Spiderman is undeniably one of the most stylish and handsome heroes of Marvel, we all agree right? Whether it is Peter Parker or The Spiderman, we all can agree how well Tom Holland pulls off both the characters equally well. However, that is not the only ‘catchy’ thing about the amazing superhero!

While Tom Holland started growing out his hair, he started grabbing all the attention for his unique hairstyles. Also, there is not the only ‘one’ hairstyle of Tom that we love. Tom Holland has naturally textured hair which makes his hairstyles even more appealing. And not to mention, his experimental styles also suit him very well. You can never get tired of his hairstyles or his fashion styles. 

Not only are they easy to recreate but also suitable for most of the face types. For those who have such curly hair, we have a few famous hairstyles and haircuts of Tom Holland that you can try. So try and see which Tom Holland hairstyle suits you the best out of all these hairstyles.

The Most Stylish Tom Holland Hairstyles 

  • Tom Holland Hairstyles You Can Recreate Easily
    • The Combed Back Hairstyle
    • The Quiff
    • The Ivy League Haircut
    • The Short Wavy Hair
    • The Textured Fringes 
    • The Medium Length Hair

Tom Holland Hairstyles You Can Recreate Easily

The Combed Back Hairstyle

If you are a fan of Tom Holland, you might be well-acquainted with this as one of Tom Holland hairstyles. A combed back hairstyle looks really sexy along with formal and semi-formal outfits. The best part about the combed back look is it goes well with all face shapes. So no need to worry if it will suit you or not.

Tom Holland Hairstyles - Combed Back

How To- One of the ways to get a slick back look is to use styling products on wet hair. You can get the hairstyle using these simple steps.

  • Wash your hair and towel dry it leaving some hair wet. Start combing your hair from the ends and to the front. 
  • Keep it still for some time and later you can choose any styling product, which you are comfortable with, to style your hair. 
  • You can use hair gel, wax, pomade or clay to style your hair. You can apply the product on the outer layer of the hair and massage the insides thoroughly.
  • Then comb all your hair back the way you want either neatly or slightly messy. You can pull out one or two locks of hair from the front of your hair to get a more sexy look.

The Quiff

Quiff is one of the most popular hairstyles Tom Holland is frequently spotted wearing. Quiffs are the best hairstyles for any formal occasion. Quiffs may seem to be difficult to style at home but with the right method they can be one of the best hairstyles to do. Modern quiffs have been on the trend and are classics to pull off. The best part about it? It gives a good volume to the hair. 

Tom Holland Hairstyles - The Quiff

How To- Quiffs can be done on all types of hair, long and short. For short and wavy hair like Tom Holland, here is a tip to style the quiff like a pro.

  • Wash your hair thoroughly and condition it. Towel dry the hair keeping the hair still a bit damp.
  • Apply some hair products like gel, wax, sea salt spray or mousse on your hair and work it thoroughly from your hair tips to the roots of your hair to keep them moisturized.
  • You can use your fingers meanwhile to comb your hair from the front to give the shape.
  • Then after the shape is set, use a hair dryer to dry the hair and maintain the shape. Keep the hair dryer at a low speed and comb your hair with a vented brush. 
  • Sweep the hair on the top part of your head across to one side. Follow the brush with your dryer. Direct the airflow of the hair dryer through the vents in the brush and onto the hair. 
  • When your hair is almost 50% dry, repeat the method on the opposite side of your hair.

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The Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League was one of the famous Tom Holland hairstyle on his photoshoots. The Ivy League hairstyle was popularized by men who went to Ivy League, hence the name. But this hairstyle is super gorgeous for men with short and textured hair and is also easy to style. However, it can be worn with all hair types and is very versatile to style.

Tom Holland Hairstyles - Ivy league haircut

How To-  It is a pretty simple hairstyle to do and you can go for this method to style your hair in the Ivy League Hairstyle.

