In the times when we all want to keep up with the trends and look for the coolest collections among various brands, it might be high time to think about the environment while we dress too. Sustainability is something that is needed to be embraced by each one of us alongside shopping for our outfits and makeup as well. 

Sustainable fashion brands might be a new concept being introduced to us with very little knowledge of what it actually is. But, in all true sense, the need for this trend is pretty serious and should be encouraged as much as possible. 

We are here to give you a brush up on what is sustainable fashion and which are some of the top brands you can shop sustainably from. From affordable sustainable brands to luxury ones, we have put together a list of the top 12 sustainable fashion brands to shop from.

Sustainable Fashion Brands For Men And Women

  • What is Sustainable Fashion?
  • Brands Thats Offer Affordable Sustainable Clothing
    • Levi’s
    • PACT
    • Reformation
    • ABLE
    • Patagonia
    • Eileen Fisher
    • H&M Conscious Choice
    • Amour Vert
    • Adidas
    • Ninety Percent
    • Aday
    • Mud Jeans

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is not at all an overrated hype if you feel so since the trend is all about meeting today’s fashion trends while keeping in mind about its future effects. This is extremely important since the fashion industry is responsible for producing a lot of textile waste, land and water pollution, plastics, and also carbon emission.

Hence, in sustainable fashion, everything right from the products, processes, activities, and actors that are policymakers, brands, consumers are taken into consideration. This is to achieve a carbon-neutral fashion industry that is built on equality, social justice, animal welfare, and ecological integrity. 

Brands with low-priced but stylish clothing that are moved quickly from design to retail stores to meet trends and introduce new collections continuously are termed to be ‘fast-fashion’. Innovations in production and supply chain management among the retailers make fast fashion possible. Zara and H&M are two well-known brands within the fast fashion field.

Many top brands have been switching to sustainable fashion while others are emerging on the basis of the trend. You can check out the list for more information on some of the best sustainable fashion brands that offer affordable and trendy clothing as well.

12 Brands That Offer Affordable Sustainable Clothing

1. Levi’s

Levi’s has recently started taking better initiatives to stride towards sustainable fashion by focusing on the finishing processes to remove water wherever possible with its WellThread collection. This collection includes pieces that took less water to produce and use more recycled materials.

Levi’s is focusing on reducing their water usage by 80% as well as their greenhouse gas emissions by 25%. To achieve this, Levi’s also introduced a second-hand denim collection to make the denim last longer. The prices for the same have been made more affordable so that people can purchase them more easily.

sustainable fashion brands - Levi's


Pact is a California based company that excels at producing super-soft sustainable clothes. The brand ensures that its entire supply chain is clean and sustainable right from harvesting to sewing and all the processes in between. The products are made from 94% recycled materials. 

Pact is also involved actively in donating towards environmental care and reusing the used clothes. The brand has several categories to offer, such as adult & children’s basics, underwear, activewear, bedding & bath apparels and more. 

3. Reformation

If you are looking for trendy but sustainable women’s clothing, then Reformation is the one you need to stop by. While producing trendy clothing, Reformation calculates the carbon dioxide emissions, water usage and waste produced in “Refscale” to help understand the impact of each garment.

One of the best parts is, for each item listed on the website, you can see how much savings are being done. Reformation might come off as a fashion hub for sustainable women’s clothing since you can get sportswear, underwear, dresses, denim, bridal wear, shoes, heels, everything made with sustainable materials. 


ABLE can be said to be a driving force for ethical clothing and one of the finest sustainable women’s clothing brands to shop from. ABLE focuses on ending cyclical poverty to create economic opportunities for people, especially women. The brand transparently displays the wages on the website as well.

The brand specializes in producing trendy clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags for all sizes which are also made from durable and naturally-occurring materials. They use leather for the bags and shoes and cotton for the clothes. 

sustainable fashion brands Able

5. Patagonia

Patagonia is an American-based company that focuses on producing outdoor clothing. The clothing brand uses 87% recycled in some of their most recent clothing lines, with 100% organic cotton. Patagonias Fair Trade program also has a good number of workers under it. The ultimate goal of Patagonia is not to create fast fashion but timeless designs that are long-lasting.

You can find everything to wear at Patagonia including sweatshirts, activewear, sportswear, backpacks, handbags, fleeces, underwear, socks, and many more. If you are looking for sustainable men’s clothing for active wear or sportswear, this is the brand for you.

6. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher is a leading brand in affordable sustainable clothing and ethical fashion. The fashion brand oversees its entire process chain so that no social injustices or environmental issues are practiced in any phase. It uses material such as organic cotton, recycled nylon, silk, and linen clothing.

The brand has also begun to take old pieces of clothing and turn them into new clothes to increase their lifetime. For this procedure, they ensure the clothing is in a good condition to be resold, otherwise the brand turns it into an art piece by felting methods. You can find a wide range of women’s apparels on the website such as overalls, shirts, socks, t-shirts, and more.

