It’s uncommon to see a well-dressed man without a belt nowadays. Be that as it may, the leather belt as a functional piece of clothing is a genuinely ongoing creation. Before the First World War, belts were to a great extent brightening outside military garbs (surprisingly, then were regularly more enriching than down to earth among officials and aristocrats).

The conventional gadget for holding up a man’s pants was a couple of suspenders. Right up ’til today, suspenders stay the favored strategy to hold up a couple of pants by numerous fine dressers. 

Suspenders are ties of fabric that go over a man’s shoulder and down to the front of his pants, where they either clasp or catch to the belt. Most suspenders participate in the back in either an X-shape or a Y-shape to hold combines back from being isolated, yet they can also be purchased as two individual ties. 

This guide will tell you precisely how to wear suspenders, just as some ideal suspender pairings. On the off chance that you’ve settled on the choice to wear supports (suspenders) instead of a belt, you ought to be praised! You’ve settled on choosing to take the fashion less common direction, which opens many styling opportunities.

What Are Suspenders?

So what are suspenders anyways? They are long, texture strips that help hold up your jeans. They do this by connecting to the top front of your jeans, going over the shoulders, and getting to its rear. 

The back will have a plan that appears as though the letter X or Y associating the two texture strips to hold them back from sneaking off the shoulders. 

Suspenders are a customary strategy for holding up a man’s pants. Indeed, before The Second Great War, belts were mostly utilized as embellishing pieces for military outfits. The utilization of suspenders can be dated right back to the 1800s in France. The principal sets of suspenders were really ribboned strips that were connected to a pants buttonholes. 

Albert Thurston, an English originator, begun the production of our advanced suspenders during the 1820s. During this time, that style called for men to wear their jeans so high-waisted that belts couldn’t successfully hold them up. This is the reason suspenders turned out to be a particularly famous strategy for keeping pants up.

Different Types Of Men’s Suspenders



Clips-on can be joined to practically any pant or gasp, so they are the more flexible of the two. Furthermore, they are viewed as a bit more easy-going and look particularly sweet with city-shorts, crazy pants, and in-vogue clothing. 

To connect them to whatever you’re wearing on your base half, start in the back by cutting them in the belt. At that point, pull them over your shoulders to the front to connect the excess clasps to the front waistband.

Button-On Suspenders

Button-On Suspenders

Suspenders that catch on are viewed as a touch more formal than clip-on. They likewise require pants or pants that have six catches covered up along within the belt for the suspender’s circles to fasten onto. 

On the off chance that your jeans don’t accompany suspender catches, you can generally add them, either yourself if you’re convenient, or have your tailor deal with it. They ought to be put so that on the rear of the belt, they are situated about 1″ either side of the middle back crease – which means they’re 2″ separated – and 1″ or so underneath the highest point of the belt. 

In front, conceal them inside the belt about 1″ down from the top and 2″ separated. At the point when you have them on, your suspenders should fall in an orderly fashion down from your shoulder to your midriff. To put button-on suspenders on your pants, start toward the back. 

Whenever you’ve secured them on, put your pants on, pull the suspenders over your shoulders and catch them set up toward the front.

How Does Wearing Suspenders Benefit You?

  • A belt snaps a waistband rigid to the body; conversely, suspenders give either three (Y-shaped) or four (X-shaped or separate) setpoints for the trousers to hang from.
  • Well-adapted suspenders offer a waist-shaped hanger that the trousers hang on.
  • This removes the grouping of fabric that takes place when anything but a very skin-tight waistband is assured with a belt and permits the fabric around the hips and knees to fall at a smooth level instead of ballooning out from beneath the belt.
  • The orderly form of trousers held by suspenders is also broadly acknowledged as a more flexible arrangement for most men.
  • The suspenders can be adapted to lift or lower the pants so that the point where the legs join is easily placed.
  • Trousers can also be worn upper with suspenders, permitting larger men in specific to hang their trousers down from their slender natural waist instead of having to belt them awkwardly below their stomach.
  • In tight quarters, suspenders can add support simply by removing a band of leather or cloth that will be pushed against the wearer’s waist, though the straps or buttons will still be felt.
  • Suspenders are highly beneficial in any outfit where a tidy arrangement is essential: whereas the trousers will hang straight down from wherever the waistband is attached, the wrinkles or crease of the trouser can be accurately aligned with a vertical element on the above half of the body.
  • Suspenders also support keeping the front button and fly of the trousers in position, making it simpler to adjust the shirt buttons with the fly and maintain the plumb-line straight.

How To Put On Suspenders To Look Stylish?

Putting on suspenders is simple when you get the knack for it. So here’s it, breaking it down for you stage by stage.

Step-1: Situate where you’ll be clasping your suspenders if you’re not using clips. Contingent on the trousers or pants you have, there may formerly be buttons on the inside to pinch your suspenders on. You can stitch on buttons yourself or have a tailor do it for you if you don’t have any.

