Natural curls have a different flair of their own, especially when they are voluminous! Curly hair need not always be styled by using some styling tool or iron. You can flaunt your curls or waves by styling them into hairstyles that do not require much effort or these styling tools. 

For most black women, the major trouble comes with the curly hair that takes up too much time to style every day. What can be done for this is to wear a protective hairstyle that stays for days or weeks or simple hairstyles that do not take up too much time to style.

We have a list of such protective natural hairstyles for black women that can stay for weeks. We have also listed a few easy black women hairstyles that you can do on a regular basis without spending too much time on it or hustling with your hair. So read ahead to find the hairstyle that suits you the best!

Flattering and Easy Black Women Hairstyles 

  • Natural Hairstyles For Black Women That Are Simple To Do
    • Multi-Texture Ponytail
    • Side Cornrows
    • Curly Bangs
    • Box Braids
    • French Braids
    • High Bun
    • Voluminous Natural Curls
    • Space Bun
    • The Middle Part
    • Crochet Twists
    • 3B Curls With Highlights
    • Braid Out

Trendy Natural Hairstyles For Black Women 

Multi-Texture Ponytail

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women - Multi Texture Ponytail

A multi-texture ponytail can be one of the black women hairstyles you can do on a regular basis or in your day to day life. The hairstyle includes flattening the front as you pull all your hair back into a ponytail and keeping the texture intact into the ponytail. The curls or waves in the ponytail give a more natural and voluminous look to the hair. This hairstyle can be worn regardless of the hair length. 

A Quick Tip- You can partition your hair into a three-fourth partition and sleek your hair on either side to get a more classy look. Using hair clips might also be a good hair accessory to upgrade your ponytail!

Side Cornrows

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women - Side Cornrows

Side cornrows have been quite popular among the many black women hairstyles. These may take a lot of time to get perfect, but these are quite trendy protective hairstyles and can stay for days. 

That means you can just style these cornrows instantly or leave them be for a hairstyle. Side cornrows are a little bit easy to do if you have short hair but they look classy with long hair too. The cornrows can be as per the size of your desired hairstyle.

A Quick Tip- You can use hair extensions or threads, beads, pearls or rings to style these cornrows!

Curly Bangs

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women - Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are very cute and youthful short hairstyles for black women. The naturally textured bangs can turn out to be amazing bangs rather than the usual ones. So you can go ahead and trim them to suit your hairstyle. 

The curly or wavy bangs can help you to a great extent to style your hair without doing much. Bangs look the best with medium length or short hair giving a fuller look to the face. These bangs can allow you other styling options such as ponytails and space buns.

A Quick Tip- You can instantly style your hair by adding a headband or ribbon along with bangs.

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Box Braids

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women - Box Braids

Box braids were quite popular natural hairstyles for black women recently since a lot of celebrities wore them. Box braids can also be done regardless of your hair type or hair length. All you need to see is the size of the box you want to get, whether it is small, medium or large. 

Box braids can be styled into top knots, half up half down looks, ponytails, space buns and many other hairstyles if there are small or medium boxes. You can leave them open too if you do not want to tie them and leave them be.

A Quick Tip- You can use hair extensions or beads if you want to style your box braids. Also highlights and colored hair extensions might work as an option for styling.

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French Braids

Natural Hairstyles For Black Women - French Braid

When in doubt, French braid! French braids can also be a good choice for black women hairstyles since they are easy to braid and won’t take much time. To top it, the French braid stays intact for an entire day so you do not need to worry about combing your hair from time to time. 

French braids can be your daily hairstyles or the go-to hairstyle when you need an urgent styling. Not only do French braids look very chic but also work for all types of occasions. You can choose among one or two french braids depending on the occasion you want to style for.

A Quick Tip- You can use rings, beads, pearls or even to upgrade your French braid.

High Bun

High Bun - Natural Hairstyles For Black Women

A top knot or high bun can be the black women hairstyle to do for everyday routine. A bun is the best option when you do not want to manage the hustle of curly hair. A bun not only keeps your hair out of your face but also prevents it from tangling all day round. 

You can keep a top knot or high bun with box braids or cornrows or even go for a half up half down look. A high bun can be a very good option to go for if you have long hair. High bun or top knots may take some time if you have long hair but they definitely keep them tangle-free.

A Quick Tip- Bangs or highlights look amazing with a high bun or top knot. 

