Leather jackets are inarguably classics! Since the 70s and 80s, leather jackets have been used frequently. But they can never really go out of style when they are this chic, now can they? Leather jackets have never really been out of fashion and can always be considered stylish. While several new trends have been emerging and declining, leather jackets are here to stay!

Previously, women leather jackets were worn either as a rebellious, sporty punk look or a chic, sophisticated women look. But nowadays, leather jackets can be worn for any type of occasion- casual, party, sophisticated- given that you are dressed accordingly. But as stylish leather jackets are, they are also the easiest to pair.

For those who are having a hard time picking out what to wear with your lil black dress or how to style that oversized leather jacket you have, here is what you need. We have some of the trendiest and voguish female leather jacket outfit ideas to try!

10 Trendy Women Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

1. Head-To-Toe Leather

Head-To-Toe Leather

The most trendy leather jacket outfits 2022 is the complete leather look! An exclusive leather look with a leather jacket, leather bottoms, and a leather top is all you need for these outfit ideas. You can wear any different top instead of a leather one as an alternative too. Leather attires with leather jackets like Hailey Bieber can also be a good option. 

2. The Classic Look

The Classic Leather Jacket Look

The ‘ever classic look’ with black women leather jacket is with skinny jeans and boots. Whether you have a brown leather jacket or a black leather jacket, this look works for all types of leather jackets. Knee-high boots, combat boots, or the recently popular platform boots can also be used as footwear for this outfit. You can go bold with tops or wear your go-to tee as well.

3. Leather Trench Coat 

Leather Trench Coat 

The winters are for trench coats, and there’s no doubt about that! But how about a leather trench coat instead of a leather jacket to level up your outfit? You can slip into a dress or your usual jeans and tee and just pull over the leather trench coat as a layer. A hoodie, shacket, or shirt can be used for more layering if you need it.

4. Shorts And Miniskirts 

Shorts And Miniskirts

Wondering what to wear to that party? The best pairs along with a black leather jacket would be skirts and shorts for a wild party night! You can go for miniskirts, asymmetrical skirts, or any other type of skirt. Denim shorts, hot pants, ripped shorts, and leather shorts all work well with a leather jacket too. You can go for a complete leather look by wearing a fancy top, a leather jacket, and a matching leather skirt or shorts.

5. Denim And Jeans

Pair up denim and jeans with women leather jacket

Are you clueless about what to pair with your black leather jacket female outfit? The simplest and the easiest way to style it is to wear jeans or denim. Not necessarily skinny jeans, you can go for any other type of jeans as well, such as flared jeans, low-rise jeans, boyfriend jeans, or even cropped jeans. Denim and jeans can also be paired with any type of top and footwear, hence making it even easier to style your outfit!

6. Dress Up

women leather jacket with a dress

Slip dresses, mini dresses, and bodycon are perfect to go with a women leather jacket if you are wearing those for a party. You can do it like Zendaya with a slip dress or wear it your way. You can add accessories such as chokers, stockings, belts, and berets to get a chic look. You can go for an embellished leather jacket and a plain dress too. Dresses with slits, plunges, and more can also be worn with a leather jacket, boots, or heels for layering purposes. 

7. A Casual ‘Fit

casual fit - women leather jacket

A casual black leather jacket for women is what you can just slip into while you get ready for your uni or if you want to hang out with friends. Casual tees and tops can be worn with jeans or shorts to get a simple and comfortable look with leather jackets. If a black leather jacket looks too bold, you can opt for neutral shades such as brown, beige, white, or others. A scarf can give an extra touch to your outfit if you need more coverage. 

8. Sophisticated Much

Sophisticated leather Jacket Look

Though it may sound unusual, a women leather jacket can also be worn as sophisticated attire. For this, you can wear a leather jacket over a shirt, a fancy or formal top. You can pair the top with a pencil skirt, long skirt, pants or trousers. A sophisticated dress can also be worn with a leather jacket to give a sophisticated look. However, ensure the dress or top you wear is also proper for the occasion.

9. Party Animal

Party Look

Leather gives the ultimate party look, and no one can say otherwise on that matter. Want an instant party look, and all you need is that leather jacket in your closet! A cut-out top, a sheer top, cropped top, corset top, bralettes, front-tie tops, and likewise are excellent options for tops. You can go for bottoms such as flared jeans, leather jeans, embellished shorts, skirts, jeans, etc. If you have a studded leather jacket, that works perfectly too!

10. Turtlenecks Always

Turtle Neck Women leather jacket

Turtlenecks never betray when paired with a women leather jacket- and that’s a promise! Turtlenecks, be it knitted or sheer, are what you can slip as underlayers with a casual leather jacket. Experiment with the bottoms and footwear if you wish to. Finally, add a scarf or a beret to complete the look, and you are done! Simple right?

Final Words

A women leather jacket comes in various types and can be worn in multiple ways too. A leather jacket might not be that one apparel you wear every day but is definitely a ‘must-have’ in your closet. Easy to style and never out of trend- leather jackets are perfect to wear all year round, whether summer or winter. So take that leather jacket out of your wardrobe or add it to your shopping list in case you don’t own one because they will prove to be worth your bucks!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tops to wear with Leather jackets women?

Tops such as cut-out tops, sheer tops, casual tees, halter necks, front-tie tops, cardigans, pullovers, turtle necks, bodysuits, bralettes, and bandeau tops, and many more types of tops can be worn along with a women leather jacket. You can also style your oversized leather jacket with a shirt or shacket if you need more layers.

Are women’s leather jackets in Style 2022?

Absolutely! Leather jackets have never really been outdated and are timeless. So not only were they trending in 2021, but they were also much-hyped in 2022. You can invest in one for the upcoming seasons because they are easy to style and go well with almost any type of apparel in your wardrobe.

Are leather jackets worth it?

Definitely, leather jackets will turn out to be worthy if you buy a good quality leather one. Leather protects you from all types of weather and is quite sturdy since leather is naturally water-resistant and insulates well against the wind. The harsh winds or rain won’t affect your leather jacket, making them long-lasting. 

Can I wear a leather jacket with a dress?

It is completely alright to wear a female leather jacket with a dress. However, you need to consider the occasion and dress type while pairing them together. The attire for party wear and formal dresses should be worn accordingly and paired with a matching leather jacket. If not, it may turn out to be a wardrobe malfunction making you seem inappropriately dressed.