Step-2: Before get into your trousers, ensure the suspenders to the back. Make sure they are in the middle when using Y-back suspenders & midway between the pivots and side when using X-back suspenders. Do not clip onto belt circlets.

Step-3: Put on your trousers and draw them out as high as possible while still being comfy. Since you’re not using a belt, you’ll possibly bring them a bit higher than usual. It’s generally most acceptable to go with high-waisted pants when using suspenders.

Step-4: Bring the suspender straps above your shoulders while ensuring that they remain flat and don’t bend. X-back suspenders will require to arch over each other before going above the shoulders, while Y-back suspenders will divide into two straps before leaving the back.

Step-5: Control the suspenders over your chest. The straps should form 2 straight lines that go straight up and down. Very likely, the front will be separated further than the back fastens.

Step-6: Batten down the suspenders to the face of your trousers by either clipping or buttoning. They should be around in the same place on either side to give off a lopsided look.

Step-7: The last touch is to regulate your suspenders, so they fit you correctly. Suspenders that are too free will end up sliding off your shoulders, which is an absolute big no-no. Buckles are generally located either on the bottom front portion of your straps or where the straps cross on your back. If your suspenders are handmade or customized, then you might need to adjust them.

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Types Of Suspenders Back You Can Choose From

X-Back Suspenders

X-Back Suspenders

The X-back suspenders are some of the most commonly seen among the different types of suspenders. X-backs are the most comfortable yet sturdy suspenders if you need something for casual or formal wear. X-backs are generally with metal clip-on to provide some extra support to the back. This type of suspenders would be an ideal option if you want to wear it on regular occasions.

X-Back Truckers

X-back truckers are similar to the previous type with the only difference as they join at the front strips instead of the back. These types of suspenders clip on the sides instead of the front or back which makes it easy to move around freely. It does not have three or four clips, there are only two clips supporting the suspenders. These types are the best for men who do physical labor or are heavy-duty workers.

X-Back Truckers


Y-Back Suspenders

The Y-back suspenders are not often worn on regular days. These are mostly for formal wears and business apparel. They may turn out to be a little uncomfortable because of comparatively less back support. A Y-back is narrow and gives a smart look when paired with button-up attachments and a black tie. The look it portrays is more formal, hence it is selectively worn with formal wears.


An H-back is slight different from the X or Y-backs since it comes with an eight figure clip or a strap attached to form H at the back. Although these types of suspenders are not usually seen around and there was a belief that firefighters would be the only ones wearing such suspenders. But these have turned out to be incredibly fashionable when worn with semi-formal or casual outfits.

H-Back Suspenders

Bartender Suspenders

Bartender suspenders are more similar to X-Back truckers since they also have a clip on the sides rather than the front or rear side. Only two clips can be found on bartender suspenders too along with trigger snaps. Bartender suspenders are mostly made from leather and, hence, give a western or cowboy vibe when worn with casual outfits.

Holster Suspenders

Holster suspenders are also generally made from leather and have clips on either sides. These types of suspenders are what you might see detectives and officers wearing since they have pockets to hold guns or wine flasks. Holster suspenders give a vintage or a dashing detective look when worn but they are not worn on regular basis unless profession demands.


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Final Words

Though you may not wear suspenders in your everyday life, it is essential to know how to wear suspenders for the occasional styling options. Different types of suspenders, different materials and other varieties lay a wide styling option for every type of occasion. You can never be less classy with suspenders and a pair of glasses, can you?!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to wear suspenders with a belt?

Though it is not considered as the right way to wear suspenders, you can occasionally wear suspenders with belts too. Wearing a belt along with suspenders wouldn’t look like a fashion disaster but it would not be just as polished. One may consider it as a minor fashion mistake but ultimately there is nothing inherently wrong when it comes to fashion. It all depends on the personal preferences and style.

Do suspenders go over or under shirt?

This can be a point of debate and personal preference and cannot be generalized or strictly put. Some people do prefer to wear suspenders directly on their skin, but it would be advisable to wear an undershirt underneath them for best comfort. Otherwise, it could cause severe discomfort at times.

Can you wear suspenders with jeans?

The answer is a BIG Yes! Suspenders and jeans do not seem to go hand in hand when you look at the from far. But those who have tried know how chic it looks! For a semi-formal or casual look, you can absolutely give this pair a try and see for yourself how hot they look when worn.

Should suspenders match pants or shoes?

One rule or rather a suggestion to follow while you put on the suspenders would be to match the suspender’s fabric with the overall outfit’s fabric. You do not want them to look out of place when you wear them right? This maintains the overall formality of the outfit. However, if you are wearing leather suspenders, it is a given that you should match those type of suspenders with your shoes.