Remember those Dua Lipa’s iconic face-framing highlights during the Grammys? Bella Hadid’s fiery and chunky money-piece highlights on the New Year? Jennie’s money piece during the HYLT era is, for sure, crystal clear in your mind. Yes, the hair trend going around this time is the money piece highlights.!

Money piece highlights recently got into trend and can be done by anyone. However, for attractive money piece highlights, it is necessary to take into account the hair length and the natural or existing hair color. However, as lovely as they look on natural hair, they can also look badass with some interesting ideas as well.

We have some amazing and unique money piece highlight ideas that you can use. Whether you have dark hair or blonde hair, short or long, we have it all listed for you. Take a look at the list of money piece highlights ideas below to find what might suit you.

Unique Hairstyles With Money Piece Highlights 2022

  • What are Money Piece Highlights?
  • Unique Hair Color Ideas For Money Piece Highlight
    • Thin Money Piece Highlights
    • Color Blocking
    • Rainbow Money Piece
    • Lowlights For Money Piece
    • Single Side
    • Half And Half
    • Caramel Money Pieces
    • Pink And Blonde
    • Multicolored
    • Pretty Pastels
    • Natural Balayage Highlights
    • The Sunset Look
  • Hairstyles To Flaunt Your Money Piece Highlights
    • Face Framing Braids
    • Ponytail With Face Framing Tendrils
    • Single Sided Tendril
    • Top Knot
    • Space Buns
    • Curtain Bangs

What are Money Piece Highlights?

If you are wondering what money piece highlights are, to put it in simple words they are generally some type of face-framing highlights. But a money piece is specifically a set of very little highlights or babylights around the front hairline.

The piece is right in front of the hair and becomes the focal point of the hair. The highlight is usually the lightest or the boldest piece of the hair and attracts attention therein. You can wear money piece alone or pair them with other highlights and balayage.

There are also a number of hairstyles that can help you style your money piece and make them stand out even more. We have listed a few of them for your as well to guide you through your hairstyle!

Unique Hair Color Ideas For Money Piece Highlight

Thin Money Piece Highlights

Thin Money Piece Highlight

One of the simplest ideas for blonde hair with a money-piece is to get a thin bundle highlighted. If you have blonde hair, you can go for a brown shade or lighter shades such as platinum to get a hint of color. This will give a slight touch of a different color to the front of the hair giving some extra dimension to your face. If you have fringes these can be a good idea for a face-framing effect.

Color Blocking

Money Piece Highlight - Color Blocking

Color blocking is one of the most common ways to get money-piece highlights on dark hair. That is, getting light highlights on black hair or getting some contrasting color with already colorful hair. You can also go for brown and black or other opposite colors to get a contrasting effect. Color blocking can be a good way to style if you have short or medium-length hair since they grab more attention.

Rainbow Money Piece

Rainbow Money Piece Highlight

Now this one is ‘straight out of a fantasy novel‘ look! If you are not sure what color to pick, just choose all of them. A rainbow can work magic when mixed with other hair colors or even jet black hair. Pastels in the rainbow pattern or multiple other colors that form a rainbow pattern on the face-framing highlights can be used here. You can take your time to select the colors and the lineup and how you want to blend them.

Lowlights For Money Piece

Lowlights for Money Piece

Lowlights are the most ideal for money piece highlights on dark hair. Giving a hint of color pop on the darker shade, the lowlights can be one or two shades lighter than your original hair color if you want a natural sun-kissed effect. If you want to get color blocking effect, you can go for lighter shades such as platinum and blonde.

Single Side

Single Side Highlights

If you feel getting a two-sided highlight is too common, simply go for one side for the highlight. A color blocking effect or a lowlight with this hair color idea is perfect for dark hair or shades of brown. A single-sided highlight can be mixed with other hair colors as well such as green, blue, or violet to give a dramatic and cool look.

Half And Half

Half And Half

Taking some inspiration from our very gorgeous Harley Quinn is the dual-toned or as we put it a half-and-half look. Two different shades on either face-framing tendril are as thrilling as it looks. With such an interesting hairstyle, you are bound to make heads turn in the room! Two contrasting colors are what you might be looking for such as purple and yellow or green and blue to make it fun. You can also check out the trendy hair trends 2022 guide for new ideas.

Caramel Money Pieces

Caramel Money Pieces

Caramel highlights give a lustrous and glossy effect to the hair when paired with other shades of brown. This combination not only looks natural but also gives a subtle accentuation to your curls and waves when you style them. You can get this look if you are not looking for anything too fancy or eye-catchy but also fashionable.

Pink And Blonde

Pink And Blonde

Does it remind you of Barbie? A lovely shade of pink and blonde hair with a money-piece is such a cliché combo. But who cares when it looks so classic! You can go for any shade of pink with blonde hair color. One of the popular hair colors that complement blonde is rose gold which gives a slight pinkish effect to the hair. You can also go for a blonde highlight with pink hair color that gives a color pop effect.


Multicolored highlights

A multicolored highlight does not necessarily have to be more than two or three colors. But if you do not want a solid colored highlight, you can blend in two or more colors as an ombre effect or in a layered manner. Either complementary colors such as red, yellow, and orange can also form a good effect or contrasting shades such as blue and pink can also turn out to be awesome shades. You can choose your own palette of shades for a multitone money piece highlight.

Pretty Pastels

Pretty Pastels

A sweet and pretty shade of pastel never hurts, does it? Pastels and neons have been in and out of style very frequently. But you cannot get enough of pastels since they give a subtle yet pretty look. You can go for a pink or rose gold money piece highlight if you have blonde hair. If you have a dark hair color you can go for other hair colors such as green, purple, blue, or even yellow.

Natural Balayage Highlights

Natural Balayage Highlights

If you are not a fan of bold and unusual hair color ideas, no worries. We have something for you in the bag as well. A natural balayage money piece highlight is what you can safely go for. The color for highlight can be one or two shades lighters or darker than your original hair color. This can also be a good option for money piece highlights with bangs other than the pastels and color-blocking ones.

The Sunset Look

Money Piece Highlight - Sunset Look

How beautifully the colors during the sunset blend! And just like that, we got the inspiration for some fantastic highlight ideas. For those who wish to try something new for blonde hair with money piece, this is it! Yellow with an ombre effect gradually blending into the red towards the ends would make one stand out effortlessly for sure.

Hairstyles To Flaunt Your Money Piece Highlights

Face Framing Braids

Money Piece Highlight - Face Framing Braids

Margot Robbie’s iconic face-framing braids can finally be put to use here! Just braid your highlights into thin braids and leave them loose or secure them with tiny rubber bangs. The braids may depend on the length and thickness of your highlights if they are thin or thick. You can also braid two small braids and leave the rest of the highlights loose if you have thick highlights. This hairstyle is perfect if you have colorful or color-blocking face-framing highlights.

Ponytail With Face Framing Tendrils

Money Piece Highlight - Face Framing

A ponytail along with face-framing fringes, bangs, or tendrils can be worn even on a daily basis when you do not want to spend too much time styling your hair. Just keep the money piece highlight loose while you secure the rest of your hair into a high ponytail or a half up half down ponytail. You can also do a Y2K look by partitioning the highlights into three-fourths sections and securing them neatly at the back with bobby pins.

Single Sided Tendril

Money Piece Highlight - Single Sided Tendril

If you are getting color blocking or single-sided money piece highlight done, you can easily style your hair the Kylie Jenner way! A ponytail or top knot with the tendrils all on either side gives a vintage yet chic look. You can also add some waves or curls to the tendril to make it look more glamorous. Apart from this you can also try several other heatless hairstyles that can help you style you money piece highlight.

Top Knot

Money Piece Highlight - Top Knot

Now, this is something classy! Top knots not only keep your hair secured into a place but also give a bold overall look. For those with money piece highlights for dark hair, this is a simple, elegant, and chic way to tie your hair. Top knots with face-framing fringes or tendrils styled with curls or waves might give an even more glamorous look.

Space Buns

Money Piece Highlight - Space Buns

Space buns can be the easiest and quickest way to style those money-piece highlights with bangs. You can either keep the face-framing tendrils or bangs open and do the half up half down space buns or go for top knot space buns as well. If your fringes are long and you do not want too many of them on your face, you can push them into the bun too.

Curtain Bangs

Money Piece Highlight - Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are quite trendy nowadays and can be a very good option if you want money piece highlights with bangs. The curtain bangs with lowlights or balayage with blonde or brunette hair with caramel highlights are some popular hair colors. You can, however, try other ideas as well such as thin highlights or curlights with two different colors.

Final Words

If you are wondering whether money piece highlights is worth it or not, then there are some pretty good reasons to help you make up your mind. Foremost, money piece highlights are low maintenance and easy to style. Also since only a small portion of your hair is dyed, the hair damage is reduced compared to other hair color trends.

However, this does not mean you do not need to care for the highlights. But some regular appointments at the salon are all you need to maintain the color. There is nothing to hold you back from getting pretty hair if you take timely care. So try those different shades and styles with these voguish hair color ideas and let us know which one you loved the most!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are money pieces highlights?

Money piece highlights are face-framing tendrils that have a highlight or lowlight color. In the money-piece highlight, some portions of the face-framing layers are thoroughly highlighted so as to make them stand out. You can go for various styles with money piece highlights such as pastel colors, dual tones, multiple colors, thin highlights, and many more.

Are money pieces in Style 2022?

Absolutely! These trending hairstyles have been in the interest of people all around the world including celebrities. If you are not sure how they will work out, you can go for a natural blend with a thin portion of your face-framing tendril. If you are up for a challenge, you can try out some unique or interesting colors and hair color ideas for your money piece.

Can you do a money piece with bangs?

Of course, you can have your bangs and fringes highlighted as money-piece since the added color may give an extra dimension to the face shape. Also, money piece highlights with bangs can elevate the haircut look and grab more attention. You can also take a break from styling your hair every now and then with this instantly styled hair.