Hoodies are the time-honored apparel to wear all around the year. With endless possibilities to style, hoodies can be worn with a lot of outfits. Comfort and style, both can be achieved by wearing your favorite hoodie with different styles. 

Zip up hoodies are the most versatile togs in the wardrobe. Simple, as they might look, zip up hoodies can turn out to be wonderful outerwear. You can just slide into your hoodie, put on your boots and yet look pretty good. Furthermore, if you bring in one or two layers, you can rock that simple-looking zip up hoodie in the best way possible.

A trend-following recently is oversized apparel. Following this trend, you can buy your hoodie a size or two bigger. These baggy and spacious hoodies give a cozy feeling when worn and are hard not to simp. To know how to style zip up hoodies, below are a few trending outfit ideas you can try.

8 Ways To Style Your Zip Up Hoodie

  • Cropped and tank tops
  • Oversized tees and shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Blazers
  • Joggers
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Skirts

Cropped and Tank Tops

If you have no idea what to wear to your outing, cropped tops are one of the best ideas to try. Cropped tees along with a zip up hoodie will give you an outfit you can wear to your casual hangouts or at school. Tank tops go well with pretty much everything. Any jeans or pants you have will do with a tank top on them. You can get a casual as well as a party look with these two pieces of clothing. 

Crop top and zip up hoodies

Oversized tees and shirts

Oversized tees are ideal combinations with an oversized hoodie. Grab a v-neck or round neck t-shirt, tuck it in and you’re done! This is the OG look that gives the girl next door vibe. You can wear this casual attire when you feel too lazy to dress up. 

Over sized tees and shirts- How to Wear Zip Up Hoodie

Otherwise, here is a smart way to level up the look. Add a layer of extra-large or baggy shirts and you can see the result. This attire can be casual or formal depending on the shirt and top you wear. It is an exceptional and cool zip up hoodie outfits idea to try out.


Wondering how to wear zip up hoodies in a low-key way? Sweaters, flannels, turtlenecks, knitted pullovers, jumpers are some of the fancy cloth pieces you can wear under your hoodie. Not only does this give extra layering to keep you warm, but it also looks very stylish when coupled with the ideal bottom wear. These can be the ideal zip up hoodie outfits ideas that can never go wrong! 

Sweaters and Hoodie

Coats and Blazers

Blazers and coats can give the most classy and urban look no matter what you wear them with! So now your hoodie can be the underlayer to them making them look a bit formal.

Coats and Blazers- How to Wear Zip Up Hoodie

This look is also one you can go for if you have the right colors to combine. A black, blue, brown, or beige blazer with a contrasting hoodie beneath it will be an absolutely stunning look. Even more, you can add those chinos or khaki pants to get a more sophisticated look. 


Looking for how to wear a zip up hoodie? Zipper hoodies tend to give that subtle and sporty look when worn with joggers. And even better when matched with a crop top or loose t-shirt. You might be aware of this look if you keep up with some celebrities and fashion icons.

Joggers and Zip Up Hoodie

This look can be your back-to-school look or a casual outing look. All you need is joggers or track pants, a simple t-shirt, and your hoodie and you can go out in style whenever you want. 

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Jeans and Pants

Jeans, as we always wear, are of course to be included. Besides the usual ripped skinny jeans, you can experiment with wearing other types of jeans too. Blue mom jeans or straight-cut jeans can also be a good pair with hoodies and boots. Flared and wide-leg jeans make one look taller and hence it would be a better choice with a crop top and an oversized hoodie. These jeans could help you enhance your outfit from a simple to a stylish look.  Other pants you can explore are cargo pants, high-waist or wide-leg trousers, khaki pants, or chinos pants for a more formal appearance.

How To Wear Zip up Hoodie- Jeans and Pants


Shorts and hoodies never fail to make a cute outfit. Boyfriend shorts, denim shorts, cut-off shorts, high-rise or mid-rise or pleated, any type of shorts with a tank top or a tee can make an amazing outfit. You can also wear a matching pair of sports shorts with your hoodie.  Another way to style zip up hoodies is to wear those shorts with tight leggings underneath and a loose tee with your hoodie. This gives a rather comfortable and sporty look too and can be an option for joggers. 

How To Wear Zip up Hoodie - Shorts


And just when you thought skirts were the last thing you could wear with a hoodie, here you are! Baggy jackets and short skirts look very adorable as well as aesthetic. The skirts you can go for are pleated, mini skirts, flapped skorts, and almost any other skirt you have.  You can doll up with a pair of stockings or leggings with this outfit and a few accessories too. This fit is perfect for parties or date nights if you want to go for a girly or a vintage look.

How To Wear Zip up Hoodie- Skirts

Final Words

You need not have to buy anything special to get a fashionable look in your hoodie. Just pick up these clothes from your wardrobe and match them as the best zip-up hoodie outfit ideas. There are yet more clothes you can throw your hoodie upon like dungarees or other overalls. Hoodies can match any outfit you have at hand and hence deem to be essentials for the wardrobe. Zipper hoodies may be conventional but they never go out of style. 


What can you wear under zip up hoodies?

You can wear short dresses, almost all types of tees and tops, overalls, even your sweaters, pullovers, and jumpers for an underlayer with a hoodie. Hoodies go well with almost all of the outfits.

Are zip up hoodies in trend?

Now when You know How to wear Zip up Hoodie, you should Know that Zip up hoodies are never out of trend. As hoodies are very versatile clothing and can be worn regardless of the season with a wide range of outfits, they are the “must-have” for your wardrobe. There are many varied types of zip up hoodies you can choose from and wear accordingly.

How can you style an oversized hoodie?

Oversized hoodies are the fad going about and for all the right reasons. These jackets can be styled along with a number of other clothes and accessories. Some trendy ways you can wear them are over a sweater, turtleneck, cropped t-shirt, or oversized shirt. If you feel like you need more covers, what you can do is an overlay with a blazer, denim jacket, or coat.

Can you wear an oversized hoodie with a dress?

Yes, hoodies go beautifully with dresses and overalls. You can also wear an oversized hoodie as a dress itself.