After a two-year hiatus, UK contemporary and luxury brands are coming back to the fashion week, and that too is in force, with responsible production high on the agenda. The enforced pandemic break allowed designers to pause and evaluate fashion to reconsider how they do things. Hence, they have returned with a rejuvenating collection that enthralls the buys but has limited impact on the planet!

The latest collection is anything but boring! It features organic, recycled, or earth-friendly fabrics with new innovative materials. These collections are also created using small-scale manufacturing, ethical sourcing, or circular processes. At this year’s fashion week, UK contemporary and Luxury brands are seeking to show that slower fashion does not mean style compromise, as per the UKFT press release.

To say true to its promise, sustainable luxury brand BAV TAiLOR continues to voice its support of global craftsmanship, diversity, and “Slow” fashion through the fashion house’s conscious 360° manifesto.

Luxury brands

The new Ananada AW 22/23 collection emphasized the syntrophy of conscious luxury and responsibility through innovative materials such as Tencel Luxe. This material is derived from a renewable wood source in a closed-loop process that offers an amazingly silky smooth handle, liquid-like drape, and color vividness!

On the other hand, Eudon Choi’s, a contemporary womenswear designer, uses a new collection of organic cotton, ethically sourced cashmere, eco-friendly viscose, recycled synthetic fibers, and surplus cloths to create the outfits attires.

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Wherein Atlas Accessories, as shown virtually at AQ Market, uses unique materials like plant fiber and precious recycled metals. These metals are ethically and sustainably sourced. However, the best sustainability is shown by the brand’s unique tribal leather is amazingly surprising. Historically, sustainable resources designed by mother nature are always durable to help reduce disposability.

Another brand from the UK, St. Piece London, is also showing at Premiere Classe, informed that the fashion house has always produced locally in England and only works with responsible printers and manufacturers for its fabrics. This shows how fashion brands are getting serious about nature and the environment.