In this century of dynamic fashion and perishing stereotypes fearlessly with your sense of style and perspectives, you can adapt to any outfit trend regardless of your socio-demographic or physical factors which are restraining you from moving forward.

Not only are Shorts the perfect summer staple item for your wardrobe, but they are also easy to style. As a curvy woman, you might feel self-conscious while wearing shorts; however, you don’t need to be anymore. With increasing awareness about body shaming and acceptance of people irrespective of their body shape, it’s time you stand up for yourself and show off those sexy legs.

Shorts are a hot weather staple – women worldwide wear them throughout Spring and Summer, if not longer. They’re not off-limits to plus-size women either, even though the pictures in all the glossy magazines would lead you to believe otherwise. 

While skirts and dresses have a special place in our hearts (and an entire section of our closet), some days, we just can’t be bothered to deal with any thigh chafing. This is why stylish shorts are such a summertime savior. 

We have some incredible plus-size shorts ideas for women with busty and curvy figures listed below to guide you with the styling.

10 Different Types Of Shorts For Plus Size Women

1. Denim Shorts 

Denim Shorts For Plus Size Women

Denim shorts can be paired with almost anything from a casual tee to a fancy top to a plain simple tee or a shirt. A pair of denim shorts can be worn with any top, such as casual tees, sheer tops, fancy tops, crochet tops, button-ups, bralettes and more. You can also wear denim shorts with various accessories such as belts and stockings.

2. High-Rise Jeans Shorts

 High-Rise Jeans Shorts

High-rise jeans shorts are quite in style nowadays while providing ease to move around regardless of the type of physique you have. You can pair high-rise shorts with a wide variety of tops, as per the occasion. Shapewear or other accessories can aid you in case you want to wear your favorite outfits. We have a complete guide on plus size shapewear for you to find the perfect shapewear for your body! 

3. Bermuda Shorts

 Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are perfect if you want to cover your thighs and want a comfortable piece of the outfit too. You can also wear these shorts for casual occasions and in your everyday routine. You can wear it with casual tops and button-ups to style it instantly. If you want to wear it as a party outfit, you can pair it with a fancy top such as leather, sheer, off-shoulder, corset, cropped tops, etc.

4. Slouchy Straight Cut

Slouchy Straight Cut Plus Size shorts for women

Slouch straight-cut shorts can be those shorts you might want to slip in on a random day. A straight fit can be a good option if you do not like the skin-tight shorts or want something more breathable. You can pair the straight-cut shorts with a casual tee, a tank top or cropped top, button-up or other casual wear attires.

5. Tailored Pull-On Shorts

Tailored Pull-On Plus Size Shorts for women

Tailored pull-on shorts can come in handy in case you want some stylish formal wear but do not want to go for jeans or skirts. These shorts are airy and comfortable, giving you enough comfort with a fashionable touch. These can be worn as formal wear as well as party wear when paired with a blazer, jacket or fancy tops or even coats.

6. Relaxed Pull-On Shorts

Relaxed Pull-On Plus Size Shorts for women

Relaxed pull-on shorts can be those comfy plus-size shorts you slip into on a lazy day when you just want to wear something comfortable. These make perfect casual wear for a hangout or a short trip to the supermarket! You can style these shorts with a casual tee or top and wear a button-up and vest. You can also wear it with a cardigan or other casual tops to style it lightly.

7. Flared Shorts

Flared plus size Shorts women

Flared shorts, just like flared pants, give more air and space to the thighs if you have wide legs. You can opt for these plus-size shorts for women for casual or party wear outfits. These shorts can be paired with fancy tops for a party look and also be worn with casual tees and tops for a laid-back look. Flared shorts might help you hide your fat thighs, too, if you have a wide bottom.

8. Linen Shorts

Linen Shorts

Linen shorts can work perfectly well as both- formals and casual- depending on how you style them! These are not only comfortable and spacious but also very voguish at the same time. These shorts can be paired with a matching shirt, vest, or top for a formal look. Wearing a vest or a casual tee with linen shorts will be enough to give a casual look too!

9. Paper-bag Waist Shorts

Paper-bag Waist Shorts

Paper-bag waist shorts are extremely comfortable as well as flexible if you do not want to worry about fitting into your shorts every now and then. The belt, along with the paper-bag-waist shorts, makes it more convenient for you to adjust to your size and style it differently. You can tuck in the tops and tie the belt differently to style your outfit.

10. Leather Shorts

Leather Shorts For Plus Size Women

Leather shorts can be one of the best options for party wear outfits. Leather can be worn any time of the year and can be styled instantly too. You can go for a complete leather outfit with leather shorts, a leather top, or a leather jacket. You can also wear a fancy top such as turtlenecks, bodysuits, corsets, or sheer tops and likewise to amp up your party outfit.

