Being a short girl, you must say thanks to God for giving you look younger than girls of the same age with more height. Many of the short girls are always praised for looking cute all their life and many times may even surprise other people with their actual age. That’s really great if you are a petite woman. These Style Tips For Short Women will surely help you with growing your personality.

If we observe the other side of the coin, short women are likely to be more selective with their outfits’ collection as well as always stress themselves with the thought about what to wear so that they look a little taller than their actual height. It is so because due to the small body frame, short women get easily swamped by the outfits they wear. So, they need to be a little careful when buying dresses, jeans and other outfits for them.

The choice of short clothes you wear plays a great role in improving your proportion and also works effectively in creating an illusion of taller height. If you are the one who usually ends up with fashion mistakes, you must be aware of some helpful style tips for short women that can change our entire look and personality.

To help you solve your height-related style issues, here we are going to share some style tips for short women. These tips and tricks can help greatly in enabling you to embrace your height gracefully. Simply scroll down and go through these game-changing tips and buy your outfits accordingly.

Style Tips For Short Women

  1. Wear jeans with flares
  2. Wear the maxi dress with a split
  3. Wear skirts with length on or above the knee
  4. Avoid heavy shoes if your skirt is below the knee
  5. Don’t wear wide-leg trousers
  6. Ankle boots are ok, but a big No to knee-high shoes
  7. Choose lower neckline for lengthening effect

Style Tips for Short Women

Wear jeans with flares

Style Tips for Short Women

Many women think that wearing jeans with flares is the 70s fashion trend. No doubt, it is true, but still, this fashion holds a special place in the modern world, especially for short women. If you want to look taller, then instead of choosing skin-tight or straight jeans, it is recommended to wear flares to have really long legs.

In addition to this, you are always advised to go for a high-waisted style in which flare starts at the knee. To complement this look, nothing would be better than high heels to bring maximum impact on the overall appearance.

Wear the maxi dress with a split

maxi dress with a split

If you love wearing a maxi dress, you just need to ensure that it has a split. It helps in making some tall illusion and you will not look like swamping long cloth around you. It is true that maxi dresses give an effect of swamping petite women, particularly if your dress has long sleeves.

To overcome this problem, the maxi dress with split works great in stabilizing the blocky and shabby feel and gives more definition and stability to your short figure. In the same way, rolling the long sleeves up can also make a great difference.

Wear skirts with length on or above the knee

Style Tips For Short Women

If you wear a midi or maxi skirt, these outfits can make you look shorter and create a tricky situation for petite women who always want to look taller. So, here the best idea is to wear skirts that enable you to show off more legs, instead of hiding them. Wearing skirts with length on or above the knee is one of the great style tips for short women that can elongate the legs.

Getting the skirts with a style having more movement, something like flares or skaters, and showing off your legs helps a lot in looking longer than what you are.

Avoid heavy shoes if your skirt is below the knee

One of the most important style tips for short women is to avoid wearing chunky or heavy shoes as they grab more attention towards your feet and your upper part will be missed to attract others. Moreover, it is also advised to avoid wearing skirts below the knee.

But, if you have mistakenly bought a new dress with this length, obviously, you can’t throw it out. Now, the only way left is to wear heels with a not heavy look. The thin and delicate strap works fine or you can also choose to wear simple court shoes.

Don’t wear wide-leg trousers

well-fitted petite trousers

If you are a petite woman, you must know the fact that wearing big and baggy fabric works blunder and swamps your small figure. So, instead of looking for loose trousers, you must go with well-fitted trousers. You can easily find well-fitted petite trousers, which are designed to look better on short women.

No worries, if you are unable to find trousers with petite style, you can also wear tapered and cropped trousers that will fit perfectly on you just like a full-leg trouser.

Ankle boots are ok, but a big No to knee-high shoes

Style Tips For Short Women

It is really good if you love wearing different shoes with different outfits’ styles. But, when it comes to the style tips for short women, wearing shoes above the ankle cuts your short legs and gives an unflattering look. In this situation, you can wear ankle boots, they are fine for your short legs and look great with above the knee skirts, but always make sure to avoid buying shoes above the ankle.

Also, there is a complete No for knee-high shoes for short women, so never buy any such pair as they do not go well with your short legs.

Choose lower neckline for lengthening effect

lower neckline for lengthening effect

Choosing the right neckline is one of the best style tips for short women that most people overlook. The neckline is quite important for petite women as they are quite effective in changing your proportion. Generally, if you wear a dress or top with a lower neckline, it flatters your look as it helps in creating space by showing some skin and gives a lengthening effect.

So, whether you are going to buy a petite top or petite dress, you must pay attention to this point. Off the shoulder and sweetheart neckline adds style to your overall look.

Don’t compromise with sleeves length

For every great style, the details have their own importance, like most petite women do, overlooking the details of sleeves of their outfit. Do you know that choosing a dress with wrong sleeves can lower the overall quality of your outfit? Moreover, people judge you with what you wear, whether it is in your office or any social occasion.

If the sleeves of your dress, jacket, or coat are long, it seems like this outfit is not meant for you even if it fits perfectly on you except arms. For this, instead of folding it from the wrist, that generally most people do, get it altered from a tailor or you must shop from the petite clothing stores or designers.

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Final Words

It is true that nothing is perfect in this world, even when it comes to fashion for short women. But, do you know that you can make your look near to perfection? These style tips for short women will work excellently in this regard. Simply get the outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident without getting out of your way.