So now we can officially say that ‘business in the front and party at the back’ hairstyles are back into the trend! For some, mullets are timeless hairstyles, while some consider them too edgy. The controversial hairstyle got too famous among the females after Miley Cyrus went for the haircut, popularizing it instantly among the gender. But the craze is equally rising among the men too.

Mullets are known to be ‘business in the front party at the back since they are short and styled at the front but long at the back. This gives a stylish look at the front and a badass and edgy look from the back. The hairstyle is nonetheless difficult to pull off if you do not have the confidence to do so.

Mullets are yet widely preferred because of the funky and stylish look they give. If you are a fan of mullets or want to give this new hairstyle a try, we have a few types of mullets you can try and also how to grow and maintain them.

Most Classic Mullet Types To Do 

  • Different Types Of Mullets That Look Fabulous
    • Long Mullet
    • Modern Mullet
    • Caesar Mullet
    • Mullet With Fade
    • Wavy Mullet
    • Short Mullet
    • Mullet With Blonde Shades
    • Asian Mullet
  • How To Grow A Mullet
  • How To Maintain A Mullet

Different Types Of Mullets That Look Fabulous

Long Mullet

Long mullets can be a very versatile hairstyle featuring medium to long hair on top and in the back. This gives more flow and volume to the hair, which looks youthful. The long hair mullet requires more effort in styling, but the output can turn out to be a chic and eye-catching style. 

This long hairstyle for men can be paired with a taper or an undercut on the sides. But it is advisable to use a textured hair product for a natural finish. If you love long hairstyles, long mullets can be the hairstyle to try.

Long Mullets- Types of mullets

Modern Mullet

Modern mullet has entered the list of types of mullets since they are styled a bit differently than in previous years. Modern mullet pairs a long tail with extremely short hair on the sides and back. The top has comparatively medium length hair.

The modern mullet hairstyle begins with a fade or undercut and comes with short or medium-length hair on top. This hipster cut can be varied as per the choice, such as a high skin fade with a pompadour or slick back that seamlessly flows into the look. However, the tail is not too long as the long mullet.

Types of mullets - Modern mullet

Caesar Mullet

The caesar cut was inspired by the Roman emperor since he kept the length of all the hair equal all around. The inspiration behind the caesar mullet was this trendy hairstyle that is accepted all over the world. 

The hair at the front and top is cut short and the same from everywhere. The hair at the back grows into a long mullet tail of the length you wish to achieve. If you do not want fringes or bangs, you can keep the hair short at the front or go for a fade or undercut along with it. This will keep your hair manageable and easy to style as well.

Types of mullets - Ceaser Mullet

Mullet With A Fade

Fades are quite trendy and make any hairstyle look better effortlessly. Mullets with a fade at the sides can be a good decision if you have slow hair growth. The fade is usually from the back of the ears, and the length of the hair increases as it moves upwards. 

If you want a slow, subtle fade, you can try keeping the hair at the top a bit wavy or long. This style goes well with a pompadour or slicked back hair. You can also try the temple fade if you want it shorter and push all your hair back. 

Types of mullets - Mullet with fade

Wavy Mullet

Wavy mullet is a fancy twist on the 80s classic mullet. This tousled mullet has a bit of a blown-out look that tosses strands all over and gives a natural look. The layered and minimal style works especially well with wavy or curly hair. 

You can keep the hair long at the back and keep the tail to the nape of your neck. Meanwhile, the hair on the top and the front are kept long, they become easier to style with a mullet. But alongside, you might need to keep your hair healthy and hydrated to get a neat funky look with waves or curls.


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Short Mullet

From the times mullets were popular, the long mullets ruled the trend. But now, short mullets are also trending among the different types of mullets. In case you are not a fan of long hair, this is the one for you. The short mullet does not have a long tail or too long bangs.

It is a very subtle hairstyle with a simple fade between the long hair on the top and a short haircut on the sides. There is a hint of an elongation towards the tail but it is not too long. You can keep the sides with a fade or an undercut if you want more short hair. 