  • You can use a matte clay to style to bring out texture and hold. If you have short hair, it will not take too much time to keep your hair in place. After that, sweep your hair slightly to either side for the Ivy League haircut. 
  • You can do this with a comb to get a smarter look, or just use your fingers if you want to keep the textured, messier look to it. This might give a bit of a natural look to your hair.
  • You could also add in a side parting, which is traditional to the Ivy League haircut to give an extra flair.

The Short Wavy Hair

The short wavy hair was one of the most seeked Tom Holland curly hairstyles. Tom Holland can rock a short hairstyle just as good as a long one. The short hair of Tom Holland, especially the wavy hairstyle, seemed to suit the actor very much and was very well received by the audience as well. Wavy hair suits all hair lengths. But for short hair, you can get more options to style them. You can keep your hair texture and yet flaunt a great hairstyle in it. The hairstyle can be worn at all events and is pretty simple.

Tom Holland Hairstyles - Short wavy hair

How To- If you have short textured or wavy hair, you can use this method below to get your wavy hairstyle in an instant.

  • Wash your hair and towel dry it leaving it damp.
  • Apply pomade evenly throughout your hair while it is damp.
  • Use a comb and slick back the sides to create a defined part where you want your hair to sit in place.
  • Then using your finger or a wide-toothed comb, sweep the top part of your hair to one of the sides and pull back the front. This will give you a more formal look.

The Textured Fringes 

Among the Tom Holland curly hairstyles, the textured fringes can be said to be the most favorable if you like messy hairstyles. The textured fringes are a very casual and relaxing hairstyle to do that also complements the facial features. The hairstyle takes less time to style and can be worn for a party or a casual hangout.


How To- Fringes can be worn in several different ways but keeping them just above your eyebrows can be a perfect length to keep for most face types. You can use the following method to style fringes.

  • Wash your hair and towel dry it leaving it a little bit damp
  • Then, comb your fringes into your desired style while the hair is wet. 
  • For a more trendy look create a side-swept fringe, or comb the hair forward for a classic look into a straight fringe.
  • Allow the hair to dry when you have your desired hairstyle and use a hairdryer to get some more volume and lift.
  • Rub a lump of hair wax or gel on your palms and sculpt and set the fringes into place. Be careful not to use too much hair styling product to get a more natural look.
  • Allow the hair to air dry, or use a hair dryer for more fullness and a little lift.
  • Beware to trim your fringes every few weeks to maintain its shape and length.

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The Medium Length Hair

Tom Holland’s medium length hair went viral for his iconic curly and textured hair. The hairstyle gained popularity instantly since it looked quite chic and scholarly on Tom Holland. Tom Holland has short hair but he grew it out to his neck and kept them into waves for a natural look. This hairstyle is easy to get if you have naturally textured short hair. This can be a hairstyle for a party or any formal occasion.

Medium Hair length

How To- You can style it using this method if you have short wavy hair too. It is actually pretty easy and can be instantly styled.

  • First add a small, quarter-sized lump of mousse to your hair to reduce frizziness without weighing your hair down.
  • Then apply some curl defining cream that helps to enhance your curls if you have naturally curly hair. If you don’t have natural curly hair then you can use a curling iron to get some curls.

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Final Words

It may look difficult to style your ‘Tom Holland hair’ but maybe it’s just that you need the right hairstyles for your hair. No need to worry about that anymore since most of these hairstyles would be perfect for curly or wavy hair and most face types too. 

You can try the hairstyle you like the most and can pull off as confidently as our ‘Spiderman’. Now, you can save that trip to the salon to get a haircut and try the hairstyles at home instead. Let us know which hairstyle you like and prefer the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Tom Holland’s hair type?

Tom Holland has naturally wavy hair which looks great with hairstyles that require a bit of volume and length. Hairstyles such as pompadour and quiffs or even the blowout hairstyle look amazing with such textured hair. Tom Holland’s hair is short and curly which complements his small face perfectly.

Q. What is Tom Holland’s hairstyle called?

The Tom Holland cut is a simple but classy mid-length cut. The hair is cropped shorter on the side and brushed over to one of the sides on the top. This haircut is pretty easy to style, hence it can be done by most guys who want to try a new look.