Have you heard about a hot solar nail trend? Do you love solar nails like other young and fashionable women? What makes solar nails different from other false nails?

Let’s get started.

Solar nails are acrylic nails but branded that last longer than regular acrylic. Moreover, they are a great choice for those who love colorful and stylish nails. Though some salons ask for more charges for solar nails styles, they are worth getting the amazing end result.

If you know about the French manicure, these nails are done in a similar way and use a similar style. The quality materials are used for these nails, and they don’t turn yellow over time. These types of stylish nails are a product of Creative Nail Design, and this company manufacturers them.

Getting wonderful nails is something that every woman loves to have in order to add a touch of enhancement to her look.

Have a look at some of the fantastic solar nails designs that you can try as per the outfit and occasion.

Pastel Colors

Pastel Solar Nail Designs

Pastels can never go wrong when it comes to a classy nail art. Whether it is a simple pastel nail color or a nail art with glitters and doodles, pastels can carry it all! You can go for multiple pastel shades or a single pastel shade for your solar nails. Nail art can be an option for sure, glitter, 3D, rhinestones, it can be whatever you like too!

Edgy Glam Look

Glamorous Solar Nail Designs

The fall and winter seasons are meant for dark colors, similar to the solar nails with darker shades. You can add some touch of glitter and rhinestones with your favorite dark color. Black polish is something that gives you a perfect way to enhance the appearance of your shorter nails.

You have the freedom to go with as much style as you can with your long nails. You have lots of designs to try.

Classic Monochrome Design


Get the natural design of solar nails along with their French manicure. But, here it is done with some twist. Instead of leaving your nails with colorful designs, get some darker twist with a combination of black and silver. Going with black and silver glitter works great on your nails.

Sassy Red Solar Nails


You don’t need to worry at all when thinking of solar nail art ideas for your short nails. You can get your nails coated with sparkling red polish.

Having short nails does not mean you have to worry about how to make your nails presentable. You can get your short nails with numerous solar nails styles. This red and white combination helps in grabbing attention away from the fact that you have short nails. It is a perfect design to add a touch of glamor to your nails.

Nude Shade Solar Nails


Pink and white are the most common solar nails designs that many women love to try with most of their outfits. These nails look similar to the pink and white French manicure. Due to this reason, they are known as ‘pink and white’. This design is a perfect idea for those who want to keep their nails protected, but at the same time, they want to make them look classy.

Rhinestone Solar Nails Look

Rhinestone solar nail design

Rhinestone solar nails styles are one of the favorite nail art options among women who always look for something stylish and gorgeous to enhance the beauty of their nails. Just have the base color and get these stones applied to them. This look gives the best style to your nails. With this design, make your nails look stylish and elegant.

Solar French Tip Nails

French Tip Nail Art

Apart from getting solar nails designs on your whole nails, you can also go for solar French tip nails. When we talk about fashion, French manicure has marked its important place in this fashion world. Moreover, more and more women are visiting salons to get these amazing French tip nails..

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Metallic Solar Nails

Metallic Nail Art

Metallic colors look funky as well as classy. You can go for any type of metallic shade from silver to red to green. Metallic not only gives a glam look but also can be worn for formal occasions and parties if you do not want too much art such as rhinestones and glitters.

Glittery Solar Nails

Glittery Nail Art

Do you want to steal the hearts of people on this Valentine’s Day? Nothing would be better than getting solar nails with beautiful red. Get your accent nails done with glittering silver and grab the attention of all people around you. This way, you will get an opportunity to impress your valentine with your amazing nail art.

3D Solar Nail Designs

3D Solar Nail Designs

Do you have large nails? If yes, then you have the choice to get 3D solar colorful acrylic nail art. It is one of the great solar nails styles that give a modish and chic look to women. The perfect combination of solar nail art is gold, purple, and pink. Thus, this blend gives you a chance to enhance your glamour.

Ombre Inspired Solar Nails

ombre solar nail designs

These Ombre nails provide you a great choice if you want to get the solar nail look. The women who love to be trendy must not miss trying this Ombre-inspired design. Getting purple and pink colors can make you look stand out with your personal favorites.

Solid Colored Nails

Solid colored nail design

If you are the one who loves the simple and classic look, you can choose to do one color design on your nails. No doubt red nails always give a classic look, but you can also go for blue nails as the great choice for solar nails. No matter what your favorite color is, you can choose any. Matte polish is on trend and will make a great choice for you.

White Matte Polish Nails

white matte nail

With just a white matte polish, this design is easy to fall in love with. It gives an extremely simple look to those women who don’t like too stylish and colored polish on their fingernails. If you find this look too boring for you, you have the choice to add a strip of metallic or any color through the cuticle. This will make our nails pop up.

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Final Words

The solar nails designs are so popular these days that more and more women are trying to enhance the look of their nails. These solar nails are quite durable and give an amazing look. Moreover, they are one of the most protective ways to flaunt your beautiful nails.

When it comes to the universal appeal, red steals the show and is loved by most women. You must also try different colors to get stylish and classy nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do solar nails last?

Solar nails are the output of a mixture of acrylic and gel, making them more durable than artificial nails. Solar nails are considerably tough and can last from a month or two to more given that they do not chip, break or peel off.

Which is better solar nails or gel nails?

Both the types have their pros and cons, but the most important point to consider is that solar nails produce chemical fumes which are not so eco-friendly. On the contrary, gel nails are more eco-friendly since they do not produce chemical fumes. Also, solar nails can possibly cause damage to the nail bed leading to fungal and bacterial infections.

Can you soak off solar nails?

There are two general ways to remove the solar nails from your nails. Both the remedies are easy. You can soak your nails in either acetone or nail polish remover. Soaking your nails in acetone for about 15-20 minutes should be enough. But if you’re not sure how much time to give it, you can go for a shorter duration of time.