Eileen Fisher

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7. H&M Conscious Choice

H&M has a special section, which is, the ‘Conscious Choice collection’ that lessens its environmental impact, by using organic cotton or recycled polyester to produce clothes. The items begin at $10 and are durable. You can also have your items recycled at H&M stores for a discount to buy something new.

The brand ensures that even if it is not in a good condition to be sold, the exchanged clothes are used for some other purposes and do not end up in the garbage. The parent company claims to use 64% of recycled or sustainably sourced fibers. It is moving forward with a goal of reaching 100% by 2030.

H&M The Conscious Choice

8. Amour Vert

This California based is among those sustainable fashion brands that produces clothing on a small scale so as to reduce textile wastage. The brand uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton and tencel to produce clothes.

The company focuses more on environmental care and plants a tree for every tee that is purchased, with over 350,000 trees planted so far. You can even have an extra tree planted for $1. You can find jackets, shorts, shirts, dresses, maternity clothes, accessories and much more. 

Amour Vert

9. Adidas

Adidas has also started its initiative to produce affordable sustainable clothing and footwear. The brand has been increasing their sustainability and usage of recycled materials on a regular basis. However, the brand aims to only use recycled polyester from 2024 onwards so as to decrease their direct effect on the environment. 

Adidas are also focusing on reducing water consumption in their production line while using 20% renewable energy. The company is also committed to fair labor practices along the production process.

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10. Ninety Percent

Ninety percent is one of those sustainable fashion brands that chooses to produce as much as is needed to avoid any type of wastage. Ninety percent is known for not producing high quantities of clothing so as to avoid leftovers. The leftovers from the clothes produced are also used to make other clothes in a ‘waste not collection’. They use materials such as hemp, natural linen, tencel, organic cotton and many more.

You can find many sustainable men’s clothing and women’s clothing such as tops & blouses, hoodies & sweatshirts, knitwears, T-Shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, bodysuits, sweaters, jackets and blazers for all sizes.

Ninety Percent

11. Aday

Aday is a New York-based company that is best known for its sustainable women’s clothing. If you are looking for sustainable yet comfortable and elevated workwear, this is the brand for you to shop from. Many of its factories are solar powered and use recycled materials and water to produce clothing. 

The fabrics are seasonless and wrinkle-free being made from eco-friendly fabrics such as Lenzing, Modal and regenerated Repreve polyester for pieces that last.  Pants, jackets, sweaters, dresses, jumpsuits and many more apparels can be found on their website.

ADAY sustainable fashion

12. Mud Jeans

Mud Jeans are a good alternative for jeans since the jeans are produced from sustainable sources such as discarded jeans. The jeans at Mud Jeans are made from 40% recycled materials and cotton and use 92% less water than average jeans. The cotton used is organic and hence safe to wear as well.

For sustainable men’s clothing, you can find shorts and jeans as an option here while for sustainable women’s clothing, there are shorts, skirts and jeans to buy from. 

sustainable fashion brands - Mud Jeans

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Final Words 

If you are confused about which affordable sustainable clothing you need to buy next or which are the best sustainable clothing brands you should buy from, the list above can help you out with your decision.

From what you wear to which makeup you put on, it is necessary to think about how it affects the environment around you as well. Hence, it is about time you switch your wardrobe to sustainable brands. Let us know which brands you loved the most and prefer shopping from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the pros and cons of sustainable fashion?

Some of the perks of sustainable fashion brands are that they save a lot of resources and are environmentally friendly while providing durable and comfortable clothes. The clothes are made in healthy working surroundings and are harmless to our health as well. One of the best part is that the exploitations such as child labour are avoided in the production chain as well.

But to see on the other side, the trend about sustainability is difficult to understand with the quality seals as a major confusion. The price for some sustainable brands is still higher than the fast fashion brands and only a few stores have sustainable sections. However, it can be seen that in the upcoming years the trend may take a new form and make a booming market in the fashion industry.

Q. Why is sustainable fashion so important?

creating fashion in such a way that it is considerate of humanity and the environment, reducing the impact on the environment in any possible manner. The ultimate goal of sustainable clothing brands is to have a system which works without harming the environment and humanity.

Q. How can clothes be made sustainable?

The clothes that are produced in a sustainable way are made so that they affect the environment in a minimum manner. Organic and natural materials are used to produce sustainable fashion keeping the working conditions at the factories fair. Also, the pollution emission is kept as low as possible during the entire production chain.

Q. How does fashion affect sustainability?

Fashion production is responsible for upto 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. Apart from that it dries up the water sources, and pollutes rivers and streams because of excess water usage. According to UNECE 2018, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year and washing some types of clothes also sends a significant amount of microplastics into the ocean.