Trendy Plus Size Short Outfits Ideas To Try

Vests Underneath Unbuttoned Shirt

Vests Underneath Unbuttoned Shirt

A vest or tank top on a hot summer day works marvels for an outfit! You can choose to wear those tank tops or vests alone or layer them up if you want to style them further. A shacket or an oversized shirt make some of the best summer layers. Don’t know what a shacket is? You can check out our guide on styling a shacket too!

Matching Jacket or Coat

Matching Jacket or Coat

A matching jacket or coat can make outstanding outfits with the same coloured shorts since matching sets are a trend nowadays. You can go for a monochrome look with the shorts, go double denim or wear the same patterned coat and shorts for a matching set. You can add in an underlayer with a vest, bandeau top or a casual tee to add more effect.

Cropped Top

Cropped Top - With Shorts

Cropped tops are instant styling options in case you are unsure what to wear with shorts. Cropped tops can be layered with any type of layer such as cardigans, hoodies, jackets, coats and more for styling. But you can always wear a cropped top alone, too, no matter what type of body shape you have. Similar to cropped tops, you can go for cut-out tops that are trendy nowadays too! We also have various outfit ideas for cut-out tops!


Cardigan with shorts

Cardigans are some of the most comfortable and coziest apparel. You can pair them with a casual tee, tank top, cropped top, bandeau top, crochet top, or any other type of top. Oversized cardigans, mid-sized cardigans and cropped cardigans all are easy to style with almost anything in the closet. Cardigans can be worn all around the year and are pretty flexible pieces of clothes to style too.


Blazer with shorts

Blazers and matching coats look absolutely dashing with formal shorts or tailored shorts. You can pair the blazer and shorts to give a monochrome look as a matching set or wear complementary colors. Blazers can turn out to be excellent formal or semi-formal apparel when paired with tailored or formal shorts. 


In case you are looking for something really comfortable to wear, sweaters and pullovers are a perfect choice. Sweaters or pullovers can be paired with jeans or denim shorts, bermuda shorts, leather shorts and many other types of shorts to get different looks. Sweaters can also be worn with underlayers such as turtlenecks, bodysuits, and button-ups.

Off Shoulder Tops

Off Shoulder Tops

Off-shoulder tops, single shoulder tops or cold shoulder tops are really fancy options to wear above shorts. If you are looking for party wear or something fancy to style, these tops can be some good options to look out for. Off-shoulder tops do not need any layers, so you can simply put them on as they are and accessorize a bit with a belt or jewelry to add some spice.

Sheer Tops

Sheer Tops

Sheer tops can be styled seemingly easily as party wear. Depending on the occasion, you can go for fancy underlayers or overlays to style a sheer top. If it is a formal party, you can wear a plain vest and layer it with a jacket or coat to make it seem more formal. In case it is a casual fun night, you can go for bolder outfits and wear fancy underlayers with the sheer top.


Stockings With Shorts

Stockings go well with party wear shorts if they are fancy. You can get a hold of various stockings such as fishnet stockings or sheer stockings to wear below shorts. Stockings not only provide coverage but also add as a styling accessory instantly. Different stockings can be worn based on the type of occasion and the type of shorts. You can further wear the footwear based on the stockings too.

Final Words 

The summer is upon us, and it is time for you to put those long pants and hoodies into your wardrobe and bring out these plus-size shorts for women. Try these amazingly tantalizing and ravishing plus-size shorts for women and rock this sunny season!      

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I look stylish with shorts?

You can pair shorts with fancy tops such as sheer tops, halter necks, cropped tops, crochet tops, corset tops, shirts, peplum tops and more. Adding layers can also be a good idea if you have a plus-size figure since layers cover the physique to some extent. You can also use accessories such as various types of belts to enhance the outfit. Coats, cardigans, shackets, jackets, and shrugs are some of the best options for layers with shorts.

What should I pair with shorts?

Shorts can be paired with almost any type of top in your closet, depending on the type of shorts you have. Different types of shorts require different tops for various occasions. You can go casual with a simple tee, sweater, oversized shirt or shacket. For a party look, pair them with sheer tops, off-shoulder tops, crochet tops, cropped tops and more. Formal outfits can be obtained by wearing chinos, linen or tailored shorts with a matching blazer, coat, shirt, or tee.

How do you hide fat thighs in shorts?

A few tricks that can help you hide fat thighs while wearing shorts are:
1. Wear loose tops that fall over the thighs to stretch the silhouette.
2. Wear flared, cycling or bermuda shorts to make the thighs appear slimmer.
3. Wear patterns and bright colors in the upper body area to distract from the thighs.
4. Wear a third layer, cardigans, coats, jackets, etc., to cover the thighs.
5. Try to avoid wearing too short or too tight shorts.

What shorts look good on plus-size women?

Flared shorts, linen shorts, paper-bag shorts, denim shorts, leather shorts, straight-cut shorts and many other shorts can be worn by plus-size women. It would be advisable to avoid wearing too short or tight shorts if you have fat thighs. However, pull-on shorts, bermuda shorts or straight-cut shorts can be good options, too, if you want to hide fat thighs.