Do you want to change your hair gel or are you tired of always using the same hair gel? But don’t know the type or maybe you don’t even know how to use them apart from the particular one that you are using.  Are you ready to try a new gel on your hair, but don’t know where to start? Whether you want a brand new gel or are just looking to freshen up the look a bit, there are numerous techniques and products for you to try. 

You are right here to get all the necessary information about using hair gel and  the three important tips for men using hair gel 

Choose The Right Hair Gel For Yourself

Start with less expensive brands to experiment with different types of products. Once you find one you like then you can try to find the right brand for you. Choosing the wrong product can lead to unwanted effects, such as that much-hated plastic effect, sticky residue, and dry hair.

Very often, moreover, the gel has been the subject of criticism as it is considered responsible for hair loss, but if used correctly and above all suitable for your hair type,  it cannot cause any kind of problem. Useful to give your hairstyle a solid and long-lasting look, the hair gel helps to shape the hair in the way you prefer.

Type of Hair Gel And How To Use Them

The hair gel is possible to create any type of hairstyle in such a way as to always be perfect in any type of situation and event. In particular, the choice of this product must be made taking into consideration the structure of the hair and its length.

If you have easily manageable hair just use a normal gel, in the presence of unruly hair, however, you have to opt for a very strong hold and long-lasting 

These are some of the best hair gels that you can use

Hair Wax

Hair wax is especially suitable for men with medium to very thick hair. The wax gives the hairstyle a slight structure and can always be put back into shape. Depending on the type used, a glossy or matte look is created.

Use: rub a knob of product between the palms of your hands and distribute it on dry hair.

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Hair Gel

The gel is particularly suitable for short-hair and parted hairstyles and gives the hair a shiny wet look. Men with sparse and fine hair should forgo it as it separates the hair into individual strands. The scalp is therefore seen more, and the hair looks even thinner.

Hairstyles Using Hair Gel

Use: the gel should be used sparingly. A small amount is more than enough to style damp or dry hair.

Hair Paste

The hair paste helps in the case of thin and thin hair. Not only does it mattify them and offer a good hold, but it also makes them more voluminous.

Use: apply the paste on hair rubbed with a towel or dried with a hairdryer and shape with your fingers.


Hairspray is not suitable for styling hair. Instead, it is perfect for fixing the finished hairstyle. Comb the hair with wax, powder, or paste, and then fix the hairstyle with two or three sprays of hairspray.

Hairstyle using Lacquer

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Ways Of Using Hair Gel

You may get a variety of looks, from a neat and polished one to a chaotic and spiky one. When you know what kind of hairstyle you want, it’s much easier to apply gel. Hair gel may be your new best friend, whether you’re just trying to get rid of your frizz or you’re looking for a more polished appearance for a formal occasion. Below are some of the gel and how to use them;

Glitter, hair wax, or modeling clay

Use these products to shape your hair when you want to create more elaborate hairstyles, such as pompadours or curls for naturally smooth hair or male twist hairstyles. Remember that it may take several washes to remove these products, so apply them sparingly. A pea-sized amount should suffice if you have short, medium-length, or thin hair. Use glitter or wax for a shiny, wet look. Use modelling clay for a matte and natural result.

Hair Glue

Have you ever wondered how some guys get such perfect mohawk cuts? They probably use hair glue, a product that offers a particularly strong hold. But beware of product buildup and shampoo thoroughly.

Hair Glue


The hair mousse is used to give volume and shine, and the hold is minimal. For best results, apply it to wet hair and let it dry.

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Please Also Avoid  The Following While Using Hair Gel

Coating the hair with excessive amounts of gel: Distributing too much gel in your hair can lead to flaking of the scalp in the long run. If you are no longer able to style your hair 10 minutes after applying the gel, you shouldn’t add anymore

Combing your hair after applying the gel: In the case of highly fixing gels, the hair should not be combed or brushed after application. This could break the hair and liquefy the product, placing it directly in contact with the skin and exacerbating possible rashes or dermatitis already present.

Going to sleep without washing your hair: Many hours after fixing, it is advisable to do a wash to allow the hair, as well as the epidermis, to breathe. A very common mistake is going to bed with your hair still “gelled” and waking up with thousands of gel residues on the head, which do not allow the scalp to breathe.

Using poor quality products: It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the product used and the frequency of use. The gel-based products itself does not cause hairloss. Still, when it comes into contact with the scalp, it can cause irritation, erythema, itching, and, in those predisposed to baldness, aggravate the phenomenon of hair loss.

Finally, it should be remembered that when you leave the gel on the hair for too long, it can begin to look greasy while the product residues accumulate on the roots making the hair heavy and difficult to comb, so it is always advisable to use a small amount of gel and make sure you wash it off properly.