Gone are the days when zero figured fashion models were considered to be the epitome of beauty. Curves are very much in vogue currently thanks to the body-positivity propagandas carried out by our tinsel town divas which have made even the ones ranking low on self-confidence sit up and take notice of how pretty her curves actually are. You can take the example of Queen Latifah; she has strived to become a fashion role model of women belonging to different shape and size paired with her power dressing style. Just as an array of designing houses have opened up for the apparel requirement of these curvy divas, a growing demand have also been felt for plus size lingerie’s to uphold their confidence whether they are going out for a Friday night party or preparing to seduce their crushes with those killer moves and sultry glances.

For feeling chic and sexy at the same time, it is imperative to go ahead with lingerie which feels like your second skin. At times confidence and comfort might feel at loggerheads while trying to shop plus size lingerie given the extreme support which is expected out of these flimsy satin triangles. Today we shall take you through the easy tips which can help you make the most out of those god-gifted boyfriend-stealer curves.

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Colour Here, Colour There, Colour Everywhere

While buying plus size lingerie, it is necessary to choose a colour which reflects your mood, attitude and personality. Contrary to what people think, the colour of our innerwear can bring along a vibrant appeal which can uplift our mood and help us in tackling the Monday working blues. You need to consider your skin colour and occasion while deciding upon the lingerie hues. Bold red can create magic if you are planning for a romantic night whereas pastel or white hued lingerie is considered ideal for attending a crucial event. You can seek advice from a stylist if you are unsure about which hue shall be in sync with your mood. A stylist can help in comprehending yourself as you unveil your inner spirits like the ultimate diva.

Styling Holds The Key

Lingerie shops are filled with countless style options when it comes to picking up best plus size lingerie. But you need to think of the dual aspects of comfort and support while choosing the one which suits you best. A tried and tested idea is go ahead with a style which makes you feel sexy and confident at the same time. Afterall nothing can be compared to the flawless beauty of a lady who knows how to dress up right.

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Fitting Into The Right Size

Before you go lingerie shopping, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of your body structure. Women usually feel that they can create an illusion of having a thinner frame by sporting smaller sized lingerie. But in reality, this just simply warps the body shape leaving you feeling utterly uncomfortable. Bigger plus size lingerie is also infamous for making you look unnecessarily large and big-breasted. You can use a measuring tape for gauging the correct size which can conceal your flaws and flatter your size at the same time.

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Your Body Deserves To Be Flattered

Rather than going for something which is in fashion, it is always advisable to choose a plus size lingerie which flatters your body by accentuating your best parts. A minimizer bra for example can be the perfect option for the ladies having wider waist or bulky breast. Corsets have also received widespread appreciation with their ability of toning down the waist area to pave way for a slimmer appearance. Specialised briefs which target the wobbly tummy can be the BFF of plus sized ladies.

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The Feel Of Rich Fabric

Stretchy fabric can cling to the wrong regions such as belly and boobs. Light ones such as cotton can impart a voluptuous shape to your frame while feeling easy on the skin. Given the lack of any one size fits all approach, it is best to try out various alternatives to select one which suits you best. Silk and satin plus size lingerie carry an air of royalty and can be your top-pick for the honeymoon packing. You can even go for fishnet or leather if you wish to turn up the heat in the bedroom and reveal your dominant side. Lace and mesh can ooze out your sex appeal if you wish to be a demure bride waiting eagerly to break into the arms of your beloved.

You must look beyond the fact that you fall under the non-petite category and start appreciating those vivacious curves. Every single inch of your body is worth feeling proud of. If you accept and love yourself from the deepest part of your heart, then you are bound to exude an aura of charm and confidence which can make boys go gaga. So, stop cribbing like a big mama and have the maximum fun whether you decide to stay in or step out of the house in that seductive yet smart plus size lingerie. Check out more about plus size fashion here @ TheFashionFantasy.