There is nothing constant in the volatile world of fashion and it keeps churning out trends that are never seen or experienced before. It is not only their songs proving chart-busters every now and then but their fashion statement has also caught the people’s eyes; yes, I am talking about K-pop and in the recent past, the rise of K-pop has revolutionized the world of fashion and has inspired so many styles and outfits that are amazingly stunning and eye-catching!

Various K-pop bands like BTS, Blackpink, and Exo are known to be the biggest K-pop fashion trendsetters and everyone wants to dress like Suha of Exo, Lisa of Blackpink, and V of BTS. They represent some of the huge names of the fashion industry like Gucci, Prada, BVLGARI, Louis Vuitton, H&M, and etc.

The best thing about these bands is that they are not limited to big brands only as they are praised for promoting local brands of their region.  Gender-fluid fashion, sharp formals, girl next door looks, breath-taking accessories, and splendid shoes are the trademarks of the K-pop fashion trends.

These fashionistas have raised the style bar to elevate the fashion world and we can copy some of the outfits from their coveted wardrobes!

The K-pop industry is enjoying unprecedented success as the icons of the industry are emerging as fashion icons of the world. What follows are some of the best fashion outfits inspired by the K-Pop megastars:

  • The Airport Outfits of BTS
  • Oversized T-shirts
  • Girl Next Door Skirt
  • Faux Leather and Denim Blazer
  • Ankle Boots
  • Beanies
  • Long Coats
  • Leather Shoulder Bags

k-pop fashion trends

The Airport Outfits of BTS

To give justice to their fashion-sense, you have to dedicate a whole section for the BTS airport outfits. The clothes worn by this boy band are quite amazingly stunning and you will be in awe of their attires. These outfits are impeccable and eye-catching and if you want to ooze the airport class of BTS then you will need very few things. All you need is leather bags, denim pants, an oversized t-shirt, and an amazing jacket.

Combine these clothing items and you have simple yet sophisticated looks of BTS members. This is one of the rising K-pop fashion trends going on in the world and you will see hoards of fans wearing similar outfits like their favorite boy band.

Oversized T-shirts

Oversized t-shirts have been in the fashion game for a long time but their popularity gained much ground when k-pop laid their hands on these tees! They were replaced by tight jackets and turtle neck t-shirts but they are back on the top of the fashion food chain with the help of BTS. They have been seen wearing these tees at live concerts and at airports.

K-Pop Fashion Trends

If you want to get a look at K-pop group members then one of the best K-Pop fashion tips is to look for oversized tees. You can add a jacket or can just simply tuck it into your denim to look just like another k-pop star in the making. These t-shirts are reasonable too and you don’t have to pay a huge fortune to buy the clothes these music icons wear.

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Girl’s Next Door Skirt

If you are looking for K-pop fashion for women and girls then this should be your choice! Jisoo of Blackpink is slaying the fashion world with her intense looks! She is known to pull off bohemian glamour to retro-chic look effortlessly. One of the most amazing looks of Jisoo’s street girl next door skirt. It is effortless to pull off and you will look as stunning as the women’s style icon of the K-Pop industry.

If you want to look like one of the sweethearts we find in romantic movies and cartoons then this is your jam! You can add a white or pink blouse and top it up with a ribbon on your head and you have a perfect look of a beautiful and sensual girl next door!

Faux Leather and Denim Blazer

K-pop fashion for women is highly influenced by Blackpink and one of the best style icons of the girl-band is Lisa. If Lisa wears a denim jacket then it will be sold out like hot-potato. Similarly, one such clothing item present in the wardrobe of Lisa is faux leather and denim jacket.

K-Pop Fashion Trends

If you want to pull off this look then you need a leather or denim jacket that is oversized similar to how Lisa loves her jackets. You can get it tailored as you can go for leather front and denim back. Layer this jacket with a fitted top or thick cardigan and imitate your favorite Blackpink star!

Ankle Boots

Black shoes or boots are an item that you can’t miss as it is a wardrobe essential item! And if you want to look timeless then you can go for Alexa boots as they are here for a very long time and have survived many fashion revolutions. These boots are gleaming K-pop fashion for women as they will elevate your overall look and help you achieve the sophisticated yet cute look of your favorite K-pop musician.

Choose the ones which are made from glossy leather for the extra glow up and a heel with 70mm block for added comfort. If you opt for squared-toe or high low cuffs then you can pair them with anything and everything present in your closet.


If you want a certificate to be a K-pop and BTS fan then all you have to do is to get yourself a beanie and pair it with anything you wear! The band boys want to wear beanies wherever they are. You can get a classic tight black beanie just like Jungkook or you can go for a huge, fluffy one that Suga loves to wear everywhere. These beanies will not only make you look handsome but will add some cuteness and innocence to K-pop boys.

Beanies -

One of the most adored K-pop fashion trends; beanies are becoming a huge part of people’s lives due to their easy-to-carry nature!

Long Coats

If you want to blend beautiful style and comfort then add long coats to your wardrobe. They are one of the most preferred choices of boys in order to fully imitate the look of their favorite band BTS. With a wide range of varieties in the coats, you will get a fresh look every day by pairing those coats with loose and oversized tees and denim.

You can match the look of RM by pairing this long coat with wide-legged pants or if you want to go street-style then the best K-Pop fashion tip is to pair torn out jeans with a waterproof jacket and beanie and achieve the cute look of Jungkook.

Leather Shoulder Bags

Another K-Pop fashion tip is to be as stylish as your music magician is to throw a unique bomber jacket on your oversized tee. Oversized bombers are one of the jackets that are K-pop fashion trends and the amount of popularity enjoyed by these jackets is unprecedented. You can also go for floral-prints and patterns to imitate J-Hope and elevate your look.

Final Words 

Throw a beanie, then pair an oversized tee with wide-legged or torn-out pants and top it with a long coat or a bomber jacket and finish the look with oxford shoes and get yourself a K-Pop megastar look. The omnipresence of the K-pop fashion craze in the youth is exceptional and it will grow and grow and it is time for you to be a part of this fashion trend and be as amazing as these stars!

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