Voluminous Natural Curls

If you want to keep your hair open and have voluminous hair, this is one of the short hairstyles for black women to consider. If you want a very natural and messy look, this is the hairstyle to go for. The voluminous curls give a very cute and classy effect to the hair.

It is even better if you have 3B curls or ringlets or knotless braids in between. These curls and bouncy ringlets give extra texture to your hair. To ensure that the hair stays in the same way, you can use a serum or hair styling product to keep it lightweight and flowy. This looks best for women with short hair since the hair is easily flowy.

A Quick Tip- Highlights look the best with voluminous curls especially colors that give a sun kissed effect.

Space Buns

Space buns are super cute natural hairstyles for black women. Even with the wavy textured hair, space buns give amazing looks when styled with accessories. Space buns definitely do not take up much of your time and can be your everyday go-to hairstyle.

A space bun can be done in a top knot or half up half down manner. You can also go for space buns with box braids or cornrows if you want a change of hairstyle. This hairstyle works for all hair lengths and textures too.

 Space Buns

A Quick Tip- Space buns can be a good option with braided tendrils at front. You can also wrap the bun with braids and tie it up.

The Middle Part

A middle part can be done for short hairstyles for black women for all types of occasions. If you have short or medium length hair, this can be an option if you do not want to tie up your hair. This is a very simple hairstyle and does not require too much of your time.

A middle partition at the front may seem difficult to maintain but you can use different hair styling products to keep it intact. You can use oil or a serum to give it more bounce and keep it light.

A Quick Tip- You can use a headband or hair clips to style the open hair in the front. Curly bangs look amazing with a middle part and voluminous curly hair too.

Crochet Twists

Crochet Twists

Crochet twists can give you some amazing black women hairstyles if you know how to style them right. Crochet twists are perfect for highly textured hair types and majorly if you have long hair. Crochet twists take comparatively less time to style than braids but do not stay for too many days. 

If you want a fabulous hairstyle in just a few minutes then crochet twists might be an option. You can style the crochet twists into ponytails or other hairstyles if you want an enhanced hairstyle. Crochet waves look the best with highlights too and can be left open with a side or middle partition too.

A Quick Tip- Crochet curls look best when left open after twisting. You can side partition them or tie them into a top knot to obtain another hairstyle through it.

3B Curls With Highlights

3B curls can be defined as a collection of bouncy ringlets in short hairstyles for black women. 3B curls have a medium amount of curls ranging from ringlet to tight corkscrew curls. Short hair or medium hair with 3B curls can go for this option of highlighting the curls. 

You can go for a shade that brings out the best of your curls such as copper, blonde or burgundy. This shows more dimension of the curls and also styles them in a way. So all you need to do is maintain the highlights and flaunt them! 

A Quick Tip- You can go for one or two shades lighter than your hair color for a better highlight effect. To style your hair, you can go for braids with it or a ponytail too.

Braid Out

 Braid Out

Braids are good but if you are tired of tied hair and need a breather, this is the perfect natural hairstyles for black women for you to try. Pretty simple and easy to style, all you need to do is remove those braids and let your hair open.

This hairstyle works amazing if you have naturally textured hair. You can add a styling serum to keep the hair in place and the curls intact and shiny. Keep the hair braided for a minimum of one or two hours for more texture and then open the braids. 

A Quick Tip- You can go for a side or middle partition for this hairstyle and also use clips or headbands to accessorize the hairstyle.

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Final Words

There are tons of styling options in natural hairstyles for black women that can be easy to do even in everyday life. Managing the curls and waves may seem difficult, but you can opt for protective hairstyles if you do not want to spend too much time styling them.

Protective black women hairstyles allow you further to style your braids into ponytails, top knots, space buns and many other hairstyles. If you like to style your hair every day, there are options such as french braids and space buns that you can try. So see which hairstyle works best for you and let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hairstyle is best for natural hair?

Box braids, knotless box braids, Senegalese Twists, bantu Knots, Long Faux Locs, Passion Twists, Crochet Twists, etc are a few best natural hairstyles for black women. These protective hairstyles can be worn for days and weeks and styled into other different hairstyles.

What are some natural black hairstyles?

Some natural black women hairstyles that can be worn in everyday routine are bob box braids, box braids, braid-out hairstyle, natural braided updo, braided top knot or bun, cornrows, french braids, and many others.

What is the most popular black women’s hairstyle?

Some popular black women hairstyles are box braids, cornrows, crochet twists, braid-out hairstyles, curly bangs, Senegalese twists and top knots are some of the popular black women hairstyles recently.