with bangs

Wolf cut with blunt bangs may not be so common but they are super striking when paired together. The blunt bangs go well with short wolf cut, long wispy layered wolf cut and also with feathered wolf cut. Blunt cut, however, go well with oval faces since they draw attention from the elongated mouth and chin. You can also go for soft blunt fringes if you want a change of style.

Chopped Multi-Tone Wolf Cut

Multitone hairstyles

Colors are never enough when it comes to experimenting. Why go for a single color when you can dye them with multiple hues at a time? Multiple tones are a thing when it comes to hair coloring, especially with the rainbow and the pastel shades. You can choose if you want a softer but cut look, you can go for the pastels. If you want a fiery look, red, yellow, blue, and green are some of the colors that give off a vibrant fiery tone.

Korean Wolf Cut

Korean Wolf Cut

Korean hairstyles have started gaining attention from all over the world. And while there are many other hairstyles that make them adorable, Koreans know how to rock the wolf cut as well. The Korean wolf cut has a bit of tail length at the back with face-framing fringes in the front. The layers go from short to long till the tail at the back gives a sleek but charming appearance. You can also try money-piece highlights along with the Korean wolf cut for females.

Wolf Cut With Layers

Wolf Cut With Layers

Layers are the perfect haircut for long hair since they maintain volume and length while giving a stylish look to the hair. Wispy layers or simple layers with curtain bangs or fringes are the best options for long hair if you want a wolf cut. You can add some spice to the haircut by adding colors to it such as highlights, lowlights or, maybe, dye your hair entirely with some trendy colors.

Voluminous Wolf Hair Cut

Voluminous Hairstyle

Thick hair is amazing when the volume is retained. So in case you do not want to lose the mane, you can skip the choppy layers part in the wolf cut. Instead, you can go for some long layers at the top and face-framing fringes in the front to get the voluminous look. While going bottom, you can go for a slight feathered or layered look. For thick hair, a feathered wolf cut might also work since the volume gives a lush look to the haircut.

Curly Wolf Cut

curly hairstyles

People limit curls to braids or certain other hairstyles, but you can let your bouncy curls out with different haircuts as well. Curls along with some light curly bangs look amazing with a messy open hair look. You can try the curly wolf cut with your textured hair and let them loose. Layers with curly hair or bob cut with textured hair and bob cut give some lift to the hair. The messy wolf cut and the attractive curls are sure to be a deadly combo!

Wolf Cut With Mullets

Hairstyles with mullet

Mullets are trending all over the world due to the resurgence of the mullet trend. Like all other trends, mullet is back with some moderations as well. Mullets, now you can try with short wolf cut as well as lob wolf cut. You can determine the length of the mullet as per your preference if you want it long or short. Mullets can also be highlighted to make them stand out prominently from the layers as well.

Short Wolf Cut

Short Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles

Short hair with feathered or layered bob cut gives a flawless overall look with a wolf cut. Best for shoulder length or neck length hair, a wolf cut with short hair can be styled with tousled or light curls and waves to give a lifting effect. You can also add fringes or bangs to give more texture and get a messier look. Face framing fringes along with a short mullet tail can also serve as a good option along with a wolf cut for short hair.

Classic Wolf Cut

Classic Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles

The classic wolf haircut is nothing less than funky and edgy if you are willing to go bold with your hair. A mixture of choppy layers and bangs with medium-length hair is what you can call a classic wolf haircut. You can go for curtain bangs or fringes along with waves or tousled curls on the shoulder or medium-length hair. Blunt cut bangs are also quite trendy to go for with choppy layers in wolf cut.

Long And Elegant Wolf Cut

Long and elegant Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles

All the long-haired ladies, here is the new trend you ‘have’ to try this time! The wolf cut with long layered hair and bangs is something that can make heads turn in the room. Although it may not be the most elegant hairstyle to have as it gives a beautiful flair to the long layers as they drop down. You can style the long layered wolf cut with curls or waves at the ends or highlight them as well.

Lob Wolf Cut

Lob Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles

For short hair, the lob or the layered bob cut is one of the prettiest wolf cut female hairstyles to get this season. If you have neck-length or shoulder-length hair, the lob haircut is what you can try. Lob haircuts are preferred more nowadays since they give a slightly messy yet chic look to the face. Lob wolf cut gives an even messier look but makes it easier to style them every day as well.

Wolf Cut With Highlights

Wolf Cut Female Hairstyles with highlights

Highlights are the best way to style any haircut! You can either highlight the face-framing layers or bangs with a different color. Blonde, brown, pink, green any colors that bring a pop of shade to your natural hair color can be chosen for highlights. The peekaboo highlights or the underlayers are also trendy hair color ideas for 2022 to go along with wolf cut since it makes the longer layers more prominent.

Final Words

Wolf cut female hairstyles may not be a timeless haircut but it is definitely worth a try once. Those who are confident enough to carry this audacious hairstyle can take a step further and add colors to it as well. The wolf cut can give a carefree and edgy look with leisure to style them regularly.

Whether you have thin hair or thick hair, or a round or square face shape, anyone can get the wolf haircut. Wolf cut can be the haircut to experiment with this year if you are up for the challenge. You can go for your own preference as well. Let us know which haircut was your favourite!

Frequently Asked Questions

What face shape suits a wolf cut?

Wolf cut female hairstyles suit almost all the face types since it adds volume to the hair and can be customized as per the preference to suit the shape as well. However. the haircut looks the most flattering on round faces since it accentuates the fullness and softness of the face.

Is Wolf cut good for thick hair?

Wolf cut adds more volume to the hair because of the short and choppy layers, hence thick hair might look absolutely chic if you want to add more volume to your hair. If you have thin hair, again, it can turn out to be a good option since it gives some extra volume to the hair from the roots.

Is a wolf cut easy to maintain?

One of the major reasons why wolf cut is so popular is that it gives a naturally messy and uneven look that can be styled effortlessly. It is also low maintenance while leaving space for different styles such as curls, waves, bangs, layers, fringes, different colors and many more. Although it may take a few trips to the salon to maintain the length, the efforts are sure to pay off!