Short Mullet

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Mullet with Blonde Shades

Mullet need not be monotonous with a single shade of colour. You can spice up the hairstyle instantly by bleaching it blonde. Just like the money-piece hair colouring style, you can go for the tail of your mullet for a more prominent look.

You can go bold with the highlights and colours if you do not like it blonde. Such as blue, purple, cyan or any other colours. Blonde highlights at the tail of the mullet is not the only option. You can get money-piece highlights if you only want one or two strokes of blonde. 

Blone Shades

Asian Mullet

Mullets have been in K-Pop history for a long time and are a never-ending trend. Different K-pop idols have tried the mullet trend, such as Felix and Hyunjin of Stray Kids, Jungkook of BTS, JB of GOT7 and Key of Shinee, etc.

The main reason the mullets are different is because of the modern yet chic look that they provide. The asian mullets are cut with long bangs or fringes at the front. The top and sides are often voluminous and are sometimes layered to the back. The base is thinned around the sides with a slight fade or undercut. The height of the mullet from the crown of the head is kept so that it does not seem much far or thin and blends in with the hair. 

Asian type

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How To Grow A Mullet

Do you want to get a mullet cut? Are you wondering how to grow a mullet? No need to stress over it. You can simply take care of a few things to grow out a mullet. Foremost, you need to grow out your hair to the length you want your mullet to reach. Beware not to cut your hair if it is not long enough for the type of mullet you want. It should be at least one inch all the way around. Take your time and make sure all the sides are evenly grown before you cut the mullet.

Divide the hair into different sections and take turns to trim them. Hold the sections into place with clips while you cut to keep them away from each other. Blend the front, side and back together after you cut the hair. Start with the front and cut the bangs, the sides over to the top, and then at last cut the back.

Consider different types of mullets and see as many references as possible for the hairstyle. Also, do not cut too much at a time because if you trim too much, you need to wait until it grows back. So, if you are having a tough time cutting it on your own, it is better to have a stylist do it for you instead. Make sure you know which kind of mullet you want to get and have a few references for the same.

How To Maintain A Mullet

A mullet definitely doesn’t take much to style so you need not worry about that part. But the thing to consider is the maintenance after you have grown your mullet, especially if you have a fade or undercut. You will need to regularly trim the sides to keep the hair in balance and maintain your hairstyle for longer.

The maintenance is not too much, but it does take some effort to make sure all the ends are equally grown out, and the mullet does not grow too long than you want it. Although some effort is required to keep up the mullet hairstyle, it depends on how fast your hair grows. It is rather easy to maintain and style, which is why a lot of celebrities prefer hairstyles.

Final Words

You can consider any hairstyle among the different types of mullets given above for a change this summer. If you are confident to pull it off neatly and maintain it over time, you can give the mullet hairstyle a try. You can go for a short one or Asian mullet if you are not confident about the longer ones.

Mullets may seem difficult and like a hassle to maintain, but they do not cost much unless you have good hair growth. If you have thick hair, you might have to keep trimming them regularly to keep your hairstyle for a longer duration. You can still give the type of mullet you like a try and see for yourself if they match your preferences or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mullets back in style 2022?

Yes, many celebrities, fashion influencers, singers and fashion icons have started embracing the mullet trend. Some consider mullets to be time-honoured since they never cease to be in trend. And this time they actually seem to enter the list of trends for popular hairstyles.

What face shape suits a mullet?

The face shape that suits all types of mullets is the diamond shape. Mullets can give you a bolder and funkier look if you have a diamond-shaped face, so there is no need to worry about which type of mullet you do.

Are mullets high maintenance?

As such, mullets do not require too much maintenance or effort to get a good hairstyle. You might need to keep them trimmed at intervals, but it depends on the hair growth rate of each person. But it definitely does not take much to style a mullet as it gives a natural and messy hair look.