• With over 15 million global members and 3 million products from over 80 countries, Vestiaire Collective is the top B Corp certified global app for desirable pre-loved fashion.
  • ‘Long Live Fashion,’ the brand’s newly designed exciting banner under which a passion for fashion and a forward-thinking mindset coexist, draws on the brand’s well-established values of taste and trust.
  • The Collective is represented by five puppets, all of whom are style icons created from recycled clothing. They reflect the different reasons why pre-loved is the unquestionable future of sustainable fashion.

“Fashion is alive and well!” – Vestiaire Collective, the world’s most tasteful and trusted fashion resale network, introduces a new brand identity to spur change in the industry and reflect how fashion enthusiasts may recalibrate for a more responsible future.

The campaign will be led by “The Collective,” a group of five style icon puppets made from pre-loved clothing. Each of whom will give a compelling explanation why pre-loved is superior and will be presented by Loc Prigent, the legendary French fashion filmmaker.


Miss Classique is stylish, refined, and obsessed with genuine, timeless pieces from fashion’s top designers. Lady Green is more B Corp than bodycon, and she understands that the future of fashion is circular.

Hunter has patience, knows vintage like the back of his hand, and believes that the quest is just as exciting as the find. Rich recognizes the commercial possibilities of his clothing.

You can’t put a price on style, they say, Drops are always first in line for the next collaboration, and nothing is too much trouble for this logo queen.

Vestiaire Collective celebrates the variety of its community by creating these gorgeous embroidered stars, showing that it is possible to appreciate both fashion and the environment and that there is a better way to shop.

Vestiaire Collective’s new ideology, “Long Live Fashion,” not only expresses a need to act by encouraging its members to band together for the cause of fashion, but it also does it in a way that prevents the industry from taking itself seriously. It reminds us that fashion is connected with freedom, and that it has always been about violating the rules, in the very current attitude of anything goes.

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