The K-Pop industry is dominating the world not only in terms of music but also in fashion. The seemingly eccentric yet suave Korean male fashion trends are being admired by the world, especially by the youngsters who are either already invested in the K-pop music scene or have recently adopted it.

Disregarding the rules of the previous year’s collection, the Korean fashion-inspired trends have influenced the men’s collection significantly by adding uber streetwear-inspired fashion into the mix with the already praised couture that consists of well-cut suits and oversized puffer jackets.

The Korean fashion market that is estimated to earn $44 billion is inclusive of several outfits sporting the patterns of plaids and stripes as well as pastel-colored fabrics that are typically avoided by most men.

Apart from these styles, wearing monochrome outfits as well as minimalistic designed suits and clothes are also gaining global popularity.

So whether you want to reinvent your appearance by filling up your old wardrobe with the year’s latest Korean Male Fashion Trends or if you only desire to find something aesthetically appealing yet debonair, read on to learn more about the Korean Male Fashion Tips that can truly rock your style!

Korean Fashion Tips For Guys

  • Prints Galore
  • Maverick Denim Styles
  • Luxuriant Emblems
  • Baggy Jackets
  • Sparkles & Glitter
  • Minimalist Monochrome
  • Bold Neons
  • Exuberant Mix
  • Sharp Suits
  • Apparel Extravagance

Korean Fashion Tips For Guys

Prints Galore

Among the popular Korean male fashion trends, the stylish stripes and motifs have returned along with floral prints to offer a distinctive look to the men who aren’t shy of showcasing their uniqueness.

For tees, trousers, and shirts; you can combine eccentric printed outfits with geometric prints to create an amazing pair of clothing.

Korean Fashion Tips For Guys

You can also find all printed daily wear clothes to satisfy your fashionista who simply want to stand out from the crowd.

Maverick Denim Styles

If you’re the type that prefers a rugged look but would surely like to add more rawness to your appearance then you have plenty of options in the denim styles.

The good old partially ripped denim is still in fashion as they can be paired with literally any type of t-shirt, including the long kurta-styled ones.

To obtain an authentically spectacular street look, you can choose the revival denim or get on board with the increasingly demanded extraordinarily styled winter denim.

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The inclusion of the latter is a primary Korean Fashion Tips For Guys as they are available in numerous styles that may incorporate anything from the artistic abstract prints to oversized pockets or even the uneven cut ankle length for a panache of a different sort.

Luxuriant Emblems

No Korean Male Fashion Tips are adequate without mentioning the luxuriantly printed emblem apparel. These have been spotted on numerous occasions on famous K-Pop stars as well as on western musicians who appreciate their taste in brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and so on.

If you’re wondering which outfit to pair well with such clothes then consider a symbol printer t-shirt over a pair of chinos and trousers or go for a more toughened look by wearing layers over your shirts and tees.

There are several combinations to choose from with the variety of luxurious brands existing in the market that you simply can’t have enough of them.

Baggy Jackets

Since we mentioned wearing layers, you should know that Baggy Clothes are in high demand by youngsters who want to appear edgy but sleek. From puffed sleeved jackets to oversized statement hoodies, you can choose between each but make sure you pair them with something neat underneath.

Plaids will do too but then they could also be paired with Faux Fur jackets to get that extra appeal to belong with the latest Korean male fashion trends.

Sparkles & Glitter

Men who prefer to flaunt their shape or would like to resemble the party spirit can get eclectic types of sparkling apparel that are far from tacky and definitely regal if nothing else.

These apparel are stunningly eye-catching and you can be assured that you will enjoy the limelight soon as you enter a room.

Korean Fashion Tips For Guys

There are choicest jackets, overcoats, and even bomber jackets apart from denim and full-sleeved shirts that facilitate glitter and sparkles for the ultimate glamorous look.

Pair any of them with something simple and without geometric prints to get the most of the Korean Fashion Tips For Guys in this shining department of excellence.

Minimalist Monochrome

For the minimalist enthusiasts who prefer to wear solid shades, there’s plenty of choices in the monochrome department.

Picking dark colors such as maroon, black, cobalt blue, and so on will offer you plenty of styling choices when you pair them with clothes that have patterns in similar colors.

Think sweaters, jeans, and jackets over and under mildly lighter shades or darker shades of t-shirts or shirts to combine with an all-black pair of sneakers.

Additionally, to highlight two of the prominent Korean Male Fashion Tips, get on with either the all-red apparel or the stunning all leather apparel that are both capable of gracing any party or a calm evening date whilst making you appear trendy yet stylishly bold.

Bold Neons

It is safe to say that the list of Korean Male Fashion Tips is incomplete without mentioning the fine eye-catching neon clothing. It is to date enjoying cult-like popularity due to K-Pop stars donning numerous neon-colored outfits in their music videos or even in their daily party wear.

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However, make no mistake, neon outfits aren’t merely suited for parties as they can also be worn to attend ceremonies and even solve the purpose of casual wear, only if you don’t mind the attention at the very least.

For color options, there are plenty of choices contrary to what one might assume. From UFO Green to Electric blue and even Proton Purple to Chartreuse Yellow, you can pick any of them to make your ideally dull outfits fantastically appealing.

Exuberant Mix

While the Korean Fashion Tips For Guys are admittedly about neons and monochrome outfits, overlooking the color-coordinated combination of clothes is a big no-no, especially if you prefer wearing multi-layer clothing.

You can get the perfect streetwear appeal by following this popular Korean male fashion trends as it comprises funky sweaters with abstract but vivid fabrics and prints.

Together with a mix & match routine, you can obtain the desired Hip-Hop look or the laid back 70’s look that will surely please the eyes of those who appreciate diverse taste in fashion.

Sharp Suits

When you recognize yourself as someone that’s metaphorically cut from a different cloth, you can still follow the Korean Trend while appearing sharp and elegant.

The Edgy Jackets and sharply cut suits might fancy you if you prefer to maintain an air of authority around you while avoiding the typical business suits for casual wear.

Korean Fashion Tips For Guys

Although Korean Male Fashion Tips always puts emphasis on tailoring to the cuffs when it comes to wearing suits, you can also get a rich businessman appeal without sacrificing your sportiness by pairing a plain wool shirt and plaid pants with an exceedingly fashionable long coat to get a handsome appeal that is second to none in terms of perfection and nobility.

Don’t forget classic sunglasses and oxford shoes if not high ankle sneakers that are built to allow comfort and agility.

Apparel Extravagance

Accessorizing your outfit is always ideal as long as you keep it minimalistic without dismissing the essentials. From all leather bags and chunky boots that can instantly skyrocket your charm, don’t forget to add ties into your wardrobe that are specifically strange or simply aesthetically pleasing.

Another useful bit of Korean Fashion Tips For Guys is wearing a pair of gloves with your suits or even with neon outfits to add the extra panache. Extra points if they’re leather gloves and even more when they fit your palm perfectly.

Final Words

Any of these Korean fashion tips can catapult your style statement while checking all the right boxes. You don’t necessarily need to get the perfect fit in all cases with suits being an exception because oversized baggy outfits are still in trend and they’re not going to go away anytime soon.

While each of these trends can prove to be incredibly helpful in providing your wardrobe with a refreshing change, you should always perform experiments of your own when it comes to styling yourself as you can judge your appearance the best according to your distinctive choices.