Liposuction is one of the most requested cosmetic surgeries. People tend to feel good about themselves when they have the perfect body.

However, one needs to be very careful when one goes for liposuction. As various chemicals are injected into them, thus, one should keep an eye on what one is intaking. Various lifestyle changes are required, to make that surgery work for you.

In this article, we will explain and suggest a few foods that one should add to their diet, or omit from it to keep that amazing figure. 

Many people tend to ignore the fact that they should keep the body in a fit posture and figure would only be possible when you follow some strict lifestyle rules. Otherwise, it will all be in vain. If you do not want to pay for another liposuction, then you should keep reading.

If you would ask a nutritionist or the cosmetic surgeon about the food you should have after the liposuction surgery, they would probably say that it is necessary to have a balanced diet. A slight imbalance would lead to a disaster.

The first thing you need to consider when planning a diet for liposuction is the food to heal the scars or any other inflammation. In advanced liposuction, there might be no scars, but it depends.

If you feel any kind of pain after the surgery, then you should consider eating something that will help you cure that pain.


So, before anything, first of all, let us know about the reason to go for liposuctions.

Why should you go for liposuction to enhance beauty and maintain your looks?

Here are some of the reasons on why one should go for liposuction surgery.

  • It is considered as a safe and one of the most effective medical treatment to remove fat from certain areas of your body.
  • Also, it uses the latest technology like VASER surgical system which is an ultrasound energy system that targets the fat cells very effectively and preserves the blood vessels, tissues and nerves. Also, there are many other such techniques and methods of liposuction.
  • The results of liposuction are: Tighter and firmer skin with unwanted fat gone and so, you look beautiful, fit and healthy.
  • A person of any age can take benefit from liposuction.
  • Also remember one of the main points about liposuction- is that- it is not a treatment for overall weight treatment nor it is a treatment for obesity. The main reason for going for liposuction is look beautiful and good. And this thing, you can also get done by following a good diet plan and taking care of your body properly. But still, as liposuction can give you faster results, you should then take care of your diet properly.

So now, let us get to the actual foods that you should take and avoid post liposuction surgery. Then, after full recovery, you can also follow a good diet plan from a good nutritionist to stay fit and beautiful always.

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What foods to eat after liposuction treatment?

A lot of protein

It is advised to intake a good deal of protein, whenever someone goes through surgery or gets some type of injury. Be it a liposuction or any other type of operation. A high intake of protein along with a healthy lifestyle will fill all the scars at an incredibly high speed. Otherwise, you will have to wait for months or even years.

In many cases, people tend to experience swelling which can be pretty annoying, especially when you are supposed to go back to work after the surgery. One thing which often confuses people when we tell them to add protein to their diet is that they consider protein “meat” which is not true.

Non- veg food items also contain protein such as lentils, and one does not always need to eat meat to increase the protein intake.

You can add the following food items to increase the protein portion in your diet.

●       Lean meat.

●       Lentils.

●       Fish.

●       Beans.

●       Whole grains.

Liposuction foods

Multi vitamins

Sometimes, it is pretty impossible to get a balanced diet through food. The nutritionist will ask you to add more than 500mg of vitamin C or other nutrients daily, but you cannot achieve it through food only, for people above 30 multivitamins are necessary. 

Those who underwent liposuction surgery should consider having multivitamins containing vitamin A, biotin, and Vitamin D. Vitamin B complex is necessary to absorb nutrients and food.


Antioxidants are necessary to increase the cure rate. You must think of adding fruits, and dry fruits to your diet. Eating a bowl of grapes, berries, or dry fruit will keep the body immune.

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What foods to avoid after liposuction treatment?

Below are some of the foods that you should avoid after liposuction surgery.

Saturated fat – this is a type of fat that is strong at room temperature & is found in generally all the creature and prepared food varieties. To know more about saturated fats, you can also check the American Heart Association site.

Salty food – You ought to keep away from salty food varieties for somewhere around two to four months after liposuction. Sodium is known to be responsible for inflammation in the body, in this manner influencing the healing system. Still, you can also use substitutes of sodium like regular spices and herbs.

Sugar – sugar and sweet food might cause put on weight and nullify the goal of your liposuction surgery. Similarly, sugar is low in nutrients and vitamins and won’t offer any advantage to the healing system of the body.

Liquor – It can affect the meditation that you would be taking post-treatment. In addition to it, it also causes dehydration. So, you should stay away from liquor for somewhere around ten to fourteen days post-surgery.