With every New Year, it is mandatory to change your look every now and then as there is no better time to alter your old look and embrace the New year with a new look by following these best men’s hairstyle trends 2022. Last year was filled with bolder cuts and styles; similarly, this year has also thrown some of the best haircut trends we have seen in a while.

This year has a stylish option for every type and hair length; be it from faded undercuts, short fades, and mid-length comb-overs to quiffs, braids, and even man buns are in trend for this year. There are many men’s hairstyle trends 2021 ideas to give a thought to when you think about men’s hairstyles.

Many new hairstyles will get a chance this year but the trending ones will remain on top this year too.  It may be difficult to choose the best cut for yourself as there are so many men’s hairstyle trends to follow. 

To make your and your barber’s life easier, we have assembled all the best hairstyles for men that will rock during 2022. Take a look and choose as there is surely a haircut for you that will fit you perfectly!

  • Short sides Long top
  • High top fade 
  • Low Fringe
  • Fauxhawk
  • Comb over
  • Messy Quiff
  • Long hairstyle + beard
  • Long curly man bun

Short Side Long Top

men’s hairstyle trends 2020

Any barber in the world can get this hairstyle done with their eyes closed! One of the best men’s hairstyle trends 2022; short side with long top is a classic haircut that is just evergreen and cannot go out of fashion! 

This haircut is a canvas for your creativity as you can experiment with your side and have a perfect and stylish top intact. This haircut gives a sophisticated and stylish look no matter how old this style is. A classic hairstyle you can confidently try in 2022.

High Top Fade

If you want to try something bold and contrasty then you should definitely try this amazing high top fade. It will flourish your facial traits and will make your face look longer and if you have sharp jawline then this haircut is the best you can get to utilize it.

This haircut with a beard will make your face look amazing and handsome to say the least. High top fade gives a clean-cut look usually, so you can go for any facial style you like. Even with a full coarse beard will make you look amazing with high top fade. This hairstyle is going to be in any list of men’s hairstyle trends 2022.

Low Fringe

If you are a fan of Johnny Depp then you know how effortlessly he pulls off this amazing haircut. If your hairs have become overly long, then wait for a little longer and don’t chop them off. This is the perfect season to go wild and extreme.

If you are into long haircuts then you should pull this haircut. From famous TV starts to football players, everyone has this haircut once in their career. Even this hairstyle is on the list of men’s hairstyle trends 2022 shows how trendy this hairstyle is. Your long fringes will give you the title of the most stylish and fashion-savvy guy of the group!


If you are looking to something edgy with your short hair then this style is definitely the thing you should try. With short beard connecting your high faded faux hawk, you are going to look as edgy as you can and pull off an amazing look with this bold haircut. 

The faux hawk is going to top the charts of men’s hairstyle trends 2022 because of its popularity among men how effortlessly you can pull this cut with your stubble. With a short beard and faux hawk, you can kill two styles with just one cut!

Comb Over

men’s hairstyle trends 2020

A versatile and easy-to-pull-off cut is the comb-over, and there is no doubt why this haircut is going to be a trend in 2022. A simple yet sophisticated haircut, comb-over is loved by all the men as there are no efforts needed to pull off this hairstyle.

An easy-to-maintain, comb over is the ultimate hairstyle for men who are from the working class. There are many ways you can pull off this haircut too. If you love beard then this is the perfect hairstyle for you as it will compliment your bread and give you a rough and tough look. Try this haircut and you will not regret it for sure!               

Messy Quiff

An old-fashioned and plain hairstyle, the messy quiff is a big hit among the men in their late 30s and early 40s. If you know how to upgrade your messy quiff then you are going to pull off a daring and snazzy look with this haircut.

The reason why this haircut making into the men’s hairstyle trends 2022 list is that it is versatile and easy to pull off. Instead of using a comb, arrange your quiff with some hair wax and boom! You have a rough and stylish look for yourself with this haircut. In this way, your quiff will be the definition of effortless flair!

Long Hairstyle + Beard

men’s hairstyle trends 2020

If you have noticed how assuredly Brad Pitt pulled off this hairstyle then you are a true movie buff. Long hair with a beard is a perfect definition of a man. This combination will give you the masculine look you are craving for so long!

Keep in mind, if you want to pull off the long hairstyle then keep your beard short as you want to look virile and rugged instead of a caveman who is unkempt and sloppy. A perfect definition of manliness, this hairstyle is going to be in a red hot form in every list of men’s hairstyle trends 2022.  

Long Curly Man Bun

OH! The beauty of a man bun is unchallenged and unfading as this hairstyle has been here for so long time that we can easily say that it has withstood the test of time! There are no criteria to pull off this hairstyle as you have to just grow your curls and wait for the results.

If you have thick and curly hair then you are going to look masculine and jagged with a man bun. Get all your hair back and tie it with a rubber band and now you are the true meaning of style and machismo!

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Final words

These hairstyles are going to be on the pinnacle of men’s hairstyle trends 2022 lists and you can try them and rock the milieu near you and be the fashionista and rock 2022 with these amazing and awesome